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The domestic cat

  • Attitude: in an apartment or house, if possible with a run outside
  • Age and size: up to 20 years, with tail about 75 cm long
  • Especially: short coat, needs a lot of exercise and employment

The nature of a domestic cat is as unique as the pattern of its fur: there are cuddly animals, playful, shy, daring and many more. So it’s worth spending time with a cat and getting to know it before you eat it. Everyone goes hunting on velvet paws. Because the domestic cat is the descendant of the wild fallow cat, which began to catch mice in the people’s stores. Hunting is still in her blood today. It silently ambushes its prey and catches it in one sentence. In addition to mice, cats mainly eat canned food and dry food for dental care. They prefer milk to water, but get diarrhea from it.

Holy Burma

  • Attitude: in an apartment or house, if possible with a run outside
  • Age and size: up to 20 years, with tail up to 95 cm long
  • Especially: Brushing to change fur requires a lot of company

The white temple cat Sinh visited a dying high priest. With sympathy, she put her paw on his chest. When he died, her paws remained white. The head, tail and legs went dark move golden and the eyes blue. This is what the legend of the Holy Burma says. What is certain is that the bred cat is smart, cuddly, playful and calm. She rarely calls meowing out loud. Their owner must read what they want from their behavior. Affable as she is, she even gets along with dogs. However, there are some dog gestures in the cat world. The animals should therefore grow up together. Then they learn each other’s language.

The Norwegian forest cat

  • Attitude: in an apartment or house, if possible with a run outside
  • Age and size: up to 15 years, with tail up to 130 cm long
  • Especially: rarely gets sick, gets along well with dogs

Once upon a time, a large, semi-wild cat species lived near lonely Norwegian farms. Even then she defied icy cold. Because the warm fur of the Norwegian Forest Cat makes wetness roll off: slightly greasy awn hair lies over its thick undercoat. If she loses hair in spring, brushes protect her fur from matting. The Norwegian has also remained independent and loves freedom as a pet. She is not easily disturbed, likes cuddling hours and likes to play with children. There should never be any wire, metal, glass or hard plastic in their fur toys. This can injure cats.

Goddess and creature of the devil

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped as goddesses. In the Middle Ages they were condemned as creatures of the devil and animals of the witches. Cats were loved and hated. Probably also because they still resemble their wild ancestors. They were never made into pets by humans. They came to him themselves and volunteered to get food. To date, they can only be educated to a limited extent. A reward for good behavior, like any animal, helps best. Cats do the forbidden? The greatest chances of success have a “no” or a clapping of hands.

House tiger with a love of freedom

Cats love to roam outside. However, some breeds can do without them more easily than others and only live in the apartment. The three cats on this page are one example.

reserved and uncomplicated – a gentle giant

meows a lot, demanding, often loves only one person, for experienced cat lovers

calm, needs a lot of grooming, sometimes suffers from overbreeding

independent, freedom-loving, playful, mostly no lap cat

sweet, affectionate, playful, does not like hectic pace

Clean adventurer

Unlike adventurers in the film, the enterprising cat always looks perfectly groomed. Their innate cleanliness is health protection: cleaning ensures a moisture-protected coat and removes vermin. The cat does not use dirty bowls and toilets. Her toilet usually doesn’t share it. In addition to cleanliness, she also wants adventures in the home: she loves scratching posts to scratch for claws and shelves at different heights for gymnastics and peeking. She prefers to watch the world outside from a balcony, which is secured with a cat net. But a place at the window does it too. At least six hours a day, there should be someone the cat can turn to. If she only lives in the apartment, she needs a lot of attention from him. It is best to live with a second cat. Young house tigers in particular need a playmate.

Strays on the streets

Many cats live abandoned as strays on the street or in the nature. But cats are not adapted to a life without humans. They get sick and go hungry. If you see a neglected cat more often, it is best to call the local animal protection association. He may be able to help and catch the cat. Then she is vaccinated and castrated: she is operated on so that she can no longer have children or have children. This way, no more kittens have to live on the street. You should also neuter your own cats and hangovers early. Then no unwanted kittens are born at home and your own cat does not provide for offspring on the street.

Smelly messages

There is hardly an animal that buries its business as thoroughly as a cat. And yet hangovers with urine mark their territory. Some even put droppings at the limits. So they show intruders who is master there. Cats, on the other hand, use heaps of droppings to attract hangovers during the mating season. People with castration can act against the urine messages of the hangovers. This operation usually ends the marking and prevents the animals from being able to produce offspring. Neutered male cats are more balanced and fight less bloody. They also no longer disappear for days or even forever because they are looking for cats willing to mate.

The language of the cats

The cat purrs, meows and growls. But much more often she speaks to us silently. With her body, she gives us only very small signals at first. Anyone who disregards defense gestures can feel the claws.

Body relaxed, tail stretched up, eyes blinking, may meow or purr.

Ears to the side, pupils small or medium in size, tail tip twitching, body slightly tense.

Makes big, hump, staring gaze, ears to the side or put on, fur ruffled, can growl and hiss.

Supine position with rolling around. When the first “annoyed” or “threatening” signals appear, the game hour is over!

Crouched, large pupils, ears to the side or laid on, tail clamped under or to the body.

Cat mom human

Cats have an extra language for people: meowing. Adult animals hardly mumble among each other, only kittens talk to their mother in this way. So maybe the pussies think of us as a kind of mom. Or they simply noticed that we react to their "meow": We give them what they want, for example food. Cats also behave like babies when cuddling. On our lap they mimic the paw movement of kittens drinking milk: they massage us with gentle paw kicks, like a kitten do with their mother’s teats. The appearance and resignation of adult pussies like licking, sucking and nibbling is proof of love and not a reason to scold. If the cat suddenly pushes away from the human with its paws, it should stop. Otherwise it will extend its claws. The harder their tail beats, the more likely they are to attack.

Dangerous delights

The degu and other pets can become good friends for humans. Of course, you also want to share small treats like chocolate, ice cream or pastries with them. But what is meant is loved animals In the worst case, to doom: the degu can make sweets diabetic. For example, this disease puts his eyesight at risk. The rodent should not get sweet fruit either. Chocolate is even toxic to dogs and cats. If they eat too much of it, they can die.

When animals are on vacation

Summer vacation – what to do with the pet? Small animals such as rabbits can be taken care of by friends or neighbors, just like cats. Dogs usually like to come on vacation. You can transport them safely in the car. They are even allowed on the plane. However, they may only travel abroad with a tattoo or microchip: These show which animal it is and who it belongs to. To travel, you also need an ID card like we do. It must say, for example, that the animal is vaccinated against rabies. Without vaccination, it could introduce the dangerous disease to us.

Morbidly beautiful

Humans have bred the French Bulldog so that it looks like a cute puppy: with a big head and a small snout. The shorter her snout, the worse she gets air. The Persian cat can also have difficulty breathing and eating with its indented face. If animals are bred in such a way that they suffer, this is called agony breeding. It is prohibited under the Animal Welfare Act. An example of agony breeding is breeding with deaf cats, who may pass this on to their children. Very white cats often have this problem. Therefore, breeders should take a hearing test with them before the animals are allowed to have offspring.


Every year 300,000 dogs and cats escape in Germany. For example, they are frightened, race off and no longer find their way home. Fortunately, there is a kind of name tag for animals that they cannot lose: a microchip or a tattoo that the veterinarian attaches. There is a code on both. You can enter it in a database, for example at TASSO e. V. or the German Pet Register. If an animal is found, the owner can easily be found using the code.

Do you want a pet and want to know which animal suits you best? Then take part in our pet check!


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