Interesting facts – you should know about chatting on the internet

Children all over the world use the Internet to read exciting articles, learn new things, read children’s news, […]

Interesting facts – you should know about chatting on the Internet

Children all over the world use the internet to

  • read exciting articles
  • to learn new things
  • Reading children’s news
  • deal with other K >Whenever you use the Internet, you should, however, observe some safety instructions. You can read what they are below. Because today we want to talk about chatting on the Internet. You know what to chat mean? When you log on to a website to chat with other children, it’s called chatting. You can find more information about chats for children in the article "Chatting for kids and teens." There you can read which German-speaking kids are particularly suitable for children.

Chatiquette – What does that mean?

Every chat has its own rules of conduct. The Chatiquette regulates what is allowed in the chat and what is not. The Chatiquette (read: "Tschätikette") is something like a house order.

Most of the time, these house rules deal with the following things:

  • Legal: Which laws do you have to observe when chatting?
  • Security: what do you have to your own Pay attention to security?
  • Technology: What special requirements are there for this chat?
  • Readability: How many smileys can you use? What else should you consider when writing a message? Things that are undesirable in chat because they make it confusing.
  • Contacts: Bele >In any case, you should read the chatiquette carefully when you sign up for a new chat. If you don’t follow the rules, you may be banned. Then you could never enter the chat again. In addition, many chatters find it unfriendly if you don’t follow the rules (even if you just don’t know them yet). Therefore, you should always be well informed about such things.

Safety tips for chatting

The problem with my chatting is that you cannot see your conversation partner. So you never know who is really behind it. So, to be on the safe side, keep going best the following tips:

  • Chat with your parents initially. They can explain to you how it works and what you should pay attention to.
  • Choose a neutral name. Never use your real name! Do not enter your place of residence in your name either. Usually nickname used for chats. These are funny nicknames such as "Knusperkeks" or "BayernFan".
  • Do not pass on personal data such as address, name or telephone number – not even in the children’s chat!
  • Your access data, such as passwords, are private! Don’t tell anyone.
  • If someone asks you to do something strange, don’t do it. Requests that cause a strange feeling in you are usually not harmless.
  • Arranging for a meeting with someone from the chat is rarely a good one >For some services like ICQ or MSN you have to download a program before you can start. These chats are called Instant messager. Please ask an adult for help. When chatting via instant messaging, follow the security tips you’ve read. Some special rules also apply to instant messaging:
  • Take a look at the program’s security settings with your parents. You may need to make some changes to better protect yourself from unwanted messages and their consequences (status display, automatically save message history, deactivate webcam).
  • Only accept messages from friends who are on your contact list.
  • If you want to add someone new to your contact list, get your parents’ permission.
  • Turn off public status ads.
  • If someone sends you files, do not immediately accept them. First ask what it is. Some files can contain malicious computer viruses. A computer virus can cause your PC no longer works properly. Sometimes personal data is even shared with others when the PC has a virus.
  • Make sure that the program is always up to date. It is not so easy for you to catch a computer virus.

Worksheet on the text

1) Explain the difficult words from the text.

  • to chat
  • Chatiquette
  • Instant messaging
  • Username
  • Computer Virus

2) Find a children’s chat on the Internet and describe its advantages and disadvantages. Also explain how to register there.

3) What did you notice from this article? Write your thoughts down here.

4) Have you ever used an instant messager? Make sure that you followed all the rules for instant messaging.


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