Kids on mobile: recommended apps for kids

From the mouse to the forest primer – recommended apps for kids

kids on mobile: recommended apps for kids

Whether it’s after kindergarten, school or before bedtime, playing on their parents’ smartphones or tablets is becoming more and more a part of everyday life for children these days. The range of children’s apps is large, but which games for children are actually recommendable?

Dear parents, welcome to the year 2022 in the digital age, where it’s almost normal if the child doesn’t feel like playing the board game and instead prefers to play on the smartphone or tablet.

So that parents can leave the smartphone to their children without worrying, there are now countless apps that have been specially developed for children – and from knowledge apps to colorful games rich. We present you here some kids apps for different age groups in front of.

For 5- to 8-year-olds

kids on mobile: recommended apps for kids

the mouse app

In the official app for broadcast with the mouse there are not only follow to watch, but also many games, in which, for example, bats are searched for or cards with short picture stories are put in the correct order – and that also works with two people.

the mouse app is suitable for children six years and up and is available free of charge for ios and android devices.

The great word factory

With colorful animations and lots of interaction, children children from the age of three the picture book app "the great word factory to reading, playing and learning use. For parents, the app is a great way to get their little one playfully teach new words and even how to read.

The app is especially suitable for children from four years and reading beginners. It is for approx 2.99 euros in the app store (ios) or google play store (android) available.

Pippi’s colorful villa

In "pippis villa kunterbunt" can children from the age of four dress up pippi longstocking and her friends, bake, play and make music together with pippi.

the app is for 5,99 euro in app store or google play store available.

For 9- to 12-year-olds

quiz app: where is the?

With the quiz app "where is the?" children learn about countries, cities and sights all over the world. alone or with up to eight friends children can test and expand their geographic knowledge. In addition, the game connected to the online reference work wikipedia, so that background information can be displayed for each location.

The quiz app is suitable for children from nine years and can download free from app store or google play store are.

Cut the rope 2

In this game, a small, frog-like monster wants to be fed with candies, but only with dexterity and intuition need to be freed. Combination talent is needed here, but also some brains. Since the game is not hectic, each child can play at his own pace.

The app is for school children recommended and is available in app store (ios) or google play store (android) available for free.

opera maker

In "opera maker" can children from the age of nine can invent, play and sing their own opera. you can characters, voices and costumes for your own play choosing, designing the scenery on stage as a stage designer and participating in the opera as a director. It can be really fun when children use photos of themselves or other family members for the opera actors, or even record their own singing and incorporate it into an opera piece.

The app is free of charge and only available in the app store.

The forest primer

the children’s app "the forest primer" is the digital alternative to the textbook "discover the forest – the little forest primer" from the federal ministry of food and agriculture. During a walk through the forest, typical animals can be discovered, which are described in a fact sheet. in addition, children can puzzle in the games and quiz area. This is mainly about imparting knowledge about the "forest habitat" and the "forestry" industry, why the app is particularly suitable for for elementary school children.

The app is available free of charge in the app store and google play store.

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