Go-kart tracks in hamburg – the best go-kart tracks

Go-kart tracks in Hamburgl

Go-karting in and around Hamburg

A go-kart is a motorized vehicle that even small children can drive. This go kart is equipped with an internal combustion engine and the driver sits just a few centimeters above the ground.

In appearance, a go kart is similar to a small Pedal car built. These karts can produce very fast speeds and that is the reason why especially the little ones can get so excited about the devices.

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Ralf Schumacher Kart

The Kart Center in the north The Ralf Schumacher Kart & Bowl Center is located in Bespingen, a few kilometers south

Mega-Kart Norderstedt

Karting in the north The Mega-Kart Bahn Hamburg Norderstedt is located in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg Airport. By car

Jumicar traffic training area

Jumicar traffic training area – great fun for little people Jumicar Traffic training area in Hamburg Rahlstedt cleverly combines leisure needs

Einsath Speed & Fun karting

Einsath Speed & Fun Karting The kart track is one of the largest in Germany. Since the railway opened its gates in 1996,

Alpin Center Hamburg Wittenberg – Go Kart

The slope in the Nordic lowlands The Alpin-Center Hamburg-Wittenburg makes it possible: The indoor hall with ski slopes of different levels of difficulty is for everyone

Experience: go-karting in Hamburg

Go-kart in Hamburg – go karting in Hamburg

It is usually very safe on the go-kart track. All tracks are secured against head-on collisions with tires. This should also not be the normal case, because the go kart is like a real competition. That’s the next one, because competitions in the form of events also take place at GoKart again and again. There are also many GoKart tracks for children and adults in Hamburg.

Many famous racing drivers started with a go-kart and have been to the kart track in Hamburg one time or another. There is always something going on here and this is the case in Bispingen, Wittenburg, Norderstedt and Nedderfeld. Children are most enthusiastic about GoKarts.

Because there are hardly any rules here. When the tank is empty, it is filled up. But a certain time is booked on the track for karting. When choosing the right track, it is also important whether it is an indoor or outdoor track.

The important point is that it is unfortunately not possible to do this sport in winter due to the weather. The kart track is closed even when it rains. Therefore, you should be informed in advance about the opening times of the kart track in Hamburg.

Karting is also more fun for the children. Because when the outdoor track is closed, the children get annoyed very often.

History and facts about the go-kart

A kart is usually up to 127cm tall. It was invented in 1956. The first kart was created by an American named Art Ingels. Shortly after it was invented, this trend also came to Germany. In this country, more and more people are getting enthusiastic about this sport.

Even competitions are held regularly to determine who is the best in the sport. Go Kart is available in different engines. There are smaller models for children than for adults. Because here safety is always in the foreground.

Therefore, the children should be equipped accordingly. Head protection is mandatory and is also part of it in Hamburg. The race is especially fun when the children compete against each other. Competitions take place at regular intervals in Bispingen, Wittenburg,

Norderstedt and Nedderstedt instead. This is where karting is always found, who the are the best children and who have developed the most.

Go-kart: an experience for the whole family in Hamburg

Competitions are not in advance of the simple fun of the go kart. The whole family can have fun on the track and compete against each other at the go kart in Hamburg. In Hamburg, for example, you can find the Speed ​​and Fun Karting GmbH & Co., This is at Nedderfeld 94.

Another train in Hamburg can be found at de Tarpen 101 in Norderstedt and is called Mega Kart Norderstedt. The Kart House is also one of the kart tracks that are very popular. This kart track is located outside of Hamburg in Lübeck.

But it is important to find out in advance whether the train is open on the desired date. Because it should not happen that the track is closed due to competition or bad weather. The good alternative when it comes to karting is the indoor hall. You can also drive here in bad weather.

This does not deprive the children of fun either. Because that’s what the race is about. The whole family can compete against each other and find out who is the best kart driver. It’s always a lot of fun and it’s also very exciting.

Experience the unique driving pleasure with the Go Kart

For example, the mega kart track in Norderstedt is an indoor track. But there are also rules that all drivers have to abide by in order to safely make the rounds. This includes keeping the kart steady and that there are different flag rules.

These rules can also be read and viewed at the respective go-kart track in Hamburg. It will definitely be a lot of fun for everyone to conquer the hall. If you don’t crank the engine too high, you will be able to live out your fun and have a great time.

A family trip on the go-kart track can also be booked while on vacation in Hamburg. Then you can inquire about the individual lifts in the hotel. But on a family outing this opportunity should not be missed. Mother, father and children will have a great time and have a lot of fun, that’s guaranteed.

The railways can be called so that the appointment also fits. Thus, a fixed time can also be agreed, because then this track is specially reserved for the family to live out the fun of karting.


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