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Cyberpunk 2077: auto guide – here you can find, steal and buy all cars

if you want to make an impression in the underworld of night city, you also need a suitable car. We show you what vehicles you can find in cyberpunk 2077.

  • In cyberpunk 2077 you will find a lot on the streets of night city be on the road (all cyberpunk 2077 news).
  • as a rising gangster in the underworld of the future city you will of course also need a corresponding vehicle.
  • We will show you how to get new cars where to find them and what to do with stolen cars cars get hired.

Warsaw, polandcyberpunk 2077 is a great game. If you believe estimates, the map of night city about twice as big like the one of GTA 5. In such a metropolis on permanent everywhere on foot to go in is complete madness. A car has to go for it and there are cyberpunk 2077 plenty. To increase your car fleet as much as possible you will need a lot of money and work and that’s why we have compiled all the important information about the cars from night city in this guide summary.

Release (date of the first release) 10. December 2020
publisher (publisher) bandai namco (europe), warner bros. (USA), spike chunsoft (japan)
platform PS4, xbox one, microsoft windows, google stadia, PS5, xbox series X
developer CD project RED
genre action role playing game, open world

Cyberpunk 2077: car guide – find and buy rather than steal

In cyberpunk 2077 you basically have three ways to get new ones cars to come: you spend your hard earned eurodollars and buy them, you get them as mission rewards or you just steal them on the street. While the latter option is certainly the most convenient and quickest, stealing the cars is also associated with some problems that make it more of an emergency solution than a safe bank. Stolen cars you can find them in cyberpunk 2077 namely not save and recall.

Instead you will get stolen cars disappear if you stay away from them too long and too far. So if you want to keep a stolen car for a longer time, this will often be impossible in the long run, when some missions in cyberpunk 2077 require that you have a different car drive. Apart from that, you need to steal cars two things: some luck, that your desired car just shows up on the streets and a high constitution-attribute. With too little constitution, it won’t be possible for you to drag people out of their carts.

So the easier way will be to just do the missions from cyberpunk 2077 or to pay a lot of eddies and play cars to buy from fixers in town. You can not do this from the beginning, but from the beginning of the second act, fixers will contact you and offer you used cars cars make. From then on the offers will appear in your journal and on the map. To buy one of the cars, you just have to go there and put down the money you need.

Cyberpunk 2077: auto guide – almost 40 vehicles are available, also on two wheels

Once you have bought a car, you can select it at any time from a menu by pressing the left button on the directional pad. the car will automatically drive to your current location. With these cars it doesn’t matter if you leave them somewhere in between, they will be spawned for you in the menu.

So, enough shop talk, let’s have a look at what kind of vehicles disappear cyberpunk 2077 has to offer. A total of 33 cars and 6 motorcycles you can collect in the course of the game divided into the classes economy, executive, heavy duty, sport and hyperclass. In the following we will take a look at each one and tell you how to get it- starting with the cars.

Cyberpunk 2077: auto guide – archer quartz

mass effect legendary edition: chaos reigns in the third part © electronic arts

mass effect legendary edition: chaos reigns in the third part © electronic arts

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