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To make it easier for working parents to take care of their children, there are many different options that can be provided by the employer. The opening times of the childcare facility or the route to it often pose a challenge for working parents, companies can take measures that meet the needs of the employees. Because the right company childcare offer is not a question of company size, but of the right planning. Cooperation and networking with other companies and institutions is often an advantage in order to offer efficient solutions.


Here you will find a range of options and suitable measures for each topic, which can help you to make your work environment even more family-friendly shape. let yourself be inspired.

In the area of ​​company childcare, employers have various solutions that they can offer their employees.

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On "Parent-child office" allows employees to take their child to work on days when there is a lack of care.

Family-conscious employers support their employees with a supplementary childcare offer during the holiday seasons.

Seniors are invited to kindergarten to undertake various activities with the children .

If childcare cannot be organized, there is an option to take the child to the workplace.

Before companies offer childcare support, staff needs should be carefully assessed.

It is not only young parents who are grateful if the company arranges consultations on all issues relating to child rearing.

Cooperation with other companies or providers of childcare can often be the most efficient and needs-based solution.

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Sufficient child minders are employed for a certain number of employee children, with the company paying all or part of the costs of childcare.

Childcare on school-free days or window days when regular childcare is not available.


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