Holidays with dogs in apartments and houses

A vacation is most beautiful when you can enjoy it with all your loved ones. Unfortunately, man’s best friend and his companions often have to stay at home because there is no way to accommodate the pet at the holiday destination. If you do not want to or can not leave your four-legged friend at home, but definitely want to go on vacation with your dog, you will find holiday apartments and holiday homes with us where pets are allowed, often explicitly requested. So nothing stands in the way of your relaxing holiday with your dog! And not only ordinary holiday homes are suitable as suitable accommodation with a dog – a holiday in the mountains with a dog is also recommended for holiday-loving dog owners. Often, accommodations for a short stay, such as a pension to be rented with a dog.

Of course, the choice of travel destination is just as important as the search for a suitable, animal-friendly holiday home for holidays with your dog. After all, your pet is supposed to not yourself only feel comfortable in a holiday home or apartment, but also outdoors in nature. A holiday by the sea such as the Baltic Sea or the North Sea is therefore at the top of the popularity scale for dog owners! Here a beach holiday with a dog is not only worthwhile for the whole family, but also for the accompanying pets – thanks to special dog beaches! There your animal family members will also have the chance to move into the holiday home, enjoy the beach and get to know something new. So what are you waiting for – rent an animal-friendly holiday accommodation for your next holiday with dogs on the North or Baltic Sea!

Popular for vacationing with dogs

Our recommendations

Germany is particularly popular for holidays with dogs – not least because of the short travel distances and the many dog-friendly beaches on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea!

The 5 most popular regions:

Long sandy beaches, fresh North Sea air and the flat landscape make Holland a perfect travel destination for a holiday with a lot of nature and variety!

The 3 most popular regions:

In Austria, the land of the mountains, you can spend a natural and varied holiday with your dog both in winter and summer.

The 5 most popular regions:

North Sea holiday homes and North Sea apartments for holidays with your dog

The German North Sea is an ideal travel destination for dog owners who want to go on vacation with their four-legged friends. Fresh air, long sandy beaches, clean coasts and the sea are waiting for people and dogs here the best conditions for a varied and above all dog-friendly vacation. Classic North Sea travel destinations include the North Frisian Islands Amrum, Föhr and Sylt and the East Frisian Islands Borkum, Juist, Langeoog and Norderney. Therefore, the range of pet-friendly holiday homes and apartments on the German North Sea islands is correspondingly large and diverse. But also the mainland – North Friesland, East Friesland, the German Bight or the North Sea coast in general – offers the best conditions for a successful holiday with a dog: Numerous dog beaches offer plenty of space to run around and play with fellow species and natural scenery invite you to take long walks along the beaches and coasts and dikes.

North Sea with dog – popular places

North Sea with dog – popular regions

Baltic Sea holiday homes and Baltic Sea holiday apartments for your dog holiday:

The Baltic Sea is also one of the most popular travel destinations for holidays with dogs. The cities and seaside resorts on the German Baltic Sea are the main attractions for those who want to take their dog to the sea to spend a Baltic Sea holiday in a holiday home with a dog. Clear water, clean sandy and pebble beaches, pleasant waves and only very little tides / fluctuations in sea level speak clearly for the Baltic Sea as a travel destination. In addition to Fischland-Darß-Zingst, the classic region for a Baltic holiday and others Regions along the German Baltic Sea coast, the Baltic Sea islands of Fehmarn, Hiddensee, Poel, Usedom and of course Rügen are very popular with dog owners, not least because of the wide range of apartments and holiday homes where dogs are allowed, or even desired.

Baltic Sea with dog – popular regions

Baltic Sea with dog – popular places

Which accommodation is the right one for your vacation with your dog??

On the other hand, if you prefer to go to the hotel with your dog, you will probably have to search a long time to find a suitable hotel. But whoever searches, finds. Tour operators have long recognized how important many pet owners are to their pets and so there are now hotels in many areas where animals are expressly welcomed and where they have been prepared for travelers with animal companions.

Most pet owners prefer a vacation in a pet-friendly holiday apartment with a dog or prefer a holiday home for a holiday with a pet. Animals usually feel more comfortable here, have significantly more space and are not unsettled by the presence of other animals, and the pet owners do not become the same either evil looked at when the dog barks.

Especially if you are planning a sporty and nature-loving vacation, you should take your pet with you on the trip. With a loyal, four-legged companion, an extensive hike through the woods, on the beach or in the mountains is once again so much fun and your pet will thank you if you don’t leave it with strangers, possibly in a kennel pension.

However, you shouldn’t stick to the idea of ​​taking your pet on vacation at all costs. If you are planning a flight, possibly to a non-European country, you should carefully consider whether it really makes sense to put the pet through the stress of a long flight. The travel comfort for animals on a plane is anything but high and almost all animals react fearfully or even aggressively to this situation. So it is best to choose a destination that you can easily reach by car in order to make the holiday with pets as pleasant as possible for yourself and your four-legged friend. Holiday homes with dogs can be visited in almost any country and region.

On holiday with four paws – further tips and hints

As is well known, the best time of the year is most beautiful when you can take all of your loved ones with you. For many people, this means not only the partner, the children and good friends, but also the pet, especially cats and dogs. Dogs are them "species" Pets who go on vacation most often with their owners. After all, not only children’s eyes shine when you see a rushing sea, dogs also enjoy jetting out of the beach to an abundance or cooling off in the cool sea on a warm day. As nice as a vacation with a pet is – there are a few things to consider in advance.

Some important points that are essential in front the booking / when looking for pet-friendly accommodation should be clarified with the tour operator or the landlord:

  • Pets are allowed?
    As a rule, one pet (1) may be brought along, and two pets (2) may also be brought along. Vacationers who want to travel with more than one pet should always contact our customer service before booking – we will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation and clarify the relevant formalities for you.
  • There are additional fees for accompanying pets?
    An additional fee is often charged per animal and day in holiday homes and holiday apartments with dogs. Occasionally, the cost of final cleaning may increase if a pet is brought into the holiday home.

Depending on the travel destination, cat and dog owners should also find out about:

  • required documents & papers
  • required vaccinations
  • additional requirements (which apply to the entry of pets)

In addition, mistresses and masters know best what should not be missing on vacation with their animal darling. If your dog needs or likes a special food, for example, you should bring it yourself if possible, as it may not be available at the holiday destination and is difficult to obtain. Feeding bowls, collar and leash, the dog bed / blanket or your favorite toy. everything that is necessary or even indispensable for the welfare of the dog should be taken on a family holiday with the dog. If you want to travel abroad and are unsure of how the pet can tolerate the arrival or the climate in the resort, you should contact the in-house veterinarian before the trip and clarify all questions. In addition, if the worst comes to the worst, you should also write down the addresses and contact details of the veterinarians in the holiday location and add them to the travel documents (the in-house veterinarian may even recommend a colleague on site). Once all these important points have been clarified, there is nothing standing in the way of a relaxed start to your vacation with your pet.


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