Information on car depreciation: how much does a car lose value in the first year??

The average depreciation for passenger cars of all classes, with an annual mileage of
15.000 kilometers in the first year after the vehicle re-registration in the case of 24.4 percent. In the following years this number stands out five to six percent From.

Highest loss of value in the first year!

Image classic car

The loss in value of a car depends on various factors; classic cars, on the other hand, can turn out to be a profitable financial investment.

The loss of value of a VEHICLE starts with the signature on the purchase contract. Blame for the drop in value wear and tear, the due to the use of the vehicle arises. However, the loss of the vehicle value is not as a constant quantity, for example lose new cars lose value faster than used cars. In the first year after registration you must for a new cars on average 24.4 percent depreciation INCLUDE. Essential for the calculation is the condition of the vehicle. This is based on the mileage, the technical condition, the maintenance condition and the equipment compared to the age of the vehicle.

Factors influencing value

Essential for the determination of the amount of the loss in value is the type of vehicle: convertible, off-road vehicles or notchback? Important factors are also the image of the manufacturer as well as the condition, d. H. mileage, technical condition, state of care, accessories, etc. In comparison to the vehicle age as well as the marketability. As a car buyer you can these factors can have a significant impact, z. B. By regular maintenance and care as well as the selection of a corresponding model under consideration of potential market opportunities in the event of a resale. How to take care of your vehicle in the best possible way, learn more here.

Is a vehicle well maintained and mostly parked in the garage, it consequently ages relatively little and slowly. If, on the other hand always outside and is also if cared for poorly, the residual value decreases faster. Also the carriage of dogs or the smoking in the car can have a negative effect on the value. How heavily these factors weigh in determining value is u. A. Moreover, from the vehicle segment dependent: at porsche plays the maintenance condition plays a greater role than for example with a VW golf or a delivery van.

Determination of the depreciation

Image contract

the depreciation of a vehicle starts with the signature on the purchase contract

A explicit formula to determine the loss of value in the first year there is no. In general, vehicles with a high brand image to a tend to less loss of value. To make the residual value after a year, it is advisable to browse through the used car exchange according to the prices of annual cars. Were there no model change, do you have a good point of reference. If you would like to obtain precise information about the residual value, a appraiser further help (future forecasts excluded).

The most important facts to consider regarding the depreciation:

Once you have registered your new car, it is no longer a new car. This means that if you sell the car immediately after registration, you will not receive the new price under any circumstances.

Elementary is also the speedometer reading: even a few kilometers mean that the car is by no means a new car. This also applies in case you drive the car with a temporary registration (d. H. The next owner is the first owner).

The above aspects culminate in the high depreciation in the first year.

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