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Out financial reasons it is not possible for many families to stay in one place in the long run. It is therefore not uncommon for mothers or fathers to foreign countries move to take a well paid job there. But then they still have one Entitlement to child benefit for children abroad?

"Do I get child benefit if my child lives abroad?" We will address this question in the following guide.

Since parents generally have more expenses than childless couples, you will be relieved by the state in the form of child benefit. Depending on the extent to which, despite the stay abroad Taxes have to be paid in Germany can still be entitled to child benefit in the EU countries consist.

When does parent support for child benefit Children abroad to? What needs to be considered accordingly? Which requirements should be given? Where do legal guardians apply for child benefit abroad? You can read more about this in the following guide.

Short & flush: the most important thing about child benefit for children abroad

  1. So that one Entitlement to child benefit for children abroad, the legal guardians must either Unlimited or limited taxable his.
  2. If there is a limited tax liability, at least one parent must, for example, as Missionary or development worker be active.
  3. Children must be domiciled or habitually resident in Germany or in a EU or EEA member state to have.

Child benefit for Germans living abroad

In the case of Germans living abroad, a distinction must be made as to whether child benefit is a tax relief according to the Income Tax Act (EStG) or paid as a social benefit under the Federal Child Benefits Act (BKGG). Basically the Child benefit according to the Income Tax Act, priority over the claim under the BKGG.

The applicant is in Germany Unlimited tax liability, the child benefit is paid as tax refund according to the EStG. If the applicant is subject to limited taxation in Germany, the child benefit is one benefit according to the BKGG.

Child benefit abroad: You can receive an application including all the necessary attachments online from the family benefits office.

The decisive factor is whether you are out tax law perspective have a residence in Germany. For example, you can get child benefit for children abroad if you have earned one with yours around the world income are taxable in Germany. Incidentally, this also applies if you have not been to Germany all year round.

This is your place of residence if you move abroad but still has one in Germany Apartment or house own where you can find refuge. The same also applies to Rental or vacation rentals. In this case, not only the rental income, but also the income taxed from abroad in Germany. But how does this relate to child benefit?

Unlimited tax liability in Germany

A right to child benefit after Income Tax Act everyone who has their residence or habitual residence in Germany has. Even people without one Residence or habitual residence in Germany, child benefit can be obtained for children abroad.

In order for this to be the case, the calendar year at least 90% of the income subject to German income tax. There is also a right to child benefit if the child lives abroad, provided the income is not subject to income tax in Germany, do not exceed the basic allowance.

Limited tax liability in Germany

A limited tax liability exists if the applicant neither a place of residence nor his habitual residence in Germany has, however, is subject to limited taxation in this country. This is the case when you are generating domestic income. Child benefit can then be considered Social benefit requested become.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • the German social Security law be subject to
  • Transfer abroad to an existing one in Germany public service or official relationship
  • activity as Development worker or missionary
  • Regarding the Pension according to German regulations residing in a member state of the EU

Requirements for child benefit if the child lives abroad

In addition to the general requirements above, you can only Child benefit abroad if your child is domiciled or habitually resident in Germany or a member state of the EU or the EEA Has. In addition to Germany u. a. following states:

Child benefit for foreigners: If the child lives abroad, the entitlement is only given under certain conditions.

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Cyprus

You may also be eligible for child benefit for children abroad limited taxpayers exist if the child has no domicile or habitual residence in Germany, but nevertheless in his parents’ foreign household lives. This is e.g. B. the case with diplomats abroad.

Even if the child in the Switzerland lives, there may be a right to child benefit. In addition, a child abroad is entitled to child benefit if he or she lives in a country with which Germany Social Security Agreement with inclusion of child benefit has closed. These are Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia.

Receive child benefit when the child goes to school abroad?

Holds the child for one education or as part of a study abroad, the child benefit claim may be at risk. Parents are only entitled to child benefit for children abroad if the stay abroad does not last longer than a year or if the child regularly resides in Germany.

Application for child benefit for a child living abroad

Child benefit for children abroad: the entitlement depends on the tax liability.

When you submit an application German child benefit abroad, you can do so in writing. Appropriate applications you can get online from the family fund. The application can be sent online, but you must also print it out, sign and mail send so that everything is valid.

If you want to make a child benefit application abroad, you should use the forms “Application for child benefit (KG 1)” as well as the "Plant child" and the “Investment abroad (KG 51)” to complete. The latter contains an employer certificate. If you are self-employed, you should do one, for example Copy of the business registration and submit a tax assessment as evidence.

On the basis of your information in the application for child benefit for children abroad, the family fund will check whether it is still more documents must be presented. In principle, the family fund is responsible for you in the district in which you live. In cross-border cases However, the following responsibilities apply:

country responsible family fund
Familienkasse Rhineland-Palatinate – Saarland
Czech Republic
Familienkasse Baden-Württemberg West
Familienkasse Bayern Süd
Poland Familienkasse Sachsen
all other EU / EEA countries Familienkasse Bayern Nord

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I will get married in Turkey with my future wife (Turkish citizen) in December. What documents do I need as a German citizen to bring them to me in Germany??
The second question is, her son (9 years old) will stay in Turkey for the time being. How do I / we get child benefit, what documents and procedures are required?

Hello, I am German and I live in Morocco. the school here is very expensive, I wanted to ask if I was entitled to child benefit


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