Car insurance

Protect what you love – with high-performance motor vehicle insurance!

Save with up to 25% discount

Don’t pay more than you have to. through us you get special conditions.

Independent car insurance comparison

As brokers, we are not tied to any particular insurer. You get what suits you.

Personal advice

We’ll be happy to help you find the insurance coverage that’s right for you. Because that is what we are trained to do.

there are many car insurance rates. But not all of them are good for you. That’s why we don’t even show you car rates that will only cause you trouble in the event of a claim in the car insurance comparison. We offer you an intelligent comparison that gives you an overview of car insurance offers and your savings potential. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that you will only be shown powerful car insurance policies that really suit you.

That’s why you should compare your car insurance at PRINAS MONTAN!

All-round car protection – high-performance rates




Strong partners for car insurance

Tip: whether new car, e-car or old motor vehicle contract:

Until the 30. Change November& save.
Do not miss the deadline!

car insurance

From car to motorcycle to additional driver insurance

car insurance

Car insurance

There are over 330 car insurance rates. You only need one. The right one.

✔ 76 selected top rates from renowned insurers
✔ low premiums for your second car
✔ e-cars: save up to 20 % additionally

motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance

For many, a motorcycle is THE feeling of freedom! When is your next tour coming up?

✔ many additional modules can be added as options
✔ simple& fast claim settlement
✔ low insurance premiums even for new drivers

Additional driver insurance from 5,49 €

additional driver insurance

Do you want to rent or borrow a car privately? With the additional driver insurance you are protected.

✔ comprehensive protection from additional riders
✔ financial protection against contractual penalties
✔ spontaneity: quickly available protection

compare motorhome insurance

motorhome insurance

Excellent coverage on the road so you can enjoy the freedom to the fullest.

✔ conclude directly online& get evb
✔ comprehensive cover: storm and hail damage
✔ affordable comprehensive and partial coverage insurance

Compare caravan insurance

Caravan insurance

Well covered at home and abroad. For absolute freedom: insure, get on& off you go!

✔ 24-hour claims service
✔ comprehensive cover: storm and hail damage
✔ low prices


E-scooter insurance

Fun, good mood and e-scooters. The only thing missing is e-scooter insurance from PRINAS MONTAN.

✔ assumption of repair costs due to accident or vandalism
✔ battery is also insured
✔ protection for luggage and accessories

Take out moped insurance

moped insurance

Safe on the road. Summer, sun, fresh wind. order license plates and hit the road!

✔ ordered today – there tomorrow! (until 12:00 on weekdays)
✔ contract ends automatically
✔ take out directly online with just a few clicks

Compare classic car insurance

classic car insurance

Every ride is a little journey through time. The right protection is essential here.

✔ individual and non-binding calculation
✔ comprehensive protection: liability or comprehensive insurance
✔ all-round support from classic car experts

car insurance

Traffic legal protection insurance

,being right’ and ‘getting right’ – we offer you the financial security you need in the event of a legal dispute.

✔ financial security in the event of protracted legal disputes
✔ each tariff: assumption of out-of-court costs
✔ incl. Lawyer’s recommendation& tel. Legal advice

flexible car insurance benefits: the modules

You can tailor your car insurance to your individual needs. Simply select your desired benefits in the comparative calculator – regardless of whether you are supplementing your motor vehicle liability or accidental damage insurance. You can easily keep track of the services and the costs. Drive safely and affordably!

Driver protection

In the event of an accident caused by the driver himself, this insurance covers additional costs incurred by the driver as a result of injury. Our experts rate driver protection as particularly recommendable and cost-effective!

Foreign damage cover

In case of an accident with a vehicle registered in a foreign country, you can claim the costs directly from your insurer. Even if the damage occurs in germany. single& uncomplicated.

Animal bite/marten bite damage

The insurer covers the costs arising from an animal bite, v. A. On wiring and aggregates.

Protection in case of gross negligence

This means that the insurance will also pay if the damage is caused by gross negligence.

protection cover

Europe-wide roadside assistance including towing service is guaranteed in case of emergency.

Discount protection

This eliminates the need for downgrading after a claim or accident.

Workshop commitment or free choice of workshop

Would you like up to 20% in the comprehensive insurance save, then opt for a garage commitment. If you want to decide which repair shop will work on your car after a claim, choose the option "free choice of repair shop".

GAP coverage

In the event of premature cancellation of the credit or leasing contract due to total loss, destruction or loss of the vehicle, the insurer will reimburse not only the replacement value of the vehicle but also the difference between the residual lease value and the replacement value of the vehicle

TipSome leasing contracts already include GAP coverage.

special features in our car insurance comparison for cars

every car insurance policy is equipped with at least one coverage amount from 100 mio. € equipped. So you are sufficiently protected.

We do not offer 330 rates at comparison but 76 rates. This means that we don’t just offer you everything that’s available, but only that which will be of benefit to you in the long term. We have preselected for you!

Personal injury, so damages, which result from an accident caused by them, are covered with at least 12. MILLION € covered. This gives you the peace of mind that all costs are covered in the event of a claim and that you will be financially cushioned.

What really matters when choosing a car insurance rate!

Many people find the enormous variety of car insurance rates confusing and opaque. The insurance market is large and complex. In addition, there are always new rates and the existing car rates are adjusted in the conditions.

To find out whether specifying an existing garage space or your owner-occupied single-family home brings a price advantage, just show the conditions of the individual motor tariffs. Reading through pages and pages of terms and conditions can be very frustrating. Because insurance language may not always be simple and unambiguous.

In addition, all insurers naturally only highlight their strengths. This is why most people base their choice of car insurance on the price.

