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Is there a right to Child benefit for children or parents living abroad? Yes, especially in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) there can be a claim to child benefit abroad. However, this only exists under certain conditions. You can read here what benefits a family is entitled to.

The most important information about child benefit abroad in a nutshell

  1. It is basically possible to get child benefit for one child living abroad to apply. However, this initially only applies to EU countries and the European Economic Area (EEA).
  2. who is paying Child benefit for children, who live abroad? The decisive factor is where the applicant submits his Place of residence or work Has.
  3. In cross-border cases you can also apply for German child benefit abroad. The Familienkasse checks which state that Child benefit paid out in the end.

Child benefit: The child lives abroad and can still be entitled to child benefit.

Who can receive German child benefit abroad?

Child benefit can also be claimed abroad.

Foreigners who live in Germany and the corresponding ones requirements are entitled to child benefit, even if that Child lives abroad. However, the child benefit claim is from European law and intergovernmental agreement dependent.

You can speak German child benefit move abroad or outside the EU if …

  • she Unlimited tax liability are or are treated like this or
  • Not are subject to unlimited tax liability, but one employment subject to social security contributions pursue (in this case, child benefit is one benefit according to the federal child benefit law).

Because not only that German law applies, there may be no entitlement to child benefit for a foreigner whose child lives abroad. This is the case, for example, if he is already abroad child-related benefits receives.

Child benefit for Germans living abroad

Parents can apply for child benefit for their child living outside the EU.

Who gets child benefit? Germans residing abroad can make an application if you are in Germany Unlimited tax liability are or are treated like this. This is because child benefit is also considered tax relief is performed. This applies e.g. B. to officials who have been assigned to work outside Germany.

who not subject to unlimited tax liability is, however one social insurance Employment, child benefit can be considered a social benefit after the Bundeskindergeldgesetz claim. An example of this are German nationals who work abroad as missionaries or development workers.

Child benefit abroad in cross-border cases

A child abroad receives child benefit, if the parents meet certain requirements.

Child benefit for foreigners, their child in EU countries lives, or a country that is a member of the EEA or an intergovernmental agreement, may receive child benefit directly abroad Respectively.

Usually it will Child benefit in Germany – if the resident abroad is the local institution – paid. The decisive factor is either Place of work or place of residence of the applicant. However, the conditions may be met in both countries. In this case there is a so-called demanding competition in front.

This can be fixed order of precedence to solve. If there is a right to child benefit in several Member States, the primary responsibility is the country in which one Parent an employment or self-employed.

Lies no Employment or self-employment, the legislation applies of the state, in which the applicant a pension receives (this also includes survivor’s pension and disability pension).

Go both parents employment or self-employment abroad, is the Residence of the child decisive.

Is this Child benefit abroad is lower, In such cross-border cases, the German institution pays the difference.

Do I get child benefit if my child lives abroad??

Is there child benefit if the child goes to school or studies abroad??

This question is often asked by parents, whose child eligible child benefit abroad too school goes or there educated. For example, there is still a right to child benefit if the child is abroad voluntary social year or voluntary ecological year duty performed.

Child benefit for one child living abroad there are for children who …

  • are not older than 25 years,
  • at the Erasmus+ Participate in the program (the child will only be considered for 12 months),
  • one Federal Voluntary Service perform according to the Federal Voluntary Service Act or
  • in the Study in another EU or EEA country (limited to one year, residence in Germany must be maintained).

Outside the EU or the EEA as well as intergovernmental agreements may also be entitled to child benefit abroad. The decisive factor here is the length of the stay abroad. Especially with one multi-year first degree should the training-free periods at the place of residence to be spent in Germany.

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