Family holiday in thuringia – your mountain hotel in oberhof in the thuringian forest

Family vacation is not always easy. The journey to the accommodation alone can be exhausting. New parents or those who have been around for a few years will know what they’re talking about. "Papa, will we be there soon?" Or "Mom, I have to go" are probably the most well-known questions that are asked over the shoulder of a couple of parents. Stupid, if you can’t find your accommodation because the traffic connections are so confusing that you just can’t find your way around. You get stressed, may react aggressively and even the way to the hotel feels like a vacation after all else. You will certainly not have at least one of the two problems – namely the poor transport connections – at the Hotel Oberhof in Thuringia, because you simply cannot miss this accommodation. Arriving there is child’s play and the family vacation can begin.

Family-friendly rooms for family vacations

In Thuringia, rooms await you, both for the very big ones and for the whole small are super suitable or in other words: the rooms in the hotel in Thuringia are for one Family vacation perfectly suitable. You can either spend the night in one of the bright and friendly rooms or – which would be great for children – in one of the suites. You will also find a children’s paradise, which is appropriately child-friendly, at the hotel in Thuringia. Should the family vacation unexpectedly threaten to degenerate into a small catastrophe because of one or the other utensils for your children missing, that’s not a problem – not for the hotel in Thuringia.

Room accessories free of charge during a family holiday in Thuringia

When it comes to family vacations, you can’t think of everything. The suitcases at home are packed, you supposedly thought of everything, actually nothing can be missing and then halfway through it suddenly occurs to you that you have forgotten something and the family vacation threatens to tip over. That shouldn’t be a problem in Thuringia, however, because the 4-star luxury hotel in Thuringia has taken care of such problems during family vacations. Thus, during your stay in Thuringia B. Baby potties and baby baths available, a diaper pail, a baby monitor, a changing folder, a socket protector so that the little ones don’t put their fingers in the socket, a travel cot with a child and baby mattress and much more. Once you have gotten rid of this problem, the family vacation in Thuringia can continue. But stop. The parents actually want to do something alone without having the children with them. After all, mom and dad have to take some time for themselves on family holidays in Thuringia. But then where to go with the children?

The play paradise saves the family vacation in Thuringia

The family vacation in Thuringia is saved. The children are handed in for a few hours in the children’s playroom, while you and your partner go together for other activities – such as. B. the wellness area or the bowling alley. Every child’s heart should open at the sight of the children’s playroom, because toys are available here that the little ones can spend hours on during their family vacation in Thuringia. Among other things, they can use the Punch and Judy show, ride the rocking horse, romp in the small ball pit, decorate the blackboard with colored chalk or try their hand at the small kitchen corner as master chefs. At this point, boredom should be a thing of the past for the smallest of the family. And while the children are on a family vacation for a few hours in the children’s playroom, you can find the adults on the bowling alley, in the truest sense of the word, how they can push the calm ball. Once both parties have let off steam – both adults and children – everyone’s stomach will growl for sure. Perfect that there is an in-house restaurant at the Berghotel in Thuringia.

Eat delicious on a family holiday in Thuringia

In addition to the numerous preparations for special occasions that you can book at the Hotel Oberhof, the hotel restaurant is open every day. Here you can have breakfast together and let yourself be pampered in the evening. When the weather is nice, you can go out on the terrace and have an ice cream or an exquisite coffee, for example. The whole family can find a place here, sit down at a table and end the day. The menu offers optimal conditions for this by offering you a selection of international dishes. Purity and freshness are the top priority for the employees of the hotel in Thuringia. The dish you order is not only fresh and tasty, it also looks good, because it is garnished and decorated especially for you by the professionally trained staff. It couldn’t be nicer on a family vacation, right? And if you are missing something during your family vacation, do not be afraid to ask the staff of the hotel in Thuringia or ask for help. They will assist you wherever possible with advice and action.


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