Ferrari unveils new 296 gtb plug-in hybrid sports car

Ferrari announced in april it will accelerate the launch of its first electric car. First, however, new part-electric Stromers from the italian brand are coming to the market. One of them was presented in june with the mid-engine sports car 296 GTB.

The 4.57-meter-long, 1.96-meter-wide and 1.19-meter-high 296 GTB is the first Ferrari with a V6 engine after the dino introduced in the 1960s. in addition to the 488 kw (663 hp) petrol engine, the rear of the two-seater is equipped with a 122 kw (166 hp) electric motor. The system’s power output is 610 kw (830 hp), which should enable the car to go from zero to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. 200 km/h is reached in 7.3 seconds, after which it continues to over 330 km/h.

The 296 GTB is said to be able to cover 25 kilometers on electric power alone. For this purpose, a battery with a storage capacity of 7.45 kwh is mounted under the vehicle floor. says ferrari: "to minimize volume and weight, the cooling system, structure and mounting points are integrated into a single component. The cell modules contain 80 cells connected in series. The cell controllers are installed directly in the modules to reduce volume and weight."the company has not yet provided any information on the charging modalities of its plug-in hybrid.

"the 296 GTB redefines the concept of driving pleasure and guarantees pure emotion, not only when driving at the limit, but also in everyday driving situations," advertises ferrari. "the car’s compact dimensions and the introduction of innovative dynamic control systems, along with carefully refined aerodynamics, ensure that the driver immediately experiences its amazing agility and responsiveness to commands."

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According to ferrari, the transition between electric and hybrid mode is essential to the 296 GTB’s sports car characteristics. This also applies to the way the powertrain manages the available power. In addition to the traditional steering wheel switch – the so-called manettino – the 296 GTB features a power management selector switch ("emanettino") with four positions: in "e-drive" mode, driving is purely electric. "hybrid" is the standard set-up and designed for the best possible energy efficiency. In the "performance" setting, enough electricity is always stored in the battery to be able to boost in between accelerations. In the "qualify" setting, the drive system gives its all regardless of the battery charge.

Inside, the 296 GTB inherits the all-digital user interface with head-up display from the more powerful SF90 stradale. The instrument cluster bundles the most important information, which is controlled almost exclusively from the steering wheel. In front of the passenger is a horizontally oriented information display showing revs, gears and speed, for example. The center console houses the gear selector buttons and a small storage compartment.

The 296 GTB is ferrari’s second plug-in hybrid after the SF90 stradale supercar unveiled in 2019, but the brand’s first electrified model with a rear-mounted e-machine. Like the SF90, the Italians also supply their new e-model on request with a racetrack package for lower weight and with aerodynamic modifications.

The 296 GTB is scheduled for market launch in europe in the first quarter of 2022. It costs from 269.000 euros, placing it between the F8 tributo and SF90 stradale models.

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Oh! Ferrari is now also available in Tesla red ;-)

Thought at first after the front view, it would be a tesla roadster..
design is already good, at least from the front, from the side and inside.
From the back it looks like a mobile incinerator.

They still have to do something about the technology (phake EV)..

"can cover 25 kilometers. For this is under the vehicle floor a battery with 7.45 kwh storage capacity"
the lead battery is bigger.
@ecomento: can such mini-plugs please be dispensed with? That is just ridiculous.
At the first acceleration this akku-chen is empty and that’s exactly what it’s for.

Would also be embarrassing if the old gentlemen against a chair like a model X at the traffic lights look quite old.

Currently we draw the line at mild hybrids. We report on hybrids and plug-in hybrids, since many people are interested in them and the share of electric technology is higher.

I find the model designation interesting. 296 apparently stands for 296 V battery voltage. I wonder if ferrari will continue this designation with the all-electric models and offer more and more excitement for marketing reasons?

Normally the model designation stands in some way for the installed engines. Ferrari 458>4,5l V8; lately this has softened a bit like the 488GTB which has no 4,8l V8 but a 3,9l V8. Nevertheless it comes approximately. What the short excursion should clarify: the 296 stands for 2.9l V6.

Congratulations ferrari, probably already the base version of the porsche taycan has better driving dynamics.

But you don’t buy a ferrari because of the performance data, but because it’s a ferrari. Many wealthy people already have a fixed subscription to the cars.

Define driving dynamics. Apart from that…base version taycan is supposed to be faster against the thing. joke of the day. 0-200km/h in 7.3 seconds for the GTB. Taycan turbo S has just under 10 seconds, not the base version, the turbo S!
On the race track the base version sees no land and also the turbo S not.
So what people have in mind and what vehicles can do is always astonishingly frightening.

It’s scary how weak the reading ability of some users is.
"base version taycan is supposed to be faster against this thing. "
I have not written a single word, please leave your insinuations alone in the future.

"go from zero to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds". In 7.3 seconds 200 km / h are reached"
there is practically a joke against a 130.000 model S, and that’s just a traditionless american who has no clue about automotive engineering anyway. As I said, ferraris are not bought for their practical performance, they are bought for themselves.

