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Since 2006, children and young people have been able to visit around 140 state and state-recognized museums in Denmark free of charge. This was decided by law, because the government wants to get the youngest among us more interested in the Danish cultural heritage. For families with children who like to explore culture and history together, this is one more reason to spend their next vacation in Denmark.

In the following article we would like to present ten of the many museums in Denmark, to which a trip with children is worthwhile.

Statens Museum for Art – Denmark’s National Gallery

Denmark’s National Gallery – Photo by VisitDenmark

The SMK is the largest art museum in Denmark and is home to a large number of exceptional works from the past seven decades. In addition to the exhibited works and exhibits, depending on the program, you can also see performances and concerts and much more.

For children and teenagers who have an artistic streak and are perhaps looking for an education or study towards art, this can be a great source of inspiration.

Sølvgade 48-50
1307 København

Frilandsmuseet – open air museum

The Lyngby Open Air Museum is the world’s oldest and largest open air museum. Spread over a total of 86 fields, there are more than 50 farms, mills and houses from the period between 1650 and 1940. The buildings have been partially redesigned in order to preserve the design and atmosphere as authentically as possible and to send visitors on a journey through time.

Learning history from history books can be difficult for many of us. However, if you can see and experience things first-hand, the information is memorized much better and you even experience joy.

Kongevejen 100
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Det Grønne Museum – The Green Museum

In the Green Museum, visitors can learn about a whopping 6,000 years of agriculture. The museum also has a garden with more than 400 useful plants and many other beautiful flora. Visitors can also learn a lot about hunting and forests and enjoy fabulous food here. During the school holidays you will find various offers that are specially tailored to children. The children’s farm and the many playgrounds guarantee fun and games, but the biggest highlight is undoubtedly the very young animals, some of which can even be seen up close.

The best way to visit the Green Museum is with rubber boots on your feet. Children who are enthusiastic about rural topics such as nature and animals, but also like to go on a discovery tour, will have a lot of fun here.

Randersvej 4
8963 Auning

Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet – Fisheries and Maritime Museum

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjeg is open all summer and delights its visitors with a variety of beautiful water creatures. The seals in the museum are particularly popular, and visitors can watch them feed twice a day. In addition to the seals, there are also countless fish here, whose scale clothes glow in a variety of colors. The objects on display in the museum inform visitors about fishing, seafaring and underwater life.

Children who are enthusiastic about the underwater world will especially enjoy it here. The museum may even help teenagers come up with an idea for a later education or degree.

Tarphagevej 2
6710 Esbjerg

Museet Ribes Vikinger – Viking Museum in Ribes

Viking Museum in Ribes – Photo by VisitDenmark

In the Viking Museum you can – as the name suggests – mainly learn more about the place Ribe at the time of the Vikings. In the exhibition you can discover various objects that the Vikings made at the time and which are impressively detailed. The special thing about it is that there are active exhibitions through which children can experience and get to know the lives of children from around 900 years ago in a playful way.

Curious children, who are fascinated by the history of the Vikings, can stroll through the different sections and be enchanted by the atmosphere of individual stations. The adventure halls are particularly great, where you can immerse yourself in a scenery from the past.

Odins Pl. 1
6760 Ribe

Det Gamle Rådhus – The old town hall

This small museum in Ribe was originally a prison for only one inmate who committed particularly criminal acts. One floor down in the basement is the prison where the rest of the prisoners were housed. Today the museum exhibits a collection, which includes parts of the city archive from the Middle Ages.

This museum is more recommendable for older children, because the structures of the city, the city council and the life of the citizens in these structures are less entertaining for small children.

By Støckens Plads
6760 Ribe

Mønsted Kalkgruber – The largest lime pit in the world

The largest lime pit in the world – Photo by VisitDenmark

Stoholm is home to the largest lime pit in the world, which can be explored in various ways. The paths and streets resemble a labyrinth, which is why many visitors prefer to take the group train. Walking through on foot is also possible. There is a cinema in the lime pit where around 70 spectators can learn more about the history of the pit. A special highlight for children are the many bats that live in the pit. Thanks to the bat counter, visitors can even find out the exact number of pit dwellers.

The limestone pit delights every visitor because of its mysterious atmosphere and is an excellent destination for families.

Kalkværksvej 8
7850 Stoholm


At Naturama, visitors can discover and even touch a wide variety of animals. But do not panic: All animals are replicas and are staged by modern light and soundscapes. The exhibition is divided into three parts: land, water and air. Each part is on a separate floor and lets visitors immerse themselves in the appropriate scenery.

A trip here inspires everyone, but children with an interest in wildlife will have a lot of fun here.

Dronningemaen 30
5700 Svendborg

Vejle Museerne – Vejle museums

The Vejle museums describe a large museum organization that includes various large and small exhibitions of different types. For example, there are extra children’s events where children can learn new things in an interactive way. A specialty of the museum is the best preserved bog body in the world. In addition to it, various collections with cultural-historical graphics, paintings and sculptures are exhibited.

The Vejle Museum is more suitable for children who have a wide attention span and who don’t get tired easily because of many impressions.

Flegborg 16
7100 Vejle

Natural History Museum – Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is the second largest museum in Denmark and houses a huge collection of animals. It is on the Campus of the University of Aarhus and aims to promote natural history research and to share it with everyone. In the museum you can listen to lectures or take nature tours with a guide.

Because of its size, families should plan enough time on a trip to the Natural History Museum. The impressions gained here are not only incredibly exciting, children are also sure to be in the school still benefit from the large amount of information.

Wilhelm Meyers Allé 10
8000 Aarhus

Other great destinations for a vacation with children

Denmark is without a doubt a wonderful travel destination for children, but many other countries are tempting for a family vacation. In our overview we have the best travel destinations for one Vacation combined with children. Have fun discovering it!


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