Cough in toddlers – relief measures

Infants feel they are constantly suffering from cough and infection – for good reason: the immune system trains its immune system in infancy. As a rule, a cough is harmless and can be treated well with natural means. It is always necessary to consult a doctor for certain symptoms.

Key facts at a glance

  • Cough in children is usually associated with a cold infection.
  • Common cough infections are normal for young children.
  • When coughing, many effective home remedies and herbs provide relief.
  • In the event of a seizure-like barking cough and shortness of breath, call a doctor immediately!

Frequent infections and coughs are normal in young children

When she fetches from kindergarten, the mother sees that another infection is on the way: a runny nose, flushed cheeks and, above all, a dry cough. Since the three-year-old has been in kindergarten, the next follows after a cold.
Anyone who has a toddler at home should know that coughing from an infection is quite normal in a toddler. In a period of one to four years, a child’s immune system "trains" its immune system particularly often. Experienced a toddler an average of eight to nine colds in a year. If the child comes to kindergarten or crèche, it can be infected up to twelve Diseases a year become.

In an acute toddler there is a cough a viral infection is the most common trigger.

The usual course of a cough in infections

A cold cough is often very similar. First, it is a dry, scratchy, irritating cough that later turns into a mucous cough.
Cough is a natural defense reflex that is supposed to protect us from foreign bodies and pathogens. Bacteria and viruses also push a strong cough back outwards. This works in toddlers just as it does in adults. With cough, it is almost always viruses that lead to inflammation and mucus formation in the upper respiratory tract. Coughing clears the airways.

Cough syrup for toddlers

Infants are more likely to develop cough and infection. With certain symptoms, cough syrups can be taken that relieve the urge to cough or promote productive cough.

Home remedies for young children

These home remedies help relieve cough in young children. Here you will learn about some of the most effective home remedies you can use to treat your child.

Soothing measures and medication for toddler cough

The child’s mucous membranes, which are irritated by the cough and infection, should be kept moist. Avoid room air that is too dry and overheated (it is helpful here to hang up damp towels). Give the toddler plenty to drink, preferably herbal teas or still water. Sugar-free cough sweets also help to relieve the urge to cough, but this only works if your child does not swallow the sweets.
Cough syrup relieves cough and promotes mucus formation.
Rubs with cold ointments suitable for children on the chest and back warm and exude gentle expectorant vapors.

Inhalation is not yet an option for toddlers because of the risk of scalding. The child’s circulatory system is also put under too much strain. However, there are inhalers specifically for toddlers that meet the demands of the small Body are adjusted.

Many mothers instinctively resort to a healthy environment for the child. They ensure that the room is ventilated more often (and that the child is well packed) and that there is sufficient rest. Of course, the air must be kept clean and smoke-free! Pay attention to one healthy nutrition.


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