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Parents want a carefree childhood for their offspring. This is supported by proper insurance protection, with which you can make effective provision in the event of an emergency.

With the birth of a child, a new phase of life begins for the parents. You take on a great responsibility and do everything to enable the youngsters to grow up carefree. Things don’t always go as planned: If the neighbor’s car gets scratched while playing wild on the sidewalk or the tooth doesn’t withstand an exciting table tennis match, good insurance protection is important. The HanseMerkur shows you which Insurance for children are recommended.

Even if you enjoy the first time with your child to the fullest, you should keep an eye on child care. When it comes to your child’s health, parents make no compromises and prefer the best possible treatment for the offspring. If you value extensive medical care, you are well advised with private health insurance. With statutory coverage, supplementary health insurance as a supplement to the standard benefits is a very good choice. Think of a private liability insurance at the latest when the little one starts to crawl and run, because when playing or romping around, other people’s property can easily be damaged.

Perfect provision: the most important insurance for children

As parents, you are responsible for your children. Nobody likes to think about illness, hospital stays or the like. Nevertheless, you should plan carefully and have an appropriate one already when your child is born Well child meet and take out the necessary insurance for your child. In the worst-case scenario, you are insured this way and can rely on Support your insurer leave.

When planning child care, not only your own health but also that of third parties plays an important role. That is why you should next to a sufficient one health insurance necessarily to one Liability insurance think that is one of the most important insurances.

You should pay attention to these points in child care

  • Agree on the accomplishments of one private health insurance depending on your needs.
  • As a legally insured person, provide your child with supplementary health insurance as early as possible to keep the premiums low.
  • If you already have liability insurance, do not forget to include your child in the insurance coverage.
  • At the start of an apprenticeship or a stay abroad, check whether additional insurance is useful in this life situation.

Liability insurance – protection that must be

"Parents are liable for their children." This sign is known to everyone. You have unlimited liability for damage caused by your child to third-party property or personal injury. An incident that damages people and property can result in claims in the millions. With family liability insurance you are on the safe side. This insurance covers all damage caused by a family member.

Children under the age of 7 are considered incapable of torture, which means that they cannot measure the impact of their actions and are not responsible for the damage they cause. If there is damage in road traffic, the age limit is 10 years. As a legal guardian, you are only liable if you have violated your duty to supervise. Nevertheless, you probably feel responsible for any damage caused by your child, so liability insurance should also cover damage to children who are unable to torture. With the Insurance coverage will help you avoid disputes about supervision.

• Children 0 – 7 years: Not tortable, not liable for damage, covered by the liability of the parents (family insurance)

• Children 0-10 years: Not tortable in traffic, not liable for damage, covered by the liability of parents (family insurance)

• Children from 10 years: Eligible for offenses, liable for damage, covered by the liability of parents (family insurance)

• Children aged 18 and over: Eligible for offenses, liable for damage, secured through the parents during the first training / study

It is advisable to check liability insurance, especially when children of full age start studying or training or move to their first home.

Private health insurance – for the best medical care

Even if you enjoy statutory insurance coverage yourself, you have the right to cover your child with private health insurance. In this case, you forego non-contributory family insurance and choose individual coverage through private health insurance. In contrast to statutory insurance, benefits from private providers are guaranteed. This means that once you have decided on a specific service portfolio, you can be sure that your insurance will reimburse you for these services. Depending on your choice of tariff, you benefit from a free choice of doctor and hospital and, if necessary, receive treatment from a specialist for the little patient.

HanseMerkur knows the family’s worries when a child has to go to the hospital. Children can therefore be accompanied to the hospital by a parent up to the age of 14, the costs incurred are borne by the insurance.

In the area of ​​dental health, too, private insurers generally offer significantly more benefits than statutory ones Health insurance. Statutory insurance companies only cover the cost of correcting a misaligned tooth from a certain degree. Private insurance, on the other hand, may bear the costs even if the teeth are slightly out of alignment.

If you decide against taking out full private health insurance for your child, you have the option of expanding the statutory range of services with additional health insurance.

Supplementary health insurance – so that everything goes smoothly in the hospital

Various supplementary health insurance policies ensure that you expand the health protection for your child as needed. HanseMerkur offers various options for individual child care:

Young patients do not like to be alone in the hospital. With a hospital insurance secure extended protection for inpatient treatment. In addition to a free choice of hospital, you can secure treatment by a chief doctor or accommodation in a single or double room. Especially when you accompany younger children to the hospital as a parent, the stay is much more pleasant and helps you to recover faster.

To ensure that their child’s smile remains radiantly beautiful for a lifetime, parents pay attention to them from the moment they break their first teeth dental health. With consistent preventive care and the benefits of a dental supplement insurance, you ensure that your child’s teeth stay healthy. For example, chewing surfaces and grooves are sealed on the permanent teeth of small patients in order to protect the tooth enamel.

Many parents put on the treatment of their children holistic medicine. However, statutory health insurance does not cover the costs of naturopathic treatments. If you prefer homeopathy or other naturopathic treatments to complement conventional medicine, one is additional outpatient insurance an excellent choice.

Incidentally, the insurance cover usually also applies in the foreign countries, This means that the whole family can enjoy carefree vacation days, because in the event of illness you will receive valuable support from your health insurance company. Other important services such as the takeover of Vaccinations against trips abroad are also reimbursed by the supplementary insurance. If your child decides to go abroad after school, you can rely on the supplementary health insurance benefits.


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