“Dangerous sexualization”

Man with condom in front of a cross © CBA

Catholic Church in Poland calls on parents to control sex education in schools. Parents should influence school schedules to stop "dangerous and offensive sexualization" of their children.

Mothers and fathers should examine lesson plans and demand that school administrators teach their children "the way they want to be taught" with regard to sex education, the chairman of the Polish Bishops' Conference's Education Commission, Auxiliary Bishop Marek Mendyk, said Thursday evening, according to the Polish news agency KAI.

Means must be sought to stop "dangerous and offensive sexualization" of students, clergyman says.

Do not address certain topics too early

Schools must take into account the age of children and not address certain topics too early, said Mendyk. He was responding to state ombudsman Adam Bodnar's proposals for mandatory sex-education classes. Bodnar makes case against discrimination against sexual minorities, among others.

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