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Hike Carinthia gorge

Why do children like gorge hikes in Carinthia?

Carinthian gorge hiking? YES! Our children love gorge hikes and gorge hikes! The closeness to the water, the rustling in the ear, the fine water dust in the meter-high waterfalls on the skin. It is entertaining and motivates to go hiking. That is why it was clear that during our family vacation in Carinthia we were also looking for gorges and gorges for hiking. These were our most beautiful gorge hikes with the children around the family hotels in Carinthia:

Many gorges in Carinthia: Hohe Tauern National Park

When we were on our road trip across Austria in the Hohe Tauern National Park, we discovered several gorges around the beautiful mountain village of Mallnitz. After many mountains in the national park are 3000 meters high, there are correspondingly deep valleys and gorges. Some of them are accessible and suitable for hiking with children. From our family hotel in Mallnitz there was a hike through two gorges, which are located directly one behind the other. We’ll show you right here and then the other beautiful gorges in Carinthia. Have fun!

Carinthia gorge: hiking the Rabisch gorge and Groppenstein gorge

Canyon walks in Mallnitz with children

From Mallnitz hike first into the Rabischschlucht and then through the Groppensteinschlucht. I tried it out. The gorge hike is varied and, combined with a transfer back, the ideal family hike. We didn’t have that much time and did the tour with the children through the Groppenstein gorge.

-> These are the pictures of the gorge hike with children in the Groppenstein Gorge.

Canyoning Fragant Gorge

Guided gorge hike: canyoning in the Fragant Gorge

After the Groppenstein Gorge, we took a special gorge hike instead of the Rabisch Gorge in the afternoon: there is no real path through the neighboring Fragants Gorge. Canyoning tours are therefore offered there – with a guide goes through the gorge in the water! A lot of fun.

In warm wetsuits we hiked through the water while canyoning in the stream bed. It was great with our canyoning guide. The whole family had fun! Try it yourself, this is a particularly adventurous form of a gorge hike with children. It goes with children from 6 years.

-> Here are the impressions from our canyoning tour through the Fragant Gorge.

Klamm Carinthia: Hiking the Raggaschlucht

Even more beautiful gorges in Carinthia
Last we were at last also in the overwhelming Ragga Gorge in the Hohe Teuern National Park. It is not for nothing that it is called the gorge of the gorges in Carinthia. The gorge is up to 200 meters deep. The rocks are narrow. A real natural spectacle. Take a look at our pictures of the Klamwanderung:

-> Raggaschlucht

Klamm Carinthia on Lake Millstatt with children

The gorge path on Lake Millstatt
A particularly long hiking trail through a gorge leads from Millstätter See up to the Millstätter Alm. During our autumn hiking holiday we did this hike on two stages: First the small tour from the family hotel in Millstatt through the Klangschlucht, the other day the longer stage from Obermillstatt to the two waterfalls.

It would have gone further, but after the second waterfall we had enough. The gorge hike in the area around the Herzogfall was particularly impressive for us. This waterfall is really high and we could see from the bridge into the ducal fall from above. Incidentally, entry to this gorge path is free!

-> here are the pictures from the first part, the Klangschlucht hike. And that is the description including pictures of the even more beautiful area at the Herzogfall on Schluchtweg Millstatt.

Klamm Carinthia: Hiking the Tscheppaschlucht

The Tscheppaschlucht with the Tschaikofall

In the very south of Carinthia we were in the Rosental – almost in Slovenia – in the Tscheppaschlucht. This gorge hike is above average expensive at 8.50 euros per person. But there is also a lot on offer! This hike with children in Austria through the Tscheppa Gorge is a day-filling program – especially if you take the family hike through the Tscheppa Gorge to the around 26-meter-high Tschaikofall and hike from there to the Bodental, where you can see the great sea eye.

After the gorge there is a hiking trail to the Meerauge in the Bodental

I recommend you to hike this gorge hike with older and persistent children! This tour is very demanding in some places – high steps, steep and narrow descents. A particularly scenic hike. We did this long gorge hike in Carinthia. Here you can read about it and see the pictures:

-> So was our Tscheppaschlucht hike with children

Klamm Carinthia: This still exists

Even we have not yet managed to clear all of the gorges … There are other gorges for hiking with children spread across Carinthia. The Garnitzenklamm in Möderndorf lies at Hermagor at the foot of the well-known Nassfeld ski area. The Mauthener Klamm (in Kötschach – Mauthen) is said to be very beautiful. All of these gorges are relatively close together in Carinthia. So you could go on a family vacation in Austria and go hiking in a different gorge every day. In this density it is not common and in Carinthia in this area it is special.

It was nice on a family vacation in Carinthia. In addition to the gorge hikes, we have also experienced many great alpine hikes and hut hikes with children.

You can find more of it here. Get in the mood for hiking?

-> Here you can find our recommended hikes with children in Carinthia.

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