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"I’m reinventing the wheel with sensitive friends in many years and I got the substance. I tell it here to all those people who were interested. The spiritual professional human head is dead and died in the year 2004. Unnamed and Forgotten in this abusive world, but never in the heavens to the Holy Angels. Many secrets were left and will ever be for the eidetic principle, being material, it is bound for destruction."

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Counterrevolution and wars

1789-1799 (Clement XIV published the Pope Bull Against the Jesuits on August 16, 1778: abolition of this society). French Revolution (1787 newsletter on the conspiracy of the Order of the Illuminati, which is true newsletter on the conspiracy). The Jacobins, the revolutionaries, wear Mithra’s cap (Mithraism = initiated Catholicism, (dummy) Jesuit father of Jacobin Adam Weishaupt). Jean Paul Marat (doctor and journalist) is an authentic revolutionary and atheist who joins the Jacobins without knowing, of course, that they had a very different goal from the start than they intended. That is why Jean Paul Marat was killed after the revolution and Olympe de Gouges came under the guillotine (guillotine) because she fought for women’s rights among the Jacobins. Why did the revolution ultimately fail??
1. Women and people without property were not given the right to vote after the Bastille storm, although women (not men!) then flocked to Versailles in thousands to prosecute the king in starvation, in 2017 women still don’t have equal rights because they don’t have testicles, even though they are (still) the only gender they are Civilization is still a bit upright, because women are helping almost everywhere. The men continue to torture in their phallic worship and their god (Satan), who himself deeply despises them!
2. At the crucial moment, the authentic leaders of the revolution were abandoned by the people. So in the end it was just trench warfare between elites.
3. Only monasteries, etc. that opposed the global elite were expropriated. The ranks in rope teams kept their power.
4. After the revolution, the same judges came to power.
Prisons remained the universities for the oppressed.
Conclusion: An underprivileged person (like women) should never go for revolutions and wars let it be instrumentalized! You can see how inhuman people are used. With such an undefeated wickedness, it makes a lot more sense to put NO children in this world. Then the itchy testicles have to swing their testicles themselves in wars in order to achieve their wicked goal, in the end to have to eat their testicles because everything else is destroyed in the testicular madness! Millennia of history (see page The secret organization) has shown that the beast has not changed. Anyone who has learned nothing from this as a human must then be maltreated (from cattle?) Like cattle to death. The slaves in modern times are worse off than the previous ones. Where from you do that White? The previous slaves could still be kept alive through religion. The slaves in modern times say: "Oh god, never bring me back to life." "I am happy when I have the life behind me." "If active euthanasia were available, I would have used it." "I don’t want to live anymore because I can’t take part anywhere." "When I die, the shit is finally over." "Fortunately, I don’t live much longer." "After me the deluge." That is now at least 25% of the people in democracies who no longer see life as worth living. It is also clear that in continuous torture for generations, neither sin (curse) nor reincarnation (karma) is guilty. These are all escapes to cover the responsible person who designed everything to keep the slaves alive, because you need them. And of course the slaves are always guilty of their own dilemma! A responsible person spares his descendants who have no chance of change because they are already born into the enslavement (control, expropriation, disarmament, incapacitation, resident, etc.). No one shouts loudly in the alleys that people have wickedly built up a (slave) system over millennia in which there is no escape to freedom. A simple example that affects all women: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Is the woman now in sin that she is so spiritually degraded that she has nothing more to say? Of course not, because the man has tortured and killed women for thousands of years, so that he assigns himself solely to intellectual power. The woman can still do so many rituals in being good. It doesn’t change the situation at all. Does reincarnation change anything in these states? Of course not, because every woman is now born into the enslavement Father, Son and Holy Spirit and she doesn’t even know that there was once a goddess worship! When she learns of goddess worship through incarnation, there is no room left to live. For this reason, the women were killed! So the enslavement is conceived here on earth and therefore the spiritual female power has never come again since its abolition. Only in a freggThe Geggis free to develop, but which is no longer available for ALL women and therefore only the adversary of life (Satan) can be the God of this world! This is also the reason why the men themselves were so enslaved to the brotherhoods because their god is the adversary of their own life too! The motto of the French Revolution was that everyone has the birthright to live a dignified life! There are simply too many people from among the people themselves who do not adhere to this principle and they must also be put out of business. Anarchy will therefore never work. Democracy is a very good form of government. Why does it fail so miserably? Now freedom is used to live out