Child benefit 2019: the latest information on kfw funding

Current information on requirements, how much money there is and how to apply

Author: Jascha Buchner

Jascha studied cultural studies and media culture (MA) and already worked as a freelance journalist for the Bremen Weser Kurier during his studies. Today he is a landlord and a tenant at the same time and reports on as head of the editorial team and the content team about his professional and private experience around the topics of living, building, financing and renting (Facebook, Xing, email).

The state gives me 12,000 euros to move in?

With the decision made in 2018 by the grand coalition Baukindergeld the state wants to support young families on their way to owning their own home. There is up to € 12,000 per child – if certain requirements are met.

Child benefit for families is now an integral part of home finance. Still, many are asking the same questions:

Am I entitled to child benefit? What are the requirements? In which one Does the state support me? Where are the applications made? Is child benefit paid retrospectively? And what actually counts as a single parent?

Here you will find the answers to all questions about child benefit, what has changed in 2019 and why families in Bavaria can be particularly happy.