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In order to facilitate home care and everyday life in old age, renovation measures are often necessary on the house or apartment. The living space is designed so that it matches the individual needs your Relatives is adapted.

  • Advantages of measures to improve the living environment
  • Possibilities for remodeling
  • Subsidy from the nursing care fund & application
  • Further financial support

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What are the benefits of living environment improvement?

The goal is to adapt the living space to the needs of your loved one and to use a number of advantages:

  • Home care is much easier.
  • Access for care services is much easier.
  • Your loved one will relieved.
  • Your family member can stay in the familiar environment and cope with everyday life to a greater extent.

Video: the most important things in brief

What are "measures to improve the living environment"? Who is eligible? And what grants can you get? Learn all the answers in this short video.

Possibilities for remodeling

Measures to improve the living environment include both renovations as well as technical aids. These can be both within as well as outside the apartment be implemented.

The term “measure” does not refer to each individual conversion measure, but rather all adjustments required in the situation of the living space. If the care situation changes, measures can be implemented again.

There are simple measures, where, for example, light switches or sockets are installed near the care bed. Some so-called "Complex measures" go hand in hand with interventions in the building fabric. This includes, for example, the installation of lift systems.

There are also options, the apartment Disability Access by removing door sills or entry aids in the bathroom. If necessary also the outside area barrier-free conversion using lifts or ramps.

Subsidy from the nursing care fund

Already at care level 1 you are entitled to grants. In principle, measures are subsidized that are carried out in the household in which your family member lives.

This can be your own apartment, your own house or a household in which he is housed. The long-term care insurance then grants Section 40 paragraph 4 (SGB XI) a grant of up to 4,000 euros per measure.

Requirements for the grant

  • previous insurance: Your relative has been in the past ten years member or family member for at least two years the nursing care fund.
  • Your relative has at least care level 1.

Special case: Several people in need of care live together

  • One example is the senior flat share.
  • The maximum grant is 16,000 euros per measure.
  • If there are more than four people in need of care in the household, the total amount will be divided accordingly.

This is how the application works

It is best to make the application before the action begins. Use ready-made forms from the cash registers, which you can order by phone or download online. If you make the application retrospectively, enclose the acknowledged invoices.

  1. Submit the application Estimates for the measures.
  2. If you medical certificates who demonstrate the necessity of the conversion measures, be sure to add them.
  3. Before / after sketches can be helpful for the application!

Examination by the MDK

The MDK (medical service of the health insurance companies) checks during consultation appointments whether measures to improve the living environment are actually necessary and whether all the requirements are met. In conclusion, he gives one Recommendation on necessary structural adjustments or aids.

Further financial support

  • You can partially save the costs for renovations as Exceptional burdens on income tax returns claim if you obtain a certificate from the medical service of the health insurance companies.
  • You can use the KfW receive financial support for age-appropriate and disabled-friendly living. Many individual measures to reduce barriers are also subsidized in this way.

Our recommendations for further reading:

  • "Nursing care fund – claim, forms of care & Grants ”(2019), from the Association of Nursing Aid
  • "Long-term care insurance 2018. Figures, data, facts" (2017), Haufe Kompass
  • "Practice guide nursing care insurance: Claims and benefits for children and adults in need of care according to the new law 2017" (2016), Walhalla legal aid

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Compare possible variants to find the one that suits you!

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