his individual perversion. Isn’t it always the people themselves that can be instrumentalized over and over again? The old issue: who is to blame, who can be instrumentalized or who instrumentalizes – the cult leader or the cult member? Or both parties? Democracy in the FRG is not the cradle of democracy from the ancient Greeks. The politicians were not allowed to act against the people at all, this is constantly happening in the FRG. These politicians were immediately removed from office. Because a large number of people (such as Gerhard Schröder, SPD) are dependent on the state in modern times (through brotherhoods and Freemasons), the people no longer have any influence and democracy is now fascism (frets of bars)! The betrayal clearly comes from the people themselves! Incidentally, the Royals’ image of the enemy was not entirely true – they too had the birthright to live and who knew their inner life from the people? Have people become so incapable of living freely in terms of development and thinking a bit ahead? Diversity has created beauty in creation, which is now everywhere in annihilation.
Did artists know what it’s really about? The following lyrics do not refer to all lost revolutions such as storming the Bastille?
Heroes (Cover – David Bowie by Gunter Gabriel)
"I, I will be king and you, you will be queen. Though nothing will drive them away. We can beat them just for one day. We can be used just for one day. And you, you can be mean and I, I’ll drink all the time cause we’re lovers and that is a fact. Yes we’re lovers, and that is that. Though nothing, will keep us together. We could steal time, just for one day. We can be heroes forever and ever. What’d you say? ‘You, you could swim like dolphins, dolphins do. Nobody gives us a chance but we can win forever and ever and we are heroes for a day! I am then king and you, you queen. Even though they seem unbeatable, we become heroes for a day. We are then that day. I, I thought I was dreaming the wall behind me so cold. Gunshots tear the air, but we kiss as if nothing happens and the crowd goes to their side. We can beat them forever. Then we are heroes only this day. Then we are heroes, then we are heroes, then we are heroes only this day." Yes, yes, what does the global elite say? Quote: "The nice thing about us is that we work on the line and when we die, the line stays." It’s true! Only the people left nothing at all with the fallen governments after the victim! This could explain why the world has become so beastly and so many people despair and scream in hellfire: "We have been abandoned by all good spirits." Is this a miracle or is it just a tactic that works according to simple (mental) laws?
Palloy belongs to the Masonic Lodge "Great Orient" and noted in his diary on the eve of the outbreak of the revolution on July 13, 1789: ". We decided that an uprising of the people in Faubourg St. Antoine should begin. Most of the people have no idea what it is about. (the Masons use the same symbols as the Jesuits) * The official reporting of the execution of Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. (Mithraist). The annihilation of the "heretical" Catholics / Protestants / Huguenots / Jansenists and the women’s movement of the Olympe de Gouges. One of the enlighteners Voltaire (Jesuit) has priorities and inflows to Prussia (King Frederick II) and the Russian Empire. Empress Catherine the Great from the Russian Empire founded welfare institutions after the enlightenment after a Cossack uprising at the end of the 17th century. This, of course, serves to control and destroy the insurgents who are only fighting against oppression well into the 19th century. The assimilated Jews are then violently denounced by Johann Gottlieb Fichte. The situation of the workers worsens [7. August 1814, Pope Pius VII publishes the Pope Bull: Restoration of the Society of Jesus, that is, the Jesuits] .
Letters from the French Revolution
1886 * Mysterious death of Bavaria’s King Ludwig II.
1889 * Mysterious death of Crown Prince Rudolf from Austria-Hungary and Empress Elisabeth’s only son
1898 * The assassination of the self-confident Empress Elisabeth from Austria-Hungary during the long lasting Dreyfus affair in France (Of course she will not be killed from the liberal camp, which she supports Empress Elisabeth’s poetry "master" is Heinrich Heine, who is a Jew. L aut Ins >mason and for the same political reasons as the later killings of the Sudeten Germans. Bohemia is the industrial backbone of the Habsburgs and a Masonic opposition forms there) .
1914 * The murder of heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Duchess of Hohenberg, in Sarajevo –> the first world war. Sarajevo, the fateful city, which once again represents the demonstration of power against the Christian rulership as it became the bulwark of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. World War I was also preceded by a massive movement by several states, all of which strive for national self-determination, as in the Balkans.
April 3, 1919 Habsburg Act: Repatriation and the takeover of the assets of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine. All rulership rights and other privileges of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine as well as all members of this House are suspended in (German) Austria forever and are no longer valid, etc.
Empress Zita (1892-1989) told the truth in an interview in 1972 that the Habsburgs were destroyed because they were the last fortress of the ancient, universal (Catholic) Christian faith, and that corresponds to reality. Original Christianity was matriarchal and has been radically changed patriarchally in the past 1000 years. The secret organizations in the Vatican, which was founded for this reason, did this together with the political brotherhoods. The last uprising against the patriarchals was the Holy Alliance of Nobles: the Habsburgs, the Romanovs, the Hanoverians (the Guelphs) and the Prussians, all of whom had to abdicate before the Pope was proclaimed a sovereign world ruler in 1929, who secretly created his own Luciferian philosophy represents!
