Indigo children – who are they – why are indigo children among us

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Interestingly, we humans stand out from the animal world. Our souls, life experience and many other factors make us unique. But to say that we are all individuals is not correct, because in truth we are all one. Indigo children remind us of this fact. But what is an indigo child? This is one question among many that we would like to answer in this article. We’ll explore why it is Indigo children gives why they are on earth and become the most common characteristics of one Indigo child inspect.

What are indigo children?

The term “indigo children” refers to a certain type of soul that has returned to earth to perform a specific task: namely to guide us humans back on the right path. The spiritual should be improved so that we can reach our full potential, leave our materialistic thinking behind and accept a multidimensional and non-physical (spiritual) world.

Indigo children are beings who have reached a crucial point or a certain age on their soul journey and have therefore been sent back to earth with this valuable task. To date, there is no agreement as to when indigo children first appeared on Earth, but the consensus seems to be that the starting point was in the 1970s. The high point for the birth of indigo children was the 1980s and 1990s, but many are still born today with crystal children and rainbow children.

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The task of indigo children

We have already spoken briefly about the important role of indigo children, but in order to understand the characteristics of an indigo child, it is important to understand the peculiarity of their role.

The question that arises is: What are Indigo children doing here? Well, every soul that lives on earth carries experience, karma and certain spiritual energies. Some people start a new life with positive energy and thus they are on the right path in their soul mission. However, most people have accumulated so much negative energy and karma that they are put on the wrong path, and every decision they make leads them further and further away from the right path.

First, humanity was lost thousands of years ago. When the population was smaller and every society had to get closer together, spirituality could be fully explored. If you look at indigenous people and South American tribes today, you understand how we once lived. Over time, however, our ego became increasingly important for us humans and it became the central focus of human societies.

We started to focus more on ourselves than on unity as humanity. This misguided and selfish attempt to rise above others has led us to where we live today. Therefore, the arrival of Indigo children could not have happened at a better time.

The characteristics of an indigo child

The properties that we will explain in this article are very generalized. You may not find these traits in every indigo child, but they give us an overview of who an indigo child is and what kind of person it is. So if you think you know an indigo child, trust your intuition and use these traits that we present to you only as a guide.

Indigo children – creativity

Indigo children have experienced a lot in their lives and the lives before, even if their current, conscious mind can no longer remember them. Through their subconscious, however, Indigo children always get new ideas, in whatever form. That is why you can find this property in almost every Indigo child. Indigo children can express their emotions in many different ways, for example by painting, writing, singing or even dancing.

However, the creativity of an indigo child knows no limits. An indigo child is likely to be very revealing and can always find solutions to difficult problems. This is a feature that is particularly advantageous in the professional world, since Indigo children are able to offer solutions that no one else has thought of.

However, creativity has its price: Indigo children are often bored and prefer to immerse themselves in their imagination, as they find it more entertaining. These beings are often diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, although this diagnosis is often incorrect.


An insightful and creative mind often cannot cope with rules and regulations. An indigo child will try two ways to cope with regulations that limit their freedom and that they consider senseless.

Some will try to distance themselves from the existing system by moving or try not to follow it. However, others will rebel. Some Indigo children will rebel against strict rules and regulations – but in a peaceful manner.

No matter how an indigo child will behave, it is often perceived by its surroundings as "anti-social". Since they were born introverted, many people think that it is in their nature to want to be alone. The reality is very different, because indigo children are the product of our world and all our negative energy. When their souls cannot isolate themselves, they often find solace in relationships with plants or animals.


The emotions of an indigo soul can be a little different than we imagine. Sometimes they feel like they are the most important person on earth. This comes from their subconscious, because they are just so important among us, and can feel so inwardly that they are very important to us humans.

Sometimes, however, indigo children can also feel very worthless: as if their being is of no use to anyone, even to them. That is why they are often susceptible to mental and addictive disorders.


It is of course no surprise that Indigo children have returned to Earth with skills that they already have by nature. You have an incredible ability to grasp and a great memory.

Often they cannot control what they remember, but their memories play an important and meaningful role in their lives and often turn out to be very useful. They are often blessed with a great understanding of technology, probably to improve and support their communication with the world.

Finally, indigo children naturally have a very high level of vibrational energy and can therefore communicate with spiritual energies. As children, it is likely that they have often had nightmares, but they were indeed spiritual visitors.

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