Denmark – a fairytale holiday country

Many Germans look for sun, beach and sea on vacation. For this they are ready to fly halfway around the world if necessary. The beach and sea are not that far and can even be reached by car. Because for many Germans Denmark is almost on the doorstep and offers wonderful sandy beaches and the natural spectacle of the sea. Admittedly – the sun is stingy with a little under its hot rays, like everywhere in northern Europe. However, since most of us moan very quickly over a constant 30 degrees in the shade, you can make friends with lower temperatures and enjoy the wonderful landscape in Muse.

Family vacation in Denmark
Denmark is the ideal destination if you are traveling as a family. 7000 kilometers of coast and around 500 islands offer something for every taste. Especially the flat beaches of the Baltic Sea are hard to top for families with young children. An interesting destination is, for example, the Femmøller beach. From there, trips to Ebeltoft with half-timbered houses, a glass museum and the frigate are worthwhile "Jylland", or you drive into the mountains of Mols. But the dream vacation is made fairytale above all by the well-known poet Hans Christian Andersen. His fairy tales have enchanted most people as a child and your children will surely let his stories take them into a wondrous world. Visit with your family the place Odense, where the Hans-Christian-Andersen-Haus stands, which was established in 1867 as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and in which you get plenty of insight into his life. Purchase one "fairytale pass" and travel for free on public transport and enjoy free admission to various attractions such as the Hans Christian Andersens Museum, or the Iron Age Museum, the art gallery "Brandts Klædefabrik" up to free admission to the Hollufgård Archaeological Museum. There is also free admission to five indoor pools, as well as excursions on the Au, or a free fishing pass for the Odense Au. Denmark has a number of attractions for families. For example, here is a detailed list of fishing lakes in Denmark.

Other excursions for families in Denmark:

  • Medieval center Nykøbing F. (here can You experience a day with your children like in the Middle Ages)
  • Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari (wild animals from five continents are waiting for your visit)
  • Djurs Sommerland (an amusement park in Nimtofte)
  • Legoland (a land of plenty for Lego fans)
  • Tropical rainforest in Randers
  • Safari in Knuthenborg (largest safari and adventure park in Northern Europe)

Denmark for life artists
But Denmark is also the secret fairytale country for life artists. Because according to a study, the happiest people live in Denmark. Where’s the secret of the Danes? The weather is also not better than in large parts of Germany. Don’t you need a sun to be happy? Obviously, the beach and the sea are completely sufficient. The Danes lack the widespread distrust we have towards other people. There are fields there, on the edge of which are baskets filled with potatoes, asparagus and other freshly harvested produce, which the person passing by can use and of course does not simply disappear afterwards. He pays in provided cans what he thinks, what this goods should cost. The principle of goods against trust seems to be working. Everyone gets their money’s worth. This saves personnel, time and, above all, nerves. The Dane is a happy person!

It’s fun from happy To be surrounded by people. If you can let your mind wander on vacation and get away from everyday pessimism, you may come home with a good dose of optimism. Such a changed attitude to life would be reason enough to spend your vacation in Denmark. If you really want to get to know the country, you should choose a holiday in a holiday home – and not stay in a hotel in the city. Cities like Copenhagen naturally have their charms and it is definitely worth taking a trip there. But this offers itself as "frame" rather a well-planned city tour – because just like in any other major European city, hectic and stress, metropolitan noise, crime and a lot of traffic prevail in Copenhagen. In such an environment, it is of course much more difficult to find out the happiness secret of the Danes, which is why it should rather attract vacationers who love peace and quiet to the summer house and the beach. This way you get to know the country and its people and can plan and experience your vacation much more individually and in a more targeted manner. Discover the secret of Danish happiness and enjoy a magical dream vacation.


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