1915-1917 The Austrian and German general staff made the decision in Vienna at the end of 1915 (in World War I 1914-1918) >In 1916, the Russian author Georgij Butmi published the protocols of the wise men of Zion (originally Sion Not Zion). There are also the protocols of the Jesuits, which are neglected. The Romanows have access to the people through the wandering and peasant preacher Rasputin. Rasputin campaigns for many poor Jews (Delin Colón has published an entire book about it! Rasputin’s secretary, Aron Simanovitch, was a wealthy Jewish businessman who gave the Nazis the opportunity to murder him in Auswitz in 1944. Rasputin’s tragedy can therefore only have been He wanted to integrate the Jews into the Russian Empire. The leaders of the Jewish Zionists planned / wanted a Jewish state in Palestine.) 1917 Russian October Revolution with the help of the Kronstadt sailors (Sailor Uprising), who led this revolution when Lenin came to power ( Freemasons) as a counter-revolution and fight against him. They lose this fight. * The official report of the execution of the last Russian tsar family Romanov. Robert Wilton (journalist and member of the Bohemian Club) explains that the following is written on the bloodstained walls: "Belsatzar was murdered in the night of his servants (murdered)" and three L L Ls and 4 other insignia (see also Old Testament Belsazer and poet Heinrich Heine, this murder is a ritual murder, but not perpetrated by the Jewish Zionists but by the occult sect of torture, which represents the specially created Luciferian philosophy, 50% poverty in the Capital Jerusalem in Israel in 2010 says it all, according to the Jerusalem Foundation). The annihilation of Protestant Christianity (many Russian Orthodox and Lutherans, reformists, Baptists, Methodists, Mennonites). The New York Times has an enormous coverage of the pogroms of 6 million Jews in Poland and Ukraine on September 8, 1919, and on May 7, 1920, 6 million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe suffer from hunger, disease and death, according to the press. On July 20, 1921, the newspaper reports that 6 million Jews were massacred in Ukraine and in all parts of Russia (was it read in the press after World War II that the Germans killed 6 million Jews in the Third Reich?) In any case Because of the suffering, the Jews are now building their own nation in Palestine (Ambassador for Zionism and the Jewish State is the assimilated Theodor Herzl from 1897-1903 and the proposal for the Jewish nation is immigration to Uganda. Then the Zionist Dr Chaim Weizmann, who was born in the Russian monarchy, embassies and vehemently represents Palestine.) Lenin does not represent a Jewish nation-state according to his own statements and finds this reactionary, because many Jews took part in the revolution and they are now in a position of power , Lenin officially allows the Jesuits to re-enter the Russian Empire, which the Romanovs had banned. The later ruler Stalin was trained by Jesuits. At least 50 million people died between 1915 and 1935 (7 million Ukrainians in 1933, most of whom were Tsarists), and more were locked up or subjected to other reprisals. 1934 The cruel persecution of the undogmatic Buddhists. The workers are much worse off afterwards. (Meanwhile, a senior military officer from the Pentagon in World War II confirmed that the Russian tsar family was murdered because they were against the Federal Reserve, i.e. the private banking system –> Money is printed privately as the mood takes you and there are also stock market crashes as the mood takes you –> World economic crises, bankruptcies of companies, etc. It is also equally clear that the genocide of the Christian Armenians is linked to the genocide of the Christians in Europe in the simultaneous revolutions and wars. It is Turkish ignorance that Tsar Nicholas II incited the Armenians against the Turks in revolts because he was pursuing imperialist purposes:
1. The Tsar had absolutely no power over the military, which acted independently of his orders, like the military in the German Reich under Kaiser Wilhelm II, who was just as ignored in this regard. Even under the authority of Tsar Nicholas II over the troops in World War I, he had called them back from the war. The soldiers did not comply with this demand.
2. The theologian Martin Rades has in his book "Christian world and Armenia" stated that in 1903 the Russian Tsar had passed tough laws against the Armenian Apostolic Church [AAK] because they supported the noisy ministers after revolutionary activities in Russia).
1918/19 German November Revolution (sailors’ uprising). The abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the preparation for a fascist system. 1919 Murders of Karl Liebknecht (socialist) and Rosa Luxemburg (workers’ movement). 1933 Hitler comes to power and a terrorist regime begins. July 20, 1933 Concordat with the Roman Catholic Church. He works with Zionists and high level Freemasons. Women’s rights are restricted again. The annihilation by job is praised. Minorities are treated like the slaughter cattle with which the perpetrators identified, etc. The assimilated Jews, as scapegoats for a millennium of failed policies, must make their victims of the cruelest crimes, although of course they are not responsible as a minority and slaves in Roman history. You have to make a clear distinction between the "Secret Jews", who cultivate, among other things, parts of the Babylonian tradition (initiated Catholicism) and the well-known Jews who live the exoteric message of the Old Testament Bible and have largely emancipated themselves from it.