Cheap car rates often have tempting phrases such as eco, light or similar, but offer only a minimal scope of benefits, especially in the comprehensive insurance area. Often important modules are missing, for example:

  • Collision with animals of all kinds
  • 12-24 months new price compensation
  • marten bite consequential damage
  • GAP or. Difference coverage for leased or credit-financed vehicles
  • Lack of protection for optional equipment

Should you just go for the most expensive car insurance?? No, because the most expensive tariff is not necessarily the best protection for your personal situation. There are numerous high-performance motor vehicle insurances at attractive prices. This can be confusing.

calculate car insurance – and then?

You don’t have to buy a surprise bag and be curious about what you will be surprised with. Surprises certainly have their appeal, but not when it comes to the protection of your car or motorcycle!

car insurance comparisons offer a good overview. But it is difficult for a consumer to tell whether the results displayed are really good. Most insurance comparisons do not allow for a good comparison of rates.

You often don’t know the quality of your car insurance until you have a claim. On closer inspection, the supposed bargains turn out to be far from the best solution.

The initial premium savings are disproportionate to the costs you will not be reimbursed by the insurer in the event of a claim. In addition, favorable rates may result in a higher downgrade of the no-claims classes.

How to get the right cover by comparing car insurance intelligently

We offer not 330 rates for comparison but 76 rates. This means that we don’t just offer you everything that’s available, but only what will benefit you in the long term. you will only find high performance car insurance with us. And you can easily calculate and compare them.

Inexpensive rates often ignore your individual needs. We offer you our support so that you don’t wake up with a rude awakening in the event of a claim.

We do not offer everything.
We have only the best.

your way to the car tariff that suits you best

We are also happy to help you personally find the insurance cover that suits you best. Because that is what we are trained to do. We know the different tariffs of the insurers and advise you neutrally. We are not bound to any insurer.

Let us advise you on 069 3600 3400!

Tip: in november to december there may be increased customer inquiries. Therefore, use our car insurance comparison for an overview of high-performance tariffs.

Motor insurance: Decide between third party liability, partial cover and fully comprehensive insurance

Why car insurance
compare with PRINAS MONTAN?

We are insurance brokers already since active for over 50 years.

We are passionate about reading the terms and conditions of insurers’ car insurance policies,
because we have made it our business to advise you in the best possible way.
We also bring in the experience from claims cases,
to save you from possible cost traps.

The most important thing for you: we are absolutely independently.
We are not tied to any insurer or any particular tariff.
Our advice is individual and tailored to you.

Which coverage and benefits should you choose when calculating your car insurance??

To be allowed to drive a car, insurance is compulsory. The motor liability is the legal minimum. This protection covers you in the event of self-inflicted damage to another car.

With a comprehensive insurance you can extend your protection. Comprehensive insurance also covers damage to your own vehicle. Partial comprehensive insurance covers, for example, glass breakage, theft and damage caused by nature. This includes storm, hail, flash and flood. The fully comprehensive insurance even goes one step further. Self-inflicted damage to your own vehicle, vandalism and hit-and-run by the other party are then also covered. And it pays off – even for older vehicles.

You have the choice between these coverages: motor vehicle liability, partial coverage and fully comprehensive coverage. But don’t just think about a favorable price. If you have a claim, you’ll be glad you chose good benefits for your car.

Should I choose liability, partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance??

liability, partial and fully comprehensive insurance at a glance

motor vehicle liability

self-inflicted damage to the other car
personal injury – up to at least. 12 million. € coverage amount
property and asset damage – up to min. 100 mio. €
optional: rental vehicles abroad

Partial cover

self-inflicted damage to the other car
personal injury – up to min. 12 million. € sum insured
property and asset damage – up to mind. 100 mio. €
optional: rental vehicles abroad

theft of vehicle parts
damage caused by natural hazards (storm, hail, lightning, flood)
glass damage (glass breakage and stone impact)
short-circuit damage
fire or explosion
per tariff: marten bite/animal bite
collision with animals
attention: with many tariffs only with "hair game"!

fully comprehensive insurance

self-inflicted damage to the other car
personal injury – up to min. 12 mio. € sum insured
damage to property and assets – up to min. 100 mio. €
optional: rental vehicles abroad

theft of vehicle parts
damage caused by natural hazards (storm, hail, lightning, flood)
glass damage (glass breakage and stone impact)
short circuit damage
fire or explosion
per tariff: marten bite/animal bite
collision with animals
attention: with many tariffs only with "hair game"!

vandalism (z. B. scratching of the paintwork)
hit and run of the other party involved in the accident
self-inflicted damage to your own car

liability vs. Hull

What is the difference between liability insurance and comprehensive insurance?? Liability insurance is required as a minimum by law.

Liability insurance covers personal injury, property damage, and property damage caused by the insured vehicle. Personal injury includes injuries, permanent damage to health, and even death of a person.

In the event of an accident for which you are at fault, liability insurance only pays for the damage caused by the other party. the costs of injured passengers are also covered by the liability insurance, but personal injuries to the driver are not insured.

If you would like to insure the registered drivers as well, you can do so by adding the extension "driver protection". depending on the provider, this supplement to the motor vehicle insurance covers pain and suffering compensation for injuries and costs caused by the accident. This includes loss of earnings, a disability-related conversion, survivor’s benefits.

The insurance only covers damage to your own car if you have comprehensive insurance. For additional protection, you have the choice between partial and fully comprehensive insurance in the case of comprehensive insurance. The advantage of a fully comprehensive insurance is, for example, the coverage of self-inflicted damages.

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