Kindergartens should need potty training?

It is almost there; She only wears her chin-ups at night and only occasionally has accidents or needs to be reminded of them go. Although I suspect she was really trained on her way to the potty anyway, the preschool requirement has given us both additional motivation this summer.

But after some rigid potty training mandates of 3 years could actually be harmful.

In a narrative from, two experts in the field discussing why parents – and preschools – shouldn’t force the problem. "At their age, they have control over sleep, food, and going to the bathroom. So this is one of the few areas of their lives they have control over,"Dr. Stefani Hines quotes (Hines specializes in pediatric development and behavior).

Dr. Steve Hodges goes one step further: "Children under the age of 3 should not manage their own toilet habits any more than they should manage their college funds."

"This is one of the few areas of their lives they have control over."

As parents of young children, we spend a lot of time and energy on potty training. We advise experienced parents for expert tips. We provide sticker charts and rewards to buy. We think of potty training as an important development step for our children, and the earlier the better. Therefore the idea that setting timelines is harmful for toilet training can be surprising.

So how is it potentially harmful? According to Hodges, it is because of the child’s bladder strengthening that occurs when it is allowed to empty and fill in an uninhibited place of residence. That said, if we try to control our children’s pottying schedules, we are disrupting a natural process that is better left alone. Hodges is reported how say, that this can lead to accidents and worse – constipation and kidney and urinary tract infections.

Instead, according to these experts, parents are supposed to help toddlers decide when it’s time, regardless of age.

What’s my take I’m not an expert (unless you consider that 3 children are potty-trained as expert credentials), but I suspect that for most children, potty training is around 3 years happens of course anyway. As long as you are looking for the classic signs of readiness and not punitive or controlling in your approach, I doubt that it is likely to be one "Deadline" would be harmful.

It wasn’t safe for my child. In fact, working with her more closely on this process became a bonding experience. Like all toddlers, she is happy to please her parents with her accomplishments, and like all parents, we are proud of her success.

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Mary Lauren Weimer works as a social worker mother turned writer. Her blog, my 3 little birds, encouraged mothers to put the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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