1931 The King Alfonso XIII from Spain goes into exile. Different positions are formed between the conservative monarchy, the progressive civil movement and the communists. 1936 "Spanish Civil War". About 4 million Muslims brought in (black) fight there for the Vatican (there has been a concordat between them since ancient times)–> the success of the Vatican’s secret sect in history has been the alliance with the Africans, Mongols and Arabs). The secret decree of the Catholic leader Adolf Hitler also gives material and military support to the insurgents under General Francisco Franco. 1939 Franco’s dictatorship emerges. There will be many "heretical" Catholics murdered.
1934 * The murder of King Alexander I from Yugoslavia. The Ustascha movement (organizer is: Franciscan Father Dr. Radoslav Glavas, Jesuit Father Dr. Dragutin Kamber etc.) is pushing for a violent overthrow with the support of the Italian dictator Mussolini, who has a pact with the Roman Catholic Church (1929) and is an ally of Hitler. Communists, socialists and liberals are locked up or exiled. The annihilation of the Orthodox Serbs (over 100,000 Orthodox killed in April-June 1941 alone, and 244,000 Orthodox converted to the Roman Catholic faith by 1944) and so on.
1939-1945 World War II under Adolf Hitler (Freemason). Everything points to the fact that this war of the ruling patriarchs already with the "peace negotiations" was planned in Versailles (Versailles Treaty). This is supported by the fact that industrial areas such as Saarland, Sudetenland (Austria is affected) and Upper Silesia have been withdrawn from the German Reich, i.e. the German loser. In addition, East Prussia is difficult to access to the German Empire due to the affiliation of West Prussia to Poland. North Schleswig and Poznan are taken from the German Empire. South Tyrol and many other areas are separated from Austria-Hungary (see 1919 "Treaty of Saint Germain" – some esoterics call Saint Germain in the spirit!) In addition, there is the emotional component that has divided many Germans in bonds. This must inevitably lead to World War II, because the German people have almost died and can only win from the war or accept the situation in slavery.
On August 15, 1871, Albert Pike (special degree in Freemasonry) wrote a letter to Mazzini that 3 world wars are necessary to establish the New World Order. (This letter was briefly exhibited in the British Museum of Books in London and was copied by William Guy Carr. Two world wars that followed were therefore actually planned. This is only possible if the brotherhoods were already on the staff at the time The economy [banks], the military, religion, the media, the judiciary and politics have worked together across borders. This is the only way to strategically plan world wars and achieve the imperialist goal. Then it is understandable that Poland, despite constant breaches of contract, remained unpunished by the other countries etc. –> please refer " 1939 The war that had many fathers" by Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof. The peoples are then only jumping balls.) It is also very mysterious that the Freemason Russel founded the community of biblical scholars, later Jehovah’s Witnesses, around 1880, whereby it is official that the Freemasons revolutionized France (1789) and Russia ( 1917) in which millions of Christians died. Add to that the millions of Christians who were killed in the two world wars (1914-1918, 1939-1945)! In the tracts of Jehovah’s Witnesses, there is an advertisement that they are building a New World and that is definitely the New World Order! The Christian teachings were changed by the revised Bibles (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures by the Jehovah’s Witnesses) and the old Christians and then the community officially pretends to be non-violent – Heil Satan?!
It is devastating that the Nazis act so perverse in their enemy country during the Third Reich. Hitler deliberately chose the location Potsdam (ancillary residence of the Prussian nobility and their military) to open the first Reichstag there on March 21, 1933. The military alliance after the service in the garrison church in Potsdam with Hindenburg (see picture at the bottom of the page For the doubters) is undoubtedly normal "devilish". It is cursed that many assimilated Jews from the German Empire and other monarchies in the former barracks of the K. u. K. monarchy (Austria-Hungary) died. The Auschwitz concentration camp was established there and the assimilated Jews were deported in large numbers to Upper Silesia in 1942, with a gas chamber later being reconstructed. In 1938, even the Nazi from Königsberg Erich Koch made a speech by speaking against him of the conspiracy of the East Prussians and scolding that he had Hitler’s authority, while Hitler was a rogue for the East Prussians. Hindenburg is a controversial figure of light in the eastern regions. Incidentally, from 1933 to 1945, the American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, is a Freemason in the Highlands and belongs to the Ku Klux Klan. Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940-1945) is a Freemason in the High Degrees and Druid. He orders bombing Hamburg so that the last Prussia is exterminated (they stand for women’s rights!)
After World War II, the Third Reich was taken from East Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, East Brandenburg and part of Schleswig-Holstein. These were all areas and strongholds of the Prussian nobility.

