Child benefit at work and travel: so it works with the grant

How it works with the grant

Basically, parents receive their child at a work and travel-Program participates, no child benefit. We show you how it works anyway.

Work and travel: what is it?

Work and travel is a popular form of travel. You earn the necessary financial means for the stay abroad through casual jobs on site. Abitur graduates in particular use such programs. Because it is hard to get to know distant countries and people off the typical tourist paths. Preferred destinations are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA. Of course, foreign language skills should also be improved. But what about child benefit during this time??

No entitlement to child benefit during your stay abroad

The Federal Finance Court has decided that participating in a work and travel program is just a normal stay abroad. Consequence: This is not considered vocational training and therefore there is no entitlement to child benefit.

A child benefit is only available for a language stay in the foreign countries, if this is accompanied by theoretical and systematic language instruction (file number III B 119/08).

What are the requirements for child benefit??

A stay abroad is only recognized as part of vocational training if it

  • Wed.t recognized forms of vocational training connected is. This includes foreign language courses abroad, attending a general school, college or university,
  • in a Training or study regulations prescribed or is recommended or
  • of a theoretical language classes accompanied by at least 10 hours a week.

Exception: Unsuccessful application phase

BUT there is a chance that the child can still be considered during a stay abroad – as a "child without a training place". However, it is of great importance whether the child after high school serious efforts to get an apprenticeship undertakes:

The child applies within four months after graduation seriously – but unsuccessfully – about an apprenticeship position, it is consistently taken into account. If the child only applies four months after graduating from high school, it will only be considered as "child without an apprenticeship position" from the month of the first application.

So you still get child benefit

So before high school graduates start their work and travel program after graduation, they should look for an apprenticeship position within four months after graduation Write Applications. It does not matter if this only with a rejection or with a promise for the coming year are connected. And when this is done, the child can still go on trips. In any case, the parents receive child benefit all the time.

If students wanting to study cannot submit an application because the procedure has not yet been opened at the SfH (Foundation for University Admission), a written declaration by the child is sufficient to want to apply as soon as possible.


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