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Who uses this software?

Multi-location dental groups, medium-sized practices, solo practices, and mobile clinics.

4.5 / 5

4.5 / 5

4.5 / 5

4.5 / 5

  • Starting price 300,00 $/month
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Cloud, SaaS, Web

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  • Planet DDS
  • Founded in 2003

Denticon cloud-based practice management software from Planet DDS greatly enhances the administration and profitability of dental practices. First to the cloud over a decade ago, Denticon was built to handle multi-location groups, solo offices, even mobile clinics. Eliminate IT overhead and access all of your data via web browser. Providers and patients can move easily between locations, while management can pull comprehensive reports for the whole enterprise. No more data islands.

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The most helpful reviews for Denticon

Best Dental Practice Software

Cheryl L.

Kommentare: Great team, great tech support. Great value for your money. Great software!

Vorteile: I love the quick technical support that comes with this software. The tech team is what sold me on this software. The software can grow with your practice and the cloud technology is the best. Very stable and very quick to upload any of your data. Denticon has put a lot of work into this software and their servers. Hands down it is the best. I like not having to be on the phone because of software issues or server problems and be cause it is Denticon I don’t have to. Denticon has given our office the greatest freedom because it is in the cloud. I have access to it from out of the office to work with the dentist at his office location and that frees up my time! Being a co-owner of the practice I can do all of my work outside of the office and that also give the dentist the freedom to see things at his convenience and not have to run to the office to look at his schedule or patients information. It is by far the best software and technical support team you can have!

Nachteile: This software is so stable that I don’t have to worry about it.

Best cloud software on the market

Kommentare: I’ve used Curve, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Open Dental, and researched and almost switched to Debtrix Ascend. Denticon is the least “Beta” of all the cloud/web based softwares. Don’t be fooled by the archaic GUI interface, it definitely has more of the nuts and bolts of what is needed for managing the data needs of a dental office. I give a 4 out of 5 stars because it still needs some improvement. Training on how to get the most out of the software could be improved. I think they should provide a weekend course for all office managers/staff in order to ensure that users are using it properly and getting the most out of it. They are making improvements continuously which is great!

Advantages: Web Based.

Nachteile: Sometimes slow server on there end. No as intuitive as I would hope. Some significant features can overlooked easily. Wish we had more one on one training rather than just videos on there help portal. User guide should be more up to date.

Out With the Old In With The New!

Cheryl L.

Kommentare: Out With the Old In With The New! How would you like to say that in 2016? Ditch the servers in the front office and go flying away with lighting speed technology! When our office wanted to purchase dental software we tried to find the best match for our office. Let me say first you should always stick with a team that does only that. Dental technology should be coming straight from companies who have been in the technology field for a long time. This includes cloud technology. If I want to buy toothbrushes I will go thru a dental supply company, not so with front office technology. We love the freedom that Denticon has given us. I went with Denticon and they do the rest when it comes to updating their software to keep up with the technology that changes from day to day. Stability is everything and Denticon is number one when it comes to giving our office state of the art cloud technology. You don’t have to do a thing but keep on working with your patients and inputting the claims thru. The whole staff from the sales team all the way thru to the technology team is there to far exceed what ever your office needs. We love the flexibility of this software as well. If you get an emergency call at home, the dentist can talk to the patient, look at their schedule and give the patient a time to come in to the office before they get off the phone. If it snows outside and the office is closed I can just pull up the schedule from Denticon, call our patients and reschedule them. Denticon can give the dentist the edge in running their office by the reports generated by the software within seconds. Reports that can help in micro managing anything from how many patients have a certain insurance, how many different procedures where done in a office, how many outstanding insurance claims have not come in, etc, etc, etc. Denticon is a software that your office will never be able to out grow. Denticon’s software is incredible when it comes to stability and flexibility. I know longer have to keep looking for dental software in the future. They have far exceed my expectations of a software and technology team! They are like family to us and we count it a fun and rewarding experience to have them working as a team with our office. Stability is the key to cloud based dental software and they have stability that can help any office to be more productive! . Cheryl Long owner of Joy Jay Inc.

So glad we made the switch!

Douglas D.

Kommentare: It’s a very useful tool that let’s us function at a much higher level than a small office such as ours otherwise could.

Vorteile: We’d been longtime Dentrix users prior to this — leaving that behind and switching to Denticon was by far one of the most significantly beneficial changes we’ve ever made to our office operations. We would never even consider going back. We have found so many benefits and unexpected synergies in using Denticon — and it seems like we’re always discovering a few more. We are sure that it has been a genuine competitive advantage for us — making it possible for us to keep-up and even excel in today’s rapidly-evolving dental practice arena.

Nachteile: Sometimes I think less opening of new windows, less clicking through steps might be appreciated (but I understand that a lot of that is due to necessary tracking/documentation for security and accountability).

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