High-end for ergonomics at the vdu workplace.

Our goal is to develop a flexible screen that meets the requirements of a modern workplace. after all, they spend many hours at the desk every day. And that can have negative effects. For example, a large proportion of people with VDU workplaces suffer from back pain and many complain of complaints such as problems with the eyes.

EIZO has found an answer. Our innovative high-end monitors are not only easy on your back and eyes, they also meet your individual needs.

Because we think: you should not adapt to your workstation, but your workstation should adapt to you.

  • 1.Auto-ecoview
  • 2.Automatic color mode
  • 3.Hybrid technology
  • 4.Circadian dimming
  • 5.Flexible stand
  • 6.Viewing angle stability
  • 7.Anti-reflective monitor



More than just something for the eye.

Since the light conditions around a monitor change during the course of the day, we have developed, among other things, the unique auto ecoview function. It adjusts the monitor’s screen brightness perfectly to the lighting conditions. This not only relieves eye fatigue, but also helps to save up to 50 % energy – fully automatically.

EIZO Auto EcoView

EIZO Auto EcoView

Auto ecoview at a glance

  1. Automatically adjusts screen brightness as ambient light changes
  2. Ecoview index shows how ecologically the screen is currently adjusted
  3. Minimum and maximum picture brightness can be freely determined
  4. Ecoview automatic can be switched on and off
  5. Ergonomic and environmentally friendly
  6. Less eye fatigue

Automatic color mode

Automatic color mode

Auto color mode lets you assign a specific display mode to individual applications. As soon as you open an application, the screen automatically switches to the mode defined for it. Whether you’re surfing the web, looking at office graphics, or using a word processor, the automatic color mode always provides the ideal setting.

For example, when you’re working with word files, the monitor switches directly to paper mode. This optimizes the settings for contrast, brightness and color, simulating reading as on real paper. In addition, the paper mode reduces the amount of blue light and thus eye fatigue at the workplace.

Paper mode at a glance

  1. 68% less blue light
  2. Automatic optimization of brightness, contrast and color temperature
  3. Pleasant reading experience, familiar from printed documents

The combination of paper mode and auto ecoview brightness setting reduces the amount of blue light, which prevents additional stress on the eyes.

Hybrid technology

Hybrid technology

There are a number of possible reasons that cause tired eyes. Many LED backlights flash their brightness control at frequencies that sensitive people perceive as flickering. This fatigues the user. Since flickering monitors are unsuitable for professional use, EIZO has developed a special hybrid technology that combines two ways of brightness control: PWM (pulse width modulation) and DC dimming.

The result of the hybrid control developed by EIZO: a flicker-free and eye-friendly image under all conditions.

Your eyes will not tire quickly. You can work on the screen for long periods of time without losing concentration – even in darkness. Because you can set the display brightness to less than 1% of the maximum value in dimly lit rooms, your display will remain glare-free even under these conditions.

Circadian dimming

Circadian dimming

Circadian Dimming

Blue light emitted by electrical devices after sunset affects our sleep. Because our nervous system is particularly sensitive to it. During the day, however, blue light keeps us awake and alert.

Our screen instyle software therefore has a special function for circadian dimming. So you can control the color temperature of the monitor over the course of a day and adjust it to your inner clock.

While the color temperature is higher during the day, it is lowered in the evening and automatically reduces the proportion of blue light. And the best part? The adjustment is neither noticeable nor annoying for the user.

Extra slim frame

Extra slim frames

High-end for ergonomics at the VDU workplace.

In multi-screen workplaces, the picture is often interrupted by wide margins. This is distracting for the user. Our monitors are therefore equipped with frames that are so narrow that they are hardly noticeable. This primarily increases ease of reading, but also reduces movement of the head and eyes.

Flexible stand

Flexible stand

Almost everyone suffers from back pain at least once in their life. Working people are particularly affected, because one of the most important causes is working in uncomfortable postures.

EIZO has found a solution. Our monitors are unique in their flexibility, allowing them to be adapted to the individual user. So every screen meets your personal needs.

All EIZO monitors are flexibly adjustable in height, tilt and rotation. But what does that mean exactly?? Our screens can be continuously adjusted in height and, depending on the model, can be lowered to the base plate of the stand. This enables optimum ergonomics, regardless of whether the user is standing or sitting in front of the screen. Plus, they can rotate, swivel and tilt the monitor base in the way that’s most comfortable for their sitting posture.

It’s easy to avoid uncomfortable head and body postures and focus on the important things instead.

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