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Are you looking for a godchild in Africa? On this page we would like to briefly explain why a child sponsorship in Africa makes sense and in which countries in Africa you can become a sponsor. You will also find here a comparison of child sponsorships especially for a sponsorship in Africa or a comparison of all child sponsorships. On our overview page on child sponsorships we have already dealt with all essential aspects of a sponsorship.

Why sponsor a child in Africa?

Africa is one of the least developed continents on our planet. It is estimated that about 300 million people live in poverty. Most of them do not have a roof over their heads, nor do they have enough to eat regularly. There are many reasons for this:

  • Serious civil wars, civil unrest and internal political conflicts tear families apart and leave many children orphaned. Without parents, these children lack perspectives and have to fight their way through life alone. Another reason why child sponsorship in Africa makes sense is the high number of HIV-infected people in South and East Africa and the resulting high mortality rate, which also turns many children into orphans.
  • In addition, corruption and high population growth continuously prevent the improvement of living conditions in the Third World. Another important factor for suffering in Africa is water scarcity, which results in periods of drought and ultimately in food shortages.
  • The people who feel this the most are the children. They have to starve every day, suffer from malnutrition and are therefore additionally susceptible to diseases of any kind, which cannot be compensated by the poor health system. There are hardly any vaccinations, medicines are scarce, and a high infant mortality rate is the result.

Donations alone are usually not enough, as they can only provide temporary aid for Africa and are often not distributed or not distributed properly. Child sponsorships for Africa by well-known organisations such as SOS Children’s Villages, Worldvision and PLAN Germany are trying to remedy this situation. They have set themselves the goal of helping needy children in Africa with sustainable sponsorships and to support and promote not only them, but also their families and their environment in the long term.

Which godchild Africa is the right one for me?

As mentioned above, there are countless children in Africa who need your support and help. Whichever godchild in Africa you ultimately decide to sponsor, your donations and help are urgently needed and cannot actually be used for a “wrong” child. Many aid organizations support you in the search for a godchild, because they can estimate the situation and the urgency locally of course much better. On some websites of the aid organisations you will find short profiles of the children who are looking for a sponsor. Here you can differentiate between age, sex and origin of the possible godchild. In our large comparison you will find the most important aid organisations presented in detail next to each other, so that it should be easier for you to find the right provider and the right child.

In which countries is sponsorship possible in Africa?

There are countless countries in which you can take over a sponsorship in Africa and find a sponsored child in Africa. We have put together only a small selection for you here. However, most organizations offer child sponsorship in many different countries in Africa.

Sponsorship Kenya

In Kenya, for example, over 50% of the population live below the poverty line and have no opportunity to improve their situation on their own or gain control over it. The high number of poor people results from the fact that the school system is miserable and only one in ten children get a school leaving certificate. All the others leave school prematurely without any qualifications and usually end up on the street. Among these street children there are more and more girls who drift into prostitution for lack of perspectives or who are forced to do so. Help these children and sponsor a child in Kenya with Kindernothilfe or Plan Deutschland. Further information about a sponsorship in Kenya.

Sponsorship Congo

Another country that you should take a closer look at is Congo. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, where people suffer from several civil wars. These civil wars tear families apart, create homelessness and result in about 4.5 million orphans in Congo. Most of these children do not have a roof over their heads and live on the streets. In order to stay afloat, they have to work under bad conditions or are forced to work as children. SOS Children’s Villages builds villages for orphans to get these children off the streets and give them a decent life. Become a sponsor and help these children with a child sponsorship.

Sponsorship Mozambique

Located in South-East Africa, Mozambique is also one of the most poverty-stricken countries in Africa. Natural disasters such as droughts and droughts are fatal for the country, where the agricultural industry is the main component of the economy. The civil war in the 1980s has weakened the country and the population in a lasting way, so that as many as 75% still live below the poverty line. All these reasons lead to a very low life expectancy of just 48 years and one of the highest infant and child mortality rates in the world.

How can I help with a sponsorship for a child in Africa?

We in the wealthy countries of the world should increase our awareness of the circumstances in which children and people in Africa live. Children, most of whom find themselves in hopeless situations through no fault of their own, cannot rely on proper medical care, running drinking water from the tap or bulging supermarket shelves. They have to fight for survival every day and certainly have no promising future ahead of them without outside help.

By sponsoring a child in Africa, you are helping in a sustainable way and supporting organisations in their attempt to create the best possible everyday and living conditions for the people who need it most urgently.

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