For the world please! Long-distance travel with children

Others build houses, buy great cars. Others have another baby – and we? We travel. The (long-distance) travel has always connected me and my husband.

We were backpacking all over the world. Traveled around South Africa, I even worked there for a few months. Goods in Thailand and Singapore. I lived in Sydney before we traveled the Australian East Coast together. We were traveling in Mexico and Belize. We crossed Vietnam from north to south. Explored Bali and Lombok by jeep. Have been to Tanzania, Kenya and Zanzibar. In Morocco and Dubai. But also in Prague, Budapest, Paris, Florence. Across France and Italy …

We were stranded somewhere in Mexico without a cent in our pockets because there was no ATM. We ate butter biscuits for two days because a storm swept across our beach hut in Belize. We camped in the African bush with elephants in the camp at night. We drove overland buses through the Mexican as well as through the African night. I didn’t survive the latter, when elephants crossed the road. No light on the bus. We are stranded in the Mekong Delta with gastrointestinal tract, in a place where there was not even cola (!). We froze our feet in the Moroccan highlands and slept in the Australian bush in a tent next to the crocodiles.

We saw the most beautiful beaches. We rented a beach hut with sea water bucket shower without electricity in Tulum. We drove through Lesotho and Swaziland and were impressed by the people there. Snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef and sailed through the Whitsunday Islands. Were in the Mexican highlands as well as in the most famous African national parks. Saw leopards, lions and cheetahs. But also humpback whales – when we were camping in Australia. Spent days sailing through Ha Long Bay in Vietnam or lying in a hammock in Thailand.

And then? Then the children came …

Long-distance travel with children

And we thought it was all over now. You can’t travel far with children. You can’t travel much with children. With children travel, especially long-distance travel, becomes far too expensive. Children cannot be expected to change the climate and change time zones. Nice not at all the long flights and there are not the worst infectious diseases everywhere outside of Europe?

NO! Children are not an obstacle, but also really not an obstacle, and certainly not a reason not to travel. Our children managed all flights very well at all ages, from babies to toddlers and children. Also time changes and climate changes. Yes, traveling with children may be more difficult – but also more valuable. My children have already been able to get to know so much and I am very happy for them! And we parents: We continue to live our dream with our children – to see as much of the world as possible.

We traveled in Cuba with our toddler and baby in our belly in our own car. We went twice to Bali and Lombok with babies and toddlers. And this year we are fulfilling another dream.

In April we will fly to Bangkok with our 2- and 5-year-old children to travel from there to the south of Thailand. We then fly to Malaysia and see what cities like Kuala Lumpur have to offer for families. And then, it’s off to Perth. We will travel to Western Australia. The plan is to rent a camper and see the west and south. It will definitely be an adventure. Mainly because it will be my first time in a camper. And then? Then it goes to Bali. Last but not least, our daughter’s wish: "Mom, I want to travel around a lot, but also to Bali." We know our way around here. It is our fourth time on the island and on a two-month trip we are happy to find familiar surroundings. We will also ride the Gilis again and enjoy a little Robinson Crusoe life. On the way back there is a bit of sightseeing in Bangkok before we are back on time for the German summer.

Yes, BÄHHHMMMM – we are happy. How we do this? So without parental leave? How do we finance it? I’ll write that down again for you in the coming days. Now I’m staggering a little bit with joy and thinking about what we’ll take with us. So it can’t be much, with almost 10 flights :-))

PS: Tips on places, routes, campers, addresses in Western Australia are of course very, very welcome! Just like around Krabi, Ko Lanta and Kuala Lumpur …

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