After we did some do’s & Dont’s, topics like religion, behavior and dress code in the Maldives, we want to take a closer look at the topic Entry requirements in the Maldives received. Because the entry requirements for the Maldives are quite different from those of other countries, even if at first glance a lot appears to be the same as in other holiday regions. But if you know what to look for, the Maldives’ entry and residence regulations are very easy to understand.

Information on the entry requirements for the Maldives at a glance

  • A visa is required for the stay
  • Visa application is completed on the plane
  • Completed application will be approved at the airport
  • When packing suitcases alcohol & leave revealing magazines or pictures at home
  • Medications such as the pill should be prescribed in writing by the doctor

Entry into Maldives: how to get a visa?

As far as general entry into the Maldives is concerned, the entry requirements for the Maldives are fairly easy. The free tourist visa get vacationers at their Arrival at the appropriate airport. You have to fill out the necessary forms on the plane. Then nothing stands in the way of entering the Maldives. At least not if you meet the other requirements. These are:

  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • Children have a passport with a photo
  • A confirmed hotel reservation or $ 30.00 per person per day of stay
  • If you are not currently traveling as part of a package tour, a valid return flight ticket

For entry into the Maldives, unlike in many other countries, is a prior visa is not necessary. The relevant entry in your Maldives passport is made by the immigration officer at the port of entry or at the airport.

Attention: This should be taken into account when children enter the country

Maldives entry requirements: visa duration and extension

A tourist first gets a classic visa for a stay of 30 days. This also covers most of the classic vacation tours. In very few cases, a trip takes longer than four weeks, so this should rarely lead to problems. Generally that is Visa extension a very easy history.

If you want to stay longer than 30 days after your Maldives entry, you have to contact the responsible ministry Application for an extension of the residence permit put. This is then usually extended to 60 days up to a maximum of 90 days without any problems. The relevant applications can also be made by your resort if you ask here at the reception. This procedure makes sense insofar as, according to the Federal Foreign Office, a positive recommendation from the hotel island on which you have your stay is necessary for an extension of the visa. After 90 days you have to leave the country Indeed leave, since a further extension of the residence permit for vacation purposes is not planned. Foreigners who are in the country without a valid visa, including vacationers who are here for more than 90 days, can be expelled at any time. In such a case, there is also a risk of extremely high fines.

Before boarding the plane, you should check all luggage

What else needs to be considered when entering the country

The entry of the Maldives itself is not Difficulty. It is only important that you Customs in the country a bit too notice. As already mentioned in the important preliminary information, the Maldives are one muslim country. That the Introducing drugs illegally has little to do with the state religion. Here the Maldivian law does not really differ from the German one. At most in terms of punishment, because those who enter the Maldives with drugs in baggage caught, does not necessarily get away with immediate expulsion. In general, possession of drugs in the Maldives is strictly