Echo auto: retrofitting the car with alexa for a connected car echo auto test check – overview, technology and ratings

Once you get used to alexa, you’ll want to use it on the road too. However, the normal echo speakers require a connection to the home network and a power connection. Alexa adapters for the car, on the other hand, offer the possibility of asking alexa for directions on the road, retrieving information about traffic jams or playing music from the cell phone. We present echo auto at a glance, describe the advantages and disadvantages, and give an initial evaluation.

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  • 11.05.2021

Alexa adapters abound, but Echo Auto may make for fewer compatibility issues

  • Our review of echo auto
  • What the alexa car adapter offers
  • These alexa functions are available for car drivers via echo auto
  • How good is echo car? Tests and reviews at a glance
  • Prices and availability of echo auto
  • Echo car – technical specifications
  • Which cars are compatible with echo auto?

Our review of echo auto

Amazon’s idea to optimize alexa’s voice recognition on echo auto to understand voice commands even in loud driving noise pays off for drivers. Now you can use music streaming with alexa or other assistant functions on the go, without being distracted. Streamable on demand z. B. Playlists from amazon music, spotify, deezer or tunein.

Conclusion: echo car offers a good price-performance ratio and can be used with many car brands, as long as their air vents are suitable for the echo mount.

Alexa for the car. Echo Auto connects to the Alexa app on your phone and plays audio on your car speakers

However, to use echo auto, drivers need a smartphone through which the intelligent car speaker connects to the alexa cloud. A model with integrated SIM slot is not yet in sight.

  • Optimized voice recognition in relation to road noise or music
  • Preferred alexa functions can now be conveniently accessed on the go
  • Compatible with many car brands
  • Easy to use
  • Requires a smartphone connection
  • Bracket not compatible with every air vent

What the alexa car adapter offers

We have been following the alexa trend from the beginning and have already reported widely on the alexa retrofit efforts of car and accessory manufacturers. While in the beginning only experienced technology fans had to make do with their own designs around amazon’s smallest speaker echo dot, there are now more and more profile solutions that are also suitable for beginners. We explain how they work and where to get them here: alexa car: how to get alexa in your car.

Technically, amazon’s developers have taken their cue from the already familiar echos. Compared to echo dot 3, echo auto has 8 far-field microphones and two control buttons on the top: the mandatory alexa action button and the microphone off button to switch echo auto to privacy mode.

The 3.5 mm jack plug is not missing from the echo auto either. This allows truckers and drivers to connect the smart car speaker to the sound system when a bluetooth connection is not possible. Instead of a light ring, echo auto has a light strip on the front, which can be colored to indicate the. B. Signals that alexa is in recording mode. A special feature of echo auto: amazon has optimized voice recognition with regard to background noise such as road noise, air conditioning or music.

Visually, Amazon remains true to the nüchternen design of its Amazon Devices with Echo Auto

These alexa functions can be used by drivers via echo auto

Besides good entertainment through music streaming or the reading aloud of audio books and podcasts, amazon wants to make driving safer with alexa and echo car. Because with the new alexa adapter echo car, drivers can make voice-activated calls or call up traffic and weather information, among other things. Navigation via google maps, apple maps or similar services is also possible with alexa.

If you like, you can also order a pizza from the delivery service on the way home, manage your appointments, create a shopping list using voice commands or raise a compatible garage door shortly before arrival. With location-based services, use becomes even more individual: for example, every driver can have well-rated restaurants recommended to him or her in his or her vicinity. Thanks to routines adapted to echo auto, alexa is also said to be able to turn off all the lights when the vehicle connected to it moves away from the owner’s home.

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