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On 20 April 2013, the new children’s and youth centre at Südendstraße 51 a was opened.

Today, the children’s and youth centre offers a home to many different users. In addition to the children and teenagers, who of course have the largest share in the use, the house is regularly used by 2 play groups of the children’s care service, an improvisation theatre group, a supervision group and the Café für jugendliche Mamas/Papas with their children.

On weekends it is often rented by residents of the district for family celebrations. With this offer, which also repeatedly creates meeting spaces for the various user groups, we want to work our way into the district and contribute to a successful community.

The schools around the children’s and youth centre also like to cooperate with the children’s and youth centre, among other things in the areas of social competence and sexual education. Currently we cooperate with the Südendschule, the Kimmelmann Schule, the Pestalozzischule and the Oberwaldschule.

Daily use shows how well the location has been chosen, as the green area around the house is of great importance for children and young people. Such open spaces do not often exist in the densely populated southwest part of the city.

Open meeting place for children and teenagers

Monday: 16 – 20 o’clock

Friday: 16 – 21 o’clock

The open Treff is a free offer for children and young people.

On both opening days you can take part in a programme.

On Monday, creativity, craftsmanship and play are at the heart of the programme.

If you don’t feel like taking part in the program, you can simply chill out, listen to music, meet friends.

or use all other possibilities the youth center offers.


Open meeting for all from 12 years Wednesday: from 16 – 20 o’clock chilling, chatting, chatting, having fun, meeting friends, just relax and escape the hectic pace and stress of everyday life. Since you can’t miss to eat while relaxing, you can cook or bake together in this evening. The food is free of charge, it only has to be cooked or baked.

boys afternoon

Open meeting for boys of 6 – 12 years Tuesday: 16 – 18 o’clock Tuesdays the house belongs exclusively to the boys. On this day only male pedagogues work in the house to present the boys with different male role models and life plans. On this day there is always a pedagogically supervised offer, like e.g. building material piles, making sound games, cooking duels or the like. The pedagogues are available to talk about male puberty, problems with girls or similar things that concern boys at this age.

girls’ afternoon

Open meeting for girls aged 6 – 12 Thursday: 15 – 18 Thursdays the house belongs exclusively to the girls. On this day 2 female educators work, they always have an ear for topics which move the girls at this age. There is always a pedagogically supervised offer, which orients itself at the desires and the ideas of the girls, which are regularly discussed by the girls with the pedagogues. Among other things, pin boards, printed T-shirts, homemade dough and the like are created.

Open Children’s Saturday

for children from 6 – 12 years Saturday: 11 – 14 o’clock On every opening day there is a ritualized program. This consists of: Cooking on an open fire, reading aloud, creative activities and games, fun and exercise. If you don’t want to take part in any of the activities, you are guaranteed to find something to do on your own.

Youth CultureCouch Concert

1 – 2 times a year the children’s and youth centre organises a couch concert. This is organized by young people who are interested in music and music business for newcomer bands around Karlsruhe.


On the grounds of the KJH Südwest there is a freewall, which was created by the youth conference and offers young graffiti artists from Karlsruhe the opportunity to try out and further develop their art.


Young people actively take care of their fitness, there is a Calestenics facility on our premises which can be used during and outside opening hours. If necessary, we offer professional support and the possibility to borrow additional training equipment.


Once a year we organize a children’s party. On this day numerous events take place in and around the house. Since the children and youth house exists, we are actively supported by the Bürgerverein der Südweststadt. The Bürgerverein provides on this day for the physical well-being of our small and large guests.

Together with the Quatier project of the Südweststadt we try to bring young and older people into contact. For example, a workshop day took place on which two young people from the southwest city explained how to use a smartphone. The Diakonie Karlsruhe offers Wednesday from 14 – 16:30 clock the meeting for young Mamas and Papas to approx. 23 years.

Full day at the Südendschule

Since the school year 2018/19, the Südendschule has been an all-day primary school. Mon – Wed from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. pupils come together with a teacher to the children’s and youth centre and spend an hour there with games, fun and movement.

Paid seminars for schools:

We offer seminars on social competence and sex education for schools. The offers are designed to fit the schools perfectly. They are subject to a fee and usually take place on Wednesday mornings. If you are interested, please contact us using the contact details below.

fact sheet

Südendstrasse 51a, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany

+49 721 3545 4978

Focus: Children’s/youth centres, creativity, sports, youth culture, miscellaneous

Project day Mo 16.00-20.00 Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month our bicycle workshop opens! Boys afternoon for boys from 6 – 12 years Tue 15.00-19.00 Open for all from 6 years Wed 16.00-20.00 Fr 16.00-21.00 All-day primary school at KJH Southwest Mo-Mi 15.00-16.00 Girls afternoon for girls from 6 – 12 years Tue 15.00-19.00 o’clock Improtheater with Oli Mo 19.00-21.00 o’clock Children’s Saturday from 6 – 12 years (once a month) Sa 11.00-14.00 o’clock Dates see flyer Treff für junge Mamas und Papas bis 23 Jahre Mi 14.30-16.30 o’clock pump & cook Mo 18.00-20.00 o’clock Fr 14.00-16.00 o’clock
… –>

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