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Planmeca Oy is a global leader in many areas of medical technology with products exported to over 120 countries. Our product range includes digital treatment units, CAD/CAM solutions, world-leading 2D and 3D imaging devices and comprehensive software solutions. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, we are the largest privately held dental equipment manufacturer and the parent company of the Planmeca Group. In 2018, the group achieved total sales of 746 million euros and employs nearly 2,800 people worldwide.

From vision to peak performance

Always one step ahead

Our strong commitment to R&D and close collaboration with medical professionals and leading universities is what makes our innovations so successful. Unsurpassed scientific expertise and in-depth knowledge of clinical workflows are key elements of our product development.

Quality products from Finland

Our treatment units, imaging equipment and software solutions are developed and manufactured in Helsinki, Finland. Using the latest technologies and the best materials, our products are handcrafted and tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

Leading the way in digital imaging

In the age of digital dentistry, our image processing software and digital solutions are pioneering. Outstanding image quality, low radiation exposure for patients and user-friendliness are the main guidelines of our product development.

Design makes the difference

Our aim is to design functional, durable and attractive products that will prove their worth in the long run. Four design principles guide our product development: efficient work processes for qualified personnel, patient and employee safety, patient comfort and timeless aesthetics.

Uncompromising infection protection

Protection against infection and pure water are indispensable for the design and development of our treatment units. We pay particular attention to material selection, design and technical details to ensure a safe treatment environment.

Nearly 50 years of excellence in health technology

Planmeca Oy was founded in 1971 by Mr. Heikki Kyöstilä in Helsinki, Finland. Planmeca began as a small company manufacturing treatment chairs and instrument cabinets, but quickly developed a global sales concept and expanded its product range to include patient chairs and treatment units – and later 2D and 3D imaging equipment, CAD/CAM products and software solutions. Today, Planmeca is the largest private dental equipment manufacturer in the world.


From treatment chair to treatment unit

For Planmeca, the 1970s marked the era of establishment on the dental markets and the introduction of the core product range. In 1971 Planmeca began producing treatment chairs and cabinets. Over the course of the decade, production was expanded to include patient chairs and treatment units. The first patient chair was developed in 1975 and the first treatment unit in 1979.


International expansion and product breakthroughs

In the course of the rapid international expansion, the first subsidiaries were founded in the USA, Italy and Sweden in the 1980s. In terms of products, several breakthroughs were achieved in the course of the decade, based on forward-looking microprocessor technology. In 1983 Planmeca introduced the first microprocessor-controlled treatment chair and microprocessor technology was later integrated into treatment units. In 1986, the product range was extended to include X-ray machines with the introduction of a microprocessor-controlled panoramic imaging device, a revolutionary innovation in dental radiology at the time.


Revolutionary development in digital imaging

In the 1990s Planmeca developed a revolutionary digital imaging system that was first presented at the International Dental Show (IDS) in 1995. The digital imaging system was supported by the development of digital software for viewing and processing the images. In 1999, Planmeca introduced an integrated information technology system for a digital dental practice – the All-in-One concept – that provides instant access to all digital patient information, such as x-rays and patient data, on a flat screen mounted on the dental unit.


Digital development and cooperation with dental universities

The digitalization of the dental world began rapidly in the 2000s, which influenced both the development of imaging devices and software development. In 2005, Planmeca introduced a digital volume tomography (DVT) system for dental 3D imaging and the innovative Planmeca Romexis® X-ray processing software platform was developed to meet the demanding requirements of leading dental universities. Various new technological innovations were introduced in the 2000s and, from 2007, these latest high-tech solutions were also used in dentistry when Planmeca introduced a fully adaptable treatment unit with symmetrical, motorised movements. Planmeca also gained significant market share in dental education and training in the 2000s.


Unique solutions for digital dentistry

In 2011, Planmeca further expanded digital imaging and was the first company to combine three different 3D data sets into a complete 3D model with an X-ray machine. With advanced software, the Planmeca ProMax®3D family combines a DVT image, a 3D facial photo and a 3D model scan into a three-dimensional virtual patient.

Together with our partners, we offer high-quality digital dental courses for dentists and improve dental education in dentistry and oral health. In 2014, Planmeca Digital Academy, an umbrella concept for all Planmeca training and education programs, was launched. In the same year, Planmeca also established a joint venture with Turku University, the Nordic Institute of Dental Education (NIDE), which trains international dentists and dental technicians in digital dentistry.

Today, Planmeca is at the forefront of building a comprehensive ecosystem of devices, software and services. Planmeca’s unrivalled product portfolio includes everything a high-tech dental clinic needs: all 2D and 3D imaging modalities as well as digital dental units, CAD/CAM systems and software. Our innovative Planmeca Romexis® software was the first dental software in the world to combine 2D and 3D imaging and the complete CAD/CAM workflow on a single platform in 2015. We are continually improving the software with new features to ensure that our customers always excel in digital dentistry.

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