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On a cheap additional insurance for families

Nobody likes to be in the hospital. But if the hospital stay itself is inevitable, you should at least make it as pleasant as possible and enjoy the best possible medical care and comfort! A private one Supplementary insurance is therefore particularly important for families.

In 2012, around 18.6 million patients were treated in hospital, which was 1.5% more than in the previous year. According to preliminary results from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the hospital stay lasted an average of 7.6 days. Not only unforeseen illnesses or planned interventions but often accidents are the reason for a hospital stay. On average, every 12th adult has an accident per year, the probability is even higher in the age group up to 27 years. 18 percent of accidents end in hospital (source: federal health reporting).

The hospital stay costs ten euros per day from the book your own pocket – that’s not the world in a week. However, statutory health insurance only covers so-called standard benefits. In plain language: you come to the nearest hospital without being asked, are cared for by the ward doctor on duty and only if you are lucky can the fellow sufferers in the shared room not snore.

When well-being costs extra, things get tight

You may feel better in the hospital of your choice. With the chief physician, you have a specialist at your side to ensure you have a permanent and competent contact person – and lying undisturbed in a single room is a nice feeling. These perceived qualities alone can increase the success of the cure, many doctors agree on this. On the other hand, there are considerable costs for such a private patient.

Choosing a single room can easily cost 60 to over 100 euros per day. The budget of the household will have to nibble on the costs of a chief doctor’s treatment for a long time – this easily amounts to two to three thousand euros. In the case of intensive care or lengthy treatment, in extreme cases this can amount to tens of thousands of euros. The conflict of conscience between health and finance becomes even greater when it comes to a child who is in the hospital. Here is the investment in supplementary hospital insurance well invested money.

The PLUS for AXA customers

Excellent hospital comfort at an affordable price

The business magazine € uro has awarded the family-friendly comfort tariff from AXA with the top grade in the comparison test of stationary supplementary insurance.

The offer is lifelike. Two alternatives adapt to the financial situation of families: The Comfort start makes entry into private supplementary insurance particularly affordable. Later you can go to the supplementary insurance without a new health check Comfort change, which also creates provisions for the later years. And the best thing is – from the start, the benefits in both supplementary insurance plans are the same.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Private patient status in the hospital with accommodation in a comfortable single or double room without waiting times
  • Treatment by the chief doctor or specialist
  • Free choice of hospital after advance payment from statutory health insurance
  • Assumption of costs for medically necessary transports to and from the nearest suitable hospital
  • Reimbursement of medical services also beyond the maximum rates
  • Accommodation costs for accompanying persons of children up to five years
  • 4 months free of charge for reinsured newborns

All information about comfort and convenience start for families you’ll find here.

The trend is towards supplementary insurance

A family means a changed life situation for everyone, with many new challenges, many wonderful moments, but unfortunately also additional dangers. Therefore, more and more people with statutory health insurance in Germany have supplementary insurance, 23 million people – according to the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) in 2013.

Two million parents think about securing their children in this way, says the market research institute YouGov. Young families in particular are becoming increasingly aware of ensuring that they have access to the best possible care in good time.

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