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Kids Muffins: Recipe for Hamburger Muffins

Creative kids muffins will soon be available on kullaloo more often… there are soooooo many great things to bake and decorate! I only googled a bit once and was almost killed by so many great ideas. But then I decided for a rather “unclassical decoration” of my first kullaloo muffins. Because they look like real little burgers

Most of the recipes I found on the web for the hamburger muffins make salad, cheese and tomato with colored fondant. On the one hand this looked a bit too artificial, on the other hand I found three thick layers of sugar.

That’s why I made it a little more fruity. And so my children now have muffins in a burger look with a slice of kiwi as a salad and strawberries as a tomato substitute. Only the cheese remains a sweet thing. But with the yellow icing it also looks really great after melted cheese from

Before you start with the instructions, there is a little warning: Muffin burgers are just as bad to eat as real burgers, so you have to hand in some plates for the gadgets


  • Dough for chocolate muffins
  • Dough for lemon or butter muffins
  • Yellow and red sugar icing
  • sesame seeds
  • kiwis
  • strawberries

As an aid you need muffin baking cups, knives and a kitchen board.

Instructions for the children Muffins in the hamburger look:

  1. First the two different muffin doughs are prepared. For simplicity’s sake, I took two ready-made baking mixes, but of course you can also use your own in-house dough recipes.
  2. The dough is then distributed 50:50 on the muffin baking cups.
  3. Spread a few more sesame seeds on the light dough and then put them in the oven according to the baking instructions for the dough.
  4. Once the muffins have been baked and cooled down, the first step is to cut the light muffins into an upper and a lower part using a knife. You do the same with the chocolate muffins, whereby the upper part is not needed and may be swallowed by the kiddies Each burger consists of a light top, a light bottom and a chocolate bottom.
  5. Next up is the fruit. Cut the kiwis and strawberries into slices, but peel the kiwis first.
  6. Here we go with the covering. The graphic above shows you the order: First the kiwi slice (salad) – then the chocolate muffin slice (meat) – the strawberries (tomatoes) – the yellow sugar icing (cheese) – then the red sugar icing (ketchup) – and finally the muffin lid with the sesame seeds on top. With cheese you can let the icing run down the sides, then it looks even better like melted cheese. Yummieh

And that’s how the sweet burger looks when it’s done:

It’s really funny, because when you bite into it, it’s a funny taste sensation at first. Because it looks quite similar to a real hamburger and then the brain says “Why does this hearty meatbug taste like chocolate? ”. You have to try it out in any case, very funny experience

As a serving suggestion you can cut sandwich paper into matching squares and place them underneath. This will have something of the burger packaging you know from the fast food restaurant…

If you’re gonna try these kids muffins yourself: Tell me how the first bite was for you or your kids


Great idea, I will definitely try it out at the next party.

Such a great idea! If you don’t want to use sugar icing, you can simply puree a mango and you have a delicious yellow sauce. Probably doesn’t “hold” it as well as icing that sticks. Maybe you could also combine that… Best regards Paula

Your ideas are always incredibly great. I’m thrilled every time anew! You don’t get behind that fast with imitation! VG

Dear thanks But the idea is not from me, but from Google

@Paula: Totally cool the idea of pureed mango instead of the icing sugar. You might just have to do it just before serving, but I’ll definitely remember that at

Hi, don’t you want to publish some of your ideas here?

Great idea:) Have we tried yesterday and the kids were thrilled:)

great, I’m happy that it went down well.

Greetings, Heidi

Wow, great! My girlfriend and I will definitely try it out.

Such a great idea. My daughter celebrates her farewell tomorrow in the daycare center and I want to surprise the kids with the burger muffins! “Bread rolls” and “meat” are already ready. Now think about if I’ll finish the burgers your evening or if I’d rather finish them tomorrow morning… According to the icing pack, the stuff takes 4 hours to set – but the mufgins are meant for breakfast?! What is your experience? Do the muffins get muddy?

Best regards, Doro

Dear Doro, would you honestly rather assemble it tomorrow morning? The fruit makes it muddy after a while, and the kiwi eventually turns dark green (like spinach warmed up twice). And the icing can be a bit liquid, after all it’s freshly melted cheese

I am curious how they will arrive, report to

Best regards, Heidi

Hello dear Heidi,

Thank you so much for your quick reply. You are right: I will Morgeb rather get up a little earlier and make the burgers “fresh” I report then love greetings, doro

Hi I am from berlin

this is such a great idea and will be tried out here as soon as possible. Thank you for this great inspiration.

Hello, first of all… great recipe, will in any case be tried out right away! and then a question how many packages of the yellow sugar glaze did you need? dear greetings Tina

Huhu Tina, I took a pack, but then there was also a rest in it Best regards, Heidi

Super recipe, very easy to follow. It also tastes really good. Thank you very much for the great recipe. My children are crazy about it and it makes them very happy to eat it

Is it possible to prepare the burgers a day in advance or does the fruit then go through the soup?

So I’m almost thinking it suppt through. You could, however, make a glaze on the dough particles that holds off the juice a little. Think, chocolate icing will come there certainly well

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