It may well be that some victim numbers have been deliberately increased. That doesn’t change the fact that Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and others were dictators. The victims’ propaganda was always used to stir up the peoples against each other to justify the war that the dictators wanted. It was all about the destruction of the Holy Alliance of Prussia, Russia and Austria (1815) in its Christian renewal / remembrance / revival at that time. The small state of the Vatican was founded again in 1929 and the same year the Pope was proclaimed sovereign ruler of the world! Emperor Franz Joseph I from Austria-Hungary, like Kaiser Wilhelm II from Prussia, tried to prevent World War I. Even when this war broke out and brought enormous losses, the emperors tried to end World War I in peace through their family ties to avoid devastating consequences. A world war was something completely new for the royals and therefore also a danger of losing their power. Of course, this had to be avoided due to the unpredictable risks. The last Russian Tsar and Rasputin campaigned for the end of World War I for the same reasons. Rasputin had to die because of that. The fact that the royals were so powerless in spite of the family alliances shows that they were in a kind of Hausmeier and that the military is an independent, private and powerful institution that radically implements its goals! The Chinese and Russian revolution to communism was indeed planned long and was not a spontaneous uprising of the people. Only trained people in the military and someone in politics can act so perfectly and strategically. Otherwise, you can never defeat empires as huge as Russia and China at the time. It must be mentioned that in many countries there was of course an uprising of the people: at the end of the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th century there was a kind of renaissance, because at no time was the enlightenment so strong, and this also in the metaphysical area. The knowledge was totally destroyed by the burning of the books and the killing of the intellectuals, so that it is now obsolete.

