Driving license and driving permit: what is the difference??

Some still have one pink or gray "lappen" (driver’s license), the others already have the modern driving license in credit card format. It is easy to forget the card at home. If worse comes to worst, the driver’s license is stolen or revoked by the authorities due to a criminal offense. More precisely, however, not only the driver’s license is withdrawn, but the driving license. What differences these terms bring with them, you will learn in this article.

driving license versus driving permit: these are the differences

The terms Driving license and driving license are often used synonymously in everyday language usage. If you look more closely, however, there is a difference: the driving license they acquire after passing the driving test for the respective intended driving license class. For motorcycles are the categories A, A1, A2, AM, for example, for CAR the class B or B1 and so on. Now you have the official permission to drive the vehicle, but you can’t prove it until you also have an driving license on which it is recorded that you hold the driving license.

The driver’s license is ultimately only a document on which each driving license is noted, which they have already acquired. At the same time, the driver’s license is the officially certified document you must show when asked for a driver’s license.

Driving license: these are the penalties for failing to present it

It is therefore important driver’s license to have with you at all times when driving a car or other motorized vehicle. This is the only way you can prove to a traffic control that you are allowed to drive the vehicle. If you are unable to do this because you have forgotten your driver’s license at home or it has been stolen, you are currently only liable for a fine of 10 euros. When abroad you should take higher penalties calculate and sometimes even a provisional ban on further travel. After all, you are legally obliged to have your driver’s license with you.

You should know that: just because they can’t show their driver’s license doesn’t count as a driving without a license.

Driving without a license: license revocation, penalties and falsification of documents

In contrast to the forgotten driver’s license, you will not be threatened with the driving without a license sensitive penalties. This is always the case if you are driving a motor vehicle for which you have never passed the driving test or if you have been denied a driving license for various reasons withdrawn was. If you are caught doing this, it is a criminal offense. section 21 of the road traffic act provides for a imprisonment of up to one year or one fine before. According to autobild, the amount of the fine can vary.De between five and 360 daily rates. Soccer player marco reus had to pay a fine of 540 in about 2014.pay 000 euro. The car itself can also be confiscated as a "tool of the crime" for this offense.

Now you can take it to the extreme only if you don’t have a driving license own and use your driving license simply issue it yourself, or rather falsify it. Then you commit not only a crime according to traffic law, but also still forgery of documents according to paragraph 267 of the penal code. you are threatened with fine or imprisonment up to five years.

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