Find gift ideas for children

Find gifts for children


Are you looking for a gift and just can’t find a suitable gift??

Children often don’t know what to want. From this moment on the long and often difficult search for a gift begins. Often there is no time or idea. There is so much to buy now that you can no longer make a decision. So that you can give your child a long-term joy with your gift, we would like to introduce you to some of the best gifts for children.
The boys and girls are often not interested in a gift for long. That’s why you get a variety of gift ideas here that will make children happy.
We focus on interesting, contemporary and cool Gift ideas for children.
Of course, the gift idea should also be trendy and not appear boring.
It is very important to us that the children to be gifted will definitely enjoy their gift – you too?
Then you are exactly right with us! We have put together the best gift ideas for children for you.
Now you only need to know the interests of the child to get the right gift ideas from us.
In addition, if you move the mouse over the menu, you can select the age range of the child concerned to get suitable gift ideas for boys and gift ideas for girls.
Discover too our tips of the month, which we put together every 4 weeks.
We hope that we were able to help you find a suitable gift.

Good luck finding gifts!

Sincerely yours,

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Interesting about gifts

People have always given gifts to their friends and loved ones – as a gift for a birthday or even communion. In today’s world, attention is only half the battle. Your gift idea should be much more interesting, original and cool.
In times of digitization and the unstoppable development, even children have high demands. So the search for gifts for a child can end in the purest disaster.
There is so much on offer in the shops and on the Internet … too much to find a suitable gift idea for children.
We have made it our task to offer you the best from the overwhelming selection
Put together gift ideas for children.

Wrapping money gifts creatively

We present two creative gift ideas for a monetary gift, which you can easily create yourself with our instructions:

Funny canned jar

1 preserving jar (height: 17 cm / width 8 cm)

Coin money and / or banknotes
Marshmaloow mice
Gummy bears – toads

1. Layer the materials in the preserving jar in the following order (see picture):
Gravel, gravel, coal, moss and plasticine! Depending on the size of the preserving jar, we recommend that you allow 1-2 cm for each layer.

2. For example, place 2 euro coins in a circle over the plasticine all around. Tip: To ensure that you hold the coins, you should solidify them with plasticine.

3. Now about 10-15 toads come on the kneading layer. This can be followed by banknotes. Finally, the marshmallow mice are now on top (about 5 pieces until the glass is full.)

4. Now you can add the labels for the respective layers, the terms of which all colloquially stand for money.


We find the preserving jar a fun, personal and original gift idea for children.
This monetary gift is exceptional and very easy to make. You don’t even have to buy most of the materials, you can find them directly in the forest or at home.

PS: Order the right jar right away from

mice in their pants

A pant
A picture frame
cent coins

Marshmallow mice

1. Cut the pants to the size of the picture frame with 2 or more pockets and insert the pants into the picture frame.

2. Glue the cent coins (see picture) on the edge of the picture frame.

3. Now distribute the mice and banknotes anywhere.


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