"The Vatican’s Holocaust" by Avro Manhattan
I In the prophetic writings, Edom / Esau is exposed to terrible future courts. There is no mercy from God the Father in it. Rome has held the relics of the severed heads of its arch enemies since ancient times. The organized Different brotherhoods in the different parties, religions, economies, judiciary, military, finance, science, media and countries, which proceed according to degrees of initiation (anonymity), work in the high levels of (highest level) together. The power base in the west is the Vatican (fascism = frets of bars).

Under the Sign of the Scorpion

Emperor Wilhelm II.

“Wilhelm II was the first of the emperors of Germany who was not a Freemason. The question is always whether the map of Europe would not be completely different today if it had been the Emperor Freemasonry. ” ("Swiss banner" from January 19, 1929.)

“The young emperor refuses to join the confederation. Wilhelm II wanted to bring Germany back to the Middle Ages, he could only accelerate the end of the Hohenzollern with such efforts. It is not a long way from Louis XIV to Louis XVI. In our era of electricity and steam, it would easily be possible for the people to skip a few steps to shorten the distance. We Masons will not be intimidated. Because the emperor does not want to be initiated, we will initiate the people; and if the Empire persecutes us, we will establish the Republic in Germany. " (Bulletin maconnique de la grand loge symbolique eccosais of September 2, 1888.)

The Prussian aristocracy apparently had little to do with Hitler fascism, and yet the eastern regions were slandered as strongholds and the civilians there were massively killed and driven out (even 38% in [Eastern] Brandenburg). Hitler fascism, which continued after the Second World War, shows that completely different members were involved and then reigned afterwards and these are the organized brotherhoods. The war between the countries is apparent. The war is against the people. The (bogus) powers of different countries have been working together for the past centuries and are moving in the same fraternity that pursues a political and global goal in imperialism and predator capitalism. Communism applies to the people, which means that they are all equal in slavery and poverty, and imperialism applies to the rulers in capitalism, whereby they are the chosen ones and do not resemble the people! The superficial agenda is: poverty against wealth! Because of diplomacy, the executive power of the countries has agreed to the prevailing popular opinion and has acted against the other people that stand in their way in global fascism. Queen Victoria and Empress Elisabeth from Austria knew about this falseness and therefore no longer went public because they could not act independently and were fed up with the dirty spectacle. The First World War was therefore planned by the military secret service, which resulted in the attack on Franz Ferdinand. After the superficial investigation, the Serbs were accused and the war broke out against them and Austria almost disappeared from the map. The Prussians were for women’s and workers’ rights. The proof of the symbol of the swastika from old feminine and spiritual times in her estate. They knew about the feminine meaning and this can be seen in the writings of General Ludendorff, who later was not a supporter of Hitler (Leipzig 1912, Reichshammerbund –> Teutonic Order, which believed in the Atlantic (female) Gospel / Christianity of the Essenes, Qumran documents). Hitler used the swastika and turned everything upside down (like Stalin’s hammer!). 1938, about a year before the war started Adolf Hitler the Arms Control out and the genoz >The last crusade. In the two world wars were about the monopoly of corporations (especially oil), the planning of a central bank (1913: "Federal Reserve System") and the exploitation of work performance.
The ethnic cleansing in this greed for power will only stop when the patriarchy has achieved the perfect goal. This is only possible with a complete degeneration of the woman, which presupposes a mental handicap in order to feel emancipated in total enslavement and under the guise of the professorship.

Britomartis with the sun gear

It is a historical lie that the Catholic Austrian Adolf Hitler invented the swastika through the brotherhood of the New Templer Order from Austria, founder Lanz von Liebenfels. This brotherhood represented the Aryan pat riarchal-religious knight from medieval Roman Catholic Europe.

The Freemasons are clearly associated with the brotherhoods of the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, they have brought no clarification through their secrecy. In addition, they were always involved in the revolutions that subsequently deprived women and workers of rights. The monument of the cult leader and high degree freemason "Albert Pike" in Washington D.C. speaks clearly against the self-determination of women. The manipulated women and men were too naive and open that it became a pitfall for them. Therefore, they have to establish independent secret societies and especially examine the leaders in all their facets. One must never forget in history that the brotherhoods (trained and armed warriors) killed thousands of unarmed civilians in their brute force during one night in brutal violence (BARTHOLOMA NIGHT).

The tragedy is that the women were subject to the Red Cross banner. As a symbol, the Red Cross changed from a once powerful armed force to an aid organization. The knowledge of the Templars at that time must never be public due to the betrayal and the intrigue. In this case, it was their own (gay) Templars: to the horror of the Catholic dignitaries and to the astonishment of the assembled crowd, Molay and Charney rose and shouted: "We are guilty because we disgracefully betrayed the order to save our own lives. We are purely concerned with the crimes we are charged with." Because of these concessions, they had to be burned without interrogation. A central teacher figure of the Templar order was Abdul al Hazred!

The Vatican has always burned its enemies in fear and terror to expose hellfire to the people and their servants. Rasputin and some members of the tsar’s family were burned.

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