My daily walk through the English garden in wind and weather ☀☁⛆

By bike through the English garden

Every day on my way to university I was lucky enough to cycle through a beautiful park: the English Garden in Munich. That was a very nice experience every day. Like a little vacation before class. So I always arrived relaxed.

I always rode with an old Holland bike. That was so comfortable. Unfortunately, it was getting very old and has fallen apart with time.

I cycled all year long …

Also the lake changed in the change of the seasons.

My favorite season was the autumn. Misty weather and such beautiful colorful trees I really like.

Sometimes there were obstacles like a flock of sheep or a fallen tree.

Not only in every season, but also at any time of the day I was traveling in the English garden …

The colors in the evening in Munich often have something very special.

Especially the Schwabinger See has a nice atmosphere. The lights of the lake house are reflected so beautifully in the water.

I especially like the time of dusk. The sun is disappearing behind the horizon, the sky is slowly turning deep blue, the lights are slowly coming on and the birds are chirping only occasionally. In summer, the air is often very fresh. In Munich, I always found the mood on the balmy summer evenings very special. It felt energetic and yet very relaxed. You can feel the prosperity and the security of the city.

The weather was very different. From sun to rain, but also fog, clouds or snow everything was there.

Stormy weather I like a lot: then the clouds are so well stirred up and the air is very fresh.

For example, you can read more about the English Garden in this radio report: Radioreportage: English Garden in Munich. I think they are very nice and you get a nice impression of the park.

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