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Car rental in Munich

Munich is a true bavarian city. At first sight prim and romantic, happy and cheerful, hospitable and charming. It is famous for its truly imperial scale, be it architectural forms of pompous and majestic cathedrals, festive atmosphere of the great festivals or lifestyle true German. Munich is considered the second capital of germany. It does not welcome guests at any time of the year and does not allow not a minute to be bored. In the heart of bavaria people like to relax! in autumn the legendary oktoberfest turns the city into the world capital of drunken fun. In winter, the Christmas markets fill the city air with magic and romance, aromas of gingerbread, mulled wine and roasted almonds. And with the first warm bright rays, cheerful circus events and loud fairs invite everyone to the spring festival.

To really enjoy the charm of the bavarian capital with its beautiful cozy squares, wide streets and many museums and palaces, we recommend renting a car in munich. You can book the right car right now without leaving home by using the service bookingcar.use ru.

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  • Penalties information about the penalties and ways to avoid them
  • Speed limit maximum and minimum permissible speed
  • parking regulation and cost of parking
  • Maximum permissible blood alcohol level
  • fuel costs average fuel costs in different countries
  • toll roads information about toll roads and fees

the penalties for violating traffic rules when renting a car in munich

For a minor traffic violation, police officers have the right to levy a fine on the spot. You can pay in cash or with credit card. In case of refusal to pay a fine, the vehicle will be impounded and the amount will be increased.

The main types of violations:

overtaking the speed up to 10 km / h 10-15 euro
overtaking the speed up to 40 km / h 120-160 euro
overtaking the speed of 40 km / h and higher 120-680 euro
driving under the influence of alcohol (from 0.5 to 1.1 ppm) 500 euro, repeated violation – from 1000 to 1500 euro and revocation of driver’s license for 3 months
driving under the influence of alcohol ( over 1,1 ppm) 1500 euro , revocation of driver’s license for 5 years and imprisonment up to six months
violation of the transport of a child 40-50 euro
not wearing a seat belt (driver or one of the passengers) 30 euro
talking on the phone while driving without a hands-free device 40 euro
use of radar detector 75 euro
driving with tires not suitable for the season 40-80 euro
driving under the prohibition signal 90-360 euro
parking violation 10-25 euro
unauthorized entry into the ecological zone 40 euro

Speed limit

For all vehicles in germany there is a common high speed limit for the following roads :

  • Inside the city – no more than 50 km / h;
  • Special areas of rest (near schools, pedestrian zones, etc.).) – not more than 30 km / h;
  • trunk roads – no more than 100 km / h;
  • Freeways – minimum 60 km / h , recommended speed up to 130 km / h maximum speed is not limited.

In munich you can drive only on the right lane, overtaking is allowed only on the left side, on the right side is prohibited.


If you have rented a car in munich, it is forbidden to park the car anywhere on the street. For parking "against the traffic or in a prohibited area you will be penalized. some parking spaces are for residents only (residents parking and residents free parking). At the entrance to the parking lot it is necessary to take a special ticket or badge, the payment is made in a machine at the exit. To leave the car at the toll zone on the road, you must buy a parking disc (parking disc) at a gas station and attach it to the windshield.

Permissible blood alcohol level

The maximum permissible blood alcohol level for drivers with experience more than 2 years is 0.3 ‰. For drivers who have no such experience or whose age is under 21years, the permissible blood alcohol level is 0.00 ‰. For exceeding these norms, severe penalties are determined, in some cases with revocation of the driver’s license and imprisonment.

Fuel costs

In germany there are many gas stations with unleaded gasoline 95 and 98, as well as diesel fuel. You don’t sell leaded fuel. There are a large number of gas stations with gas. A great popularity got gasoline E10 with 10% ethanol, but it is not intended for all cars. If you rent a car in munich, ask if the car is fueled with fuel E10. It is allowed to bring gasoline in canisters.

Average cost of fuel in munich:

petrol 95 – 1,61 € 1,61 euro
petrol 98 – 1,63€ 1.63 euro
diesel fuel – 1,39 € 1,39 euro

Toll roads

There is no payment for the use of city and suburban roads. the payment is only for entering the city center of munich – ecological zone (umweltzone), which was created to reduce air pollution. It is indicated by traffic signs and additional signs. Entry requires special stickers that can be purchased in the technical control centers or garages authorized for sale, and stick it on the inside of the windshield. The price is between 5 and 15 euros. If you rent a car in munich, keep in mind that this sticker is valid in ecological zones all over germany.

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