Teak garden furniture

High quality teak garden furniture

Our garden furniture is also made of first-class solid teak wood. We have a large selection on garden furniture: garden tables, garden chairs with armrests, garden benches and more! We have teak garden tables in stock all year round. Even in October your new teak garden table for your canopy is available from stock.

We have teak garden tables with dimensions from 80x80cm up to 400x100cm in stock! Our teak tables were made from atmospheric old teak.

We are teak furniture specialists, suppliers of quality furniture since 1980

No delivery time

We strive to have all furniture in all common sizes in stock. You can choose the furniture on this website in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon. During the sunny spring and summer days, some furniture may be sold out. For safety’s sake contact us.

Different options

We can help you with two garden chairs or an entire garden set. Everyone has a different taste, which is why we also have different standard garden sets. You choose the combination for yourself. Do you take chairs at your table or a garden bench? We have a nice selection of teak garden benches and garden chairs. Some have a traditional character, others are robust and our stacking chairs are a bit more modern and easier to use. We have furniture for every taste!

Garden table 4 meters

Large wooden garden table

Teak furniture for your garden

The question of the durability of the patio furniture made of teak almost answers itself. Teak furniture is solid, stable and robust. Even if this is a very fine wood, you hardly have to fear that after a few years of use it will lose its beauty, maybe become porous. Because of its fine porosity and the resulting long lifespan, teak is considered a precious wood. Nevertheless, it would of course like to be maintained.

Also for your terrace

Furniture that is suitable for setting up in the garden can also be set up on a terrace – that is certainly not a question. However, terraces are a bit limited in terms of space, usually they are three by three meters in size, sometimes of course a little larger. A terrace usually connects directly to the garden, so it is not that bad if the selected furniture turns out a bit larger. Nevertheless, and you will definitely be clear about this, a terrace should be clearly laid out – and thus also clearly furnished.

Teak furniture for the garden can be a little bulkier if the garden is large enough. An expansive bench, generous chair arrangements and a large teak garden table are a feast for the eyes in every garden. They conjure up a Mediterranean and very romantic atmosphere and radiate cosiness, calm and harmony. Of course you want the same effect on the terrace and there is certainly nothing wrong with choosing teak patio furniture.

garden tables

Garden tables made of solid teak convince with their natural charisma and give the seating area in the garden or on the terrace a romantic flair. Our tables for the outdoor area come directly from the manufacturer in Indonesia and are manufactured in furniture factories on the island of Java. They consist of high-quality recycled wood, which convinces with an attractive, lived structure. The wide range includes tea tables with a classic rectangular table top, with a round table top and in a square shape. After expanding the range, we are now also offering massive cloister tables with the characteristic stamped feet for outdoor use for the first time.

garden chairs

Form garden chairs from solid teak the fitting Complement an outdoor table made of hard-wearing hardwood. The seating from our range can be perfectly combined with the garden tables. The garden chairs are made from recycled teak in Indonesia and are characterized by an attractive design and first-class workmanship. You have the choice between chairs with or without armrests and with a straight or curved backrest. An attractive unique piece is a station chair with elaborate carvings and a Bali lounge chair that invites you to relax and unwind. The garden chairs from Holland can be used in the home garden as well as in restaurants.

garden benches

Garden benches made of solid teak form the perfect addition to a seating group or develop their effect as a one-off when placed in an exposed position. In our range we have garden benches from Indonesia in various designs and model ranges. Teak benches without a backrest can be easily combined with a teak table and are available in lengths of up to 300 cm. The eye-catching individual pieces include the Lutyens garden bench, the station bench and garden benches from the Beaufort series. Antique lounge benches made from recycled teak come up with a fancy design, on the surface of which you can still see remnants of the original paint.

Outdoor sets

Outdoor sets made of teak convince with their harmonious overall appearance. The garden furniture sets consist of solid wood tables and the matching seating. The entire seating group is available at a complete price and there are no additional costs. The outdoor sets from Holland were manufactured in Indonesia and are characterized by excellent workmanship and a long service life. We have special bistro sets for gastronomy and garden furniture sets for the home terrace in our range. Your taste determines the choice of seating. In our program you will find outdoor sets with attractive Beaufort chairs, practical stacking chairs and a combination of teak chairs and garden benches.

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