Celebrating children’s birthday in rostock – lots of ideas for the little ones

Children’s birthdays are great in Rostock to celebrate. The city on the Warnow offers you many options for your children. Rostock in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania can score with many possibilities for children’s birthdays simply because of its size. Whether zoo or indoor playground, there is everything a child’s heart desires in Rostock.

Children’s birthday at the Rostock Zoo and Co.

The zoo visit in Rostock is a real highlight for children. Children who want to go on a research and discovery trip with their birthday guests will especially enjoy the Rostock Zoo. But there is more to discover in the university city of Rostock.

The climbing forest is waiting to transform a child’s birthday into an adventure trip. The climbing forest adventure is suitable for children from 5 years. Because in the Hohe Düne climbing forest, adults can support the little girls and boys from the ground. This climbing course is designed for fun. But even if your birthday child is older, you will find it here. Different levels of difficulty go hand in hand with the different routes. So you will always find the right climbing tour for both the smallest and the largest children.

Geocaching in Rostock for the whole family

If your thirst for adventure is not yet satisfied, you can also try geocaching in Rostock. Don’t know what geocaching is? Geocaching is a kind of scavenger hunt. However, this takes place with the means of modern times. A GPS receiver is used for this type of digital treasure hunt. Geocaching in the Hanseatic city is ideal for children aged 8 and over. But what ideas do we have for you, should the weather leave something to be desired??

The children’s birthday party for creative children

The creative minds can really live out in the Rostock ink bar. this birthday young and old will not be forgotten. Because in the Tuschbar the children can also the Paint older guests’ ceramics according to their own ideas.

And so that the guests of the children’s birthday do not forget this day, you can pick up your artworks for everyday use and dishwasher after only 7 days.

Indoor playground in Rostock for bad weather

In Rostock you will find what you are looking for even when the weather is bad, when the little birthday guests really want to live out. The girls and boys can romp, play and climb even in storms and rain. Bouncy castles and climbing frames can be climbed in the children’s area, the indoor playground in Rostock.

Even the accompanying persons will get their money’s worth. After all, you can see your kids having fun while enjoying a cup of coffee.

And should the weather clear up, then visit Karls Erdbeerhof in Rövershagen.

Children’s birthday at Karls Erdbeerhof

Just 22 minutes from Rostock city center you will find a wonderful place for children in Rövershagen. With the best weather, you can have a great time at Karls Erdbeerhof. There are enough stations that the birthday child will surely enjoy. Be it Karl Tobeland or the children’s farm, there is the right place for an unforgettable children’s birthday.

It doesn’t work without gifts for children’s birthday parties

Of course, a nice gift is also part of a nice children’s birthday party. At this point we would be happy to help you. Just have a look at what gift we suggest for your offspring.

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