Also for the fact that motorsport can be reduced to a few meters of straight track from now on at stammtischen.

Young boy and then talk out of it again…ridiculous.
you write that the basic version of the taycan certainly already has better driving dynamics than the ferrari would have had.
Then I pointed out one aspect of the driving dynamics in which the Ferrari is very fast, namely acceleration, and that even the top version of the Taycan is definitely slower. On the racetrack it should look similar, especially against the base version.
What is left for driving dynamics, in which the basic version of the taycan is supposed to be better?

Well, the new model S plaid would have been at least a halfway valid comparison, but you didn’t draw one, but a completely nonsensical one against the base version of the taycan.
It’s not my fault that your comparison is nonsensical and that I pointed it out to you.

The plaid model S is absolutely a very fast car in acceleration and just for the price very strong. I can acknowledge without envy. But the ferrari still accelerates just as fast from 100km/h to 200km/h.
The ferrari is in curves for sure better than the plaid [driving dynamics and so on ;)], looks in my opinion better (inside and outside) but is also more than twice as expensive.

And the tesla sounds about as exciting as my vacuum cleaner.

For me is always funny that you emphasize the performance on the racetrack. Most owners are not even close to being able to use the possibilities of a sports car. Neither on the race track nor on the road. The latter is also good.
In the end it is the ability of the driver that counts. There were already impressive comparisons on the race track with "street drivers" in a porsche and a real race driver in an everyday car. But especially we Germans are all professional racing pilots. At the first full braking are then the pants vollgeschi..

I absolutely agree with you that especially in germany many people think they are the next vettel and shoemaker and drive accordingly on the road…this is just pathetic and very often dangerous.

But then what are all the traffic light comparisons of electric vs combustion…is just as dangerous in the city to want to accelerate as fast as possible to show it to the burner..

Just because some owners are not able to do it, you can still emphasize the technical performance of the lap time.
Tesla does nothing different with the acceleration of 2 seconds, "fastest production car worldwide" etc. Who needs it? Must have? No, but it is a high technical achievement that one can be proud of, just like the performance of a car on the race track.
Maybe some tesla owners have not yet made a launch control start, yet this is always emphasized.
You realize you can do this in every direction.
the newer the cars, the easier it is to get good lap times, by the way, because the electronics have become so good and support rather than slow down as before.
With launch control exactly the same. Press the brake, press the accelerator pedal, release the brake and off you go… Without breaking out the rear or the like, easy as pie. Whether it makes it safer, that every dulli wants to try it out as often as possible…is debatable.

On winding country roads or mountain passes, a much lighter car (ferrari) can still be more fun than a much heavier vehicle (taycan or model S) without making dangerous maneuvers. This is also driving dynamics, which andi_nun denies the ferrari and a base version of the taycan more.

it’s about time that tesla finally delivers the roadster II, so that the petrolhead-fraction finally realizes that the combustion engine is a very antiquated propulsion technology.

You do not need a roadster. Any BEV with similar performance will leave the burners standing.

Also true again. For that you don’t even need a sports car, a travel sedan will do.

Ferrari plans a 4-motor electric sports car.

Yes, great, very welcome. But why do you need such an oldtimer ex factory??

It is not purely about the driving performance with such vehicles.
The train is long gone for the icus.
The problem is that the tesla sounds like my vacuum cleaner..
it’s possible that my children won’t be interested in this anymore and that my son will have posters of electric cars hanging on his wall one day. But it gives me nothing..

At least finally as fast from 0-100 as an old tesla model S. Bravo ;)

1470 kg weight. I think the keyword why people buy a super sports car is, among other things, lateral acceleration. Besides, even though the weight of electric cars is almost irrelevant to fuel consumption, it’s not so great for the roads. But what is not can still become.

The nice thing about BEV is that they have led discussions about fast acceleration ad absurdum. May the transversal protection remain decisive on the race track. That’s where it belongs, not on public roads.

What do you think where else a car like a ferrari goes to the limit?

A model S or model 3 on the race track just looks hilarious.

Especially since all 10.000 km axles and joints is also not sustainable *g

0-200km/h in well over 10 seconds for the old model S and for the ferrari 7.3 seconds.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the old model S after all.

Yes, longitudinal accelerations in this range please also. :-)

Here it is only about compensating the weaknesses of the burner when accelerating. An electric motor is an excellent addition to improve torque over a wide speed range.

Could be controlled much better with an all-electric powertrain. But why simple, if it also complicated goes?

that’s the way it is, but then the fans miss the hum-brumm. without the hum hum you could buy a tesla or taycan for half the money and make the red horse at the traffic light look pale.

Plenty late for april jokes. The concept is not clear to me.
The 25km electric range probably doesn’t matter, it’s more about the overall performance.

Speaking of april joke: i have "heard" that there are now purely electric 7-seater sedans for families, which offer the same performance class for much less money. Who actually still voluntarily squeezes into such museum boxes??

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