Ebay kleinanzeigen: offer makes users laugh “intentionally”

Ebay classifieds: used car offer makes users laugh – "sister of orange ute"

Ebay kleinanzeigen: offer makes users laugh 'intentionally'

Sparkasse, DHL and amazon: beware of phishing! How to protect yourself!

Every day several billion spam mails are sent worldwide. A large part of them are so-called phishing mails.

Well, there one rubs the eyes – or suppresses the laughter!

On ebay classifieds you can find one or the other offer and bargain. And many a crazy article description that stands out among the umpteen offers.

But what is happening here with ebay classifieds offered simply makes the users laugh.

Ebay kleinanzeigen: used car offer makes users laugh

The company has posted a used car offer from a user on facebook. So far, so perfectly normal. However, the offered vehicle stands out quite a bit. sure, a red renault twingo is not unusual now. But the article description.

Ebay kleinanzeigen posts: "who does not know them?" meaning RENATE twingo!

Who is on the road with THIS renate, has hardly any problems. And the owner’s other offer also fits in with this: "you are single and can no longer hear the annoying questions about a steady partner on christmas eve from your relatives? Then I am your (christmas) man! You can find me in the hamburg area of 24. Until 26.12. Rent for family celebrations of all kinds. I will then spend the entire evening making sure there are no annoying questions about your relationship status!"

This is ebay classifieds:

  • Was founded in 2005 under the name kijiji
  • in 2009 the portal changed its name to ebay kleinanzeigen
  • It is a regional classifieds market
  • The portal is financed by integrated advertising and revenue from advertisements

Ebay kleinanzeigen: fans celebrate! "sister of orange ute"

And further: "what i got out of it? I will be entertained free of charge all evening and will not sit alone at home. Maybe I even get a few discarded socks as an emergency gift from your parents. If you do not like your family, I also offer to solder me a bottle of eggnog, throw the cat into the Christmas tree and put me to sleep on your sofa covered only with tinsel."

More news about ebay kleinanzeigen.

Well, who can give this renate and her owner there a basket? At least that’s how many other users see it, and they are amused to comment on the offer. Here is a selection:

  • "The sister of orange ute!"
  • "I know some people who affectionately call their renault renate."
  • "Roses are red. Orange ute sits at bingo. Hear ‘n car come. It is renate twingo."
  • "Only one "s" is missing. Renate’s twingo."
  • "Got a 96 twingo, 200.000 kilometers run, still first clutch, two accidents through no fault of its own and a small engine fire. it is indestructible and always runs. Will be kept and made an oldie."

It’s only a matter of time until renate finds someone to go out with.

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