Cutting hair in children

Hairdresser or lend a hand?

Take away your child’s fear of scissors. Whether at the hairdresser or at home: that’s how it works with children’s haircuts.

The appointment with the hairdresser always ends with tears? Your child refuses to sit still and has fear of the sharp scissors? Prepare your protégé well for cutting hair at the hairdresser. And if you dare, you can simply trim the hair yourself.

1. When is it time for the first haircut??

Some babies have a lot of hair on their heads from birth, while others show their curly hair later. Children’s hair grows at different speeds, which is why the first cut is earlier for some children than for others. But if the hair constantly falls into the small child’s face, it is difficult to tame or protrudes in all directions, then it is probably all the time for the first haircut.

2. Take away fear from children

Your child is afraid of cutting hair? Explain to him that the visit to the hairdresser does not hurt and that it is a similar process as the Cutting the fingernails. If that doesn’t help, you can try it yourself: cut a small strand of hair off a doll or maybe even dad with your child. This is how you demonstrate to him that there is absolutely nothing to fear. At the hairdresser yourself, your child may feel safer if he is allowed to sit on mom’s lap instead of in the chair. Reading stories or simply holding your little hand also helps. It is best to speak to the hairdresser in advance about your child’s fears.

3. Cut yourself with the right preparation

Have you opted for the money-saving variant and would like to use scissors yourself? Think of a strategy to make it happen fast goes. Children often only stay still for a short time, so it’s best to give your protégé a toy or your favorite cuddly toy. In addition, a good cutting hair cutting scissors supports your project immensely. Avoid using household or craft scissors, as these are often blunt and can break the tips of your hair. Good hair scissors are available from 30 euros upwards, for example in the drugstore, in special shops for hairdressing supplies or on the Internet.

4. On the scissors, ready, go!

Place your child so that they are at eye level with you and put a towel around your shoulders. The little ones also like it when they can watch what is going on in a mirror. This gives them security and makes them stand still. If your child has thin hair, it is advisable to cut them dry. Thick or wavy hair should be slightly moistened and combed out beforehand. For many girls, a pony looks particularly cute. Boys are often just about cutting the tips. And remember: it doesn’t have to be a perfect haircut. The aim is to expose the area around the eyes so that your child can romp unhindered without the hair falling constantly in the face.

And if you want, you can also keep the first lock or the first strand of hair of the little one. Tied together with a tape, this can be glued into the photo album as a reminder.


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