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Christian offer and quick help

“Because God wants the salvation of all human beings, we consciously confess our mission and combine spiritual concerns with social commitment. The staff of the midnight mission advise and accompany above all people who belong to the marginal groups of our society, e.g. vulnerable girls and women who have committed crimes as well as prostitutes and victims of human trafficking. Fast, unbureaucratic help, listening, but also a common prayer or the search for answers to life questions are part of the offer. The team actively approaches people and helps quickly and unbureaucratically – around the clock.

  • Visits to homeless shelters
  • Visits to clubs and brothels
  • Assistance with housing and employment services
  • Procurement of exit aids for prostitutes and integration aids
  • Social assistance in special emergencies
  • Counselling in all questions of life and pastoral care
  • Bible circles

an offer for refugee children

Since July 2015, we have also been on the road in parts of Nordstadt to build relationships with the children and young people living there.

Thanks to the financial support of the Christian-Bürkert-Foundation we now have the possibility to visit the children twice a week in the afternoon since this summer and to make them an offer that meets their needs (individual appointments and group offers suitable for their age). In this way we would like to respond to the massive needs of the homeless and the children who have been traumatised many times by war and flight by creating an appropriate aid offer and transfer the proven concept of Südstadtkids to another district.

Basic and successful pillars of Südstadtkids, which are also important for Nordstadtkids:

  • Christian value mediation
  • secondary prevention
  • integration
  • Relationship-oriented work in individual appointments and practice of social behaviour in group offers, etc.

Mailin Kreft, area coordinator of Südstadtkids, therefore handed over 20% of Südstadtkids to her colleague Andrea Kommke in order to join Nordstadtkids with 20% and advance the project.

Now that the western part of the Nordstadtkids in the kiosk of the Midnight Mission, which was opened in the middle of February 2017, has already found a wonderful place where the group offers and individual appointments can take place, we are grateful to have also found rooms in a perfect location for the eastern and thus larger part of the Nordstadtkids.

On 25 July 2017, we were allowed to inaugurate the rooms for the eastern part of the Nordstadtkids at a rainy summer party. We are happy to have the opportunity to integrate the group lesson on Mondays, to offer both leisure and individual activities in the workshops (creative and wood workshop, kitchen, handicrafts room) and to have a fixed point of contact for the kids on site with this apartment.

Donation project: 1065-0 Nordstadtkids

Within the framework of the small project “Nordstadtkids-Mobil (NSK)” we are mainly on the road visiting and mobile with a bus (incl. seating area) and trailer (filled with play material and the possibility of a retreat area). We drive to the places where the children and adolescents stay (especially playgrounds) in order to make contacts, build relationships and clarify the needs of the children and adolescents. There is a chance to learn the German language and to discover and promote creativity.

There are various offers for the children and adolescents which support them in their core needs and give them a “space” where they are accepted and valued.

Oh, help me: In individual contact, a retreat is offered in order to find a contact person for individual needs (homework help, writing an application). On the other hand, children and adolescents are offered a confidential framework in which they have a reliable contact person in the case of conflicts and/or school/family problems.

S piel: NSK-Mobil brings along play equipment and invites children and young people in an open, low-threshold and voluntary setting to spend their leisure time in a meaningful way. This time serves, among other things, to build relationships and the children learn social skills in a playful way, to show consideration for each other, and they come into contact with children who have been living in Nordstadt for some time – German children and children with a migration background.

C reativ: Creative (artistic, musical) offers are made according to the abilities and interests of the children and young people. These help the children and young people to express themselves and support them in discovering their abilities.

KAI – Kiosk at the industrial square

The kiosk at the Industrieplatz in Nordstadt is the new project of the midnight mission. We are building the following there:

  • The “Open Meeting” as a low-threshold meeting point for the people in the homeless shelter and from the drug scene, which has formed on the public green area next to the kiosk near the largest substitution practice in Heilbronn;
  • A meeting place with the “Open Meeting Place” for people on the outskirts and people integrated into the district;
  • A protected place for counselling and pastoral care for the traumatised refugees whom we accompany within the framework of our Stabil project;
  • The KAI (Kiosk am Industrieplatz) children’s contact point for homeless children and for the Nordstadtk >The project is made possible on the one hand by the fact that the city provides us with this special place in the middle of the Nordstadt free of rent. The project “KAI” and the affected children, but also all adults who find their way to us are grateful for any help.

The “Open Meeting” is supported by the Regional Church Foundation of the Protestant Regional Church in Württemberg.

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