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September 14, 2016

The plane is the most popular means of travel for Germans. By plane, long distances can be covered in a few hours and the whole family arrives at the holiday destination without stress. With some airlines, families benefit not only from a stress-free and comfortable journey, but also from inexpensive transportation.

Parents traveling with children under the age of two can take the children with them at no additional cost.

Depending on the airline, travelers can also carry the following items free of charge:

Families traveling with children over the age of two only pay part of the normal fare. Depending on the selected airline, families can save a lot of money. All parents should therefore make a price-performance comparison before booking a trip.

Families can find out which airline offers the cheapest transport to their destination.

Go on vacation by train, bus and boat

Travelers who choose to take a train holiday can take small children with them at no extra cost. At Deutsche Bahn, all families with children under the age of six save money. Is this child not yet six years old, it can travel on the train for free. From the age of six to the end of the 14th year, all young passengers save half the fare.

When traveling with a cruise ship, such as the AIDA, all children up to the age of two travel free of charge. Many ferry companies also offer free travel for children up to the age of ten.

All families planning to travel by bus can take children up to the age of five free of charge. Depending on the travel company chosen, the maximum age stated for the free ride can also change. Special coaches, such as the Megabus, take children up to the maximum age of three years at no additional cost.

Travel safely with the child

In addition to the costs for the trip on vacation, children also incur insurance costs. Through a sensible selection of international health, travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance on the Berlin website Directly Insurance saves travelers a lot of money. Children under the age of 18 are included in most insurances for free. With some insurance companies, travelers can take family members up to the age of 21 or 25 with them at no additional cost.

The insurance comparison is generally free of charge and can be carried out without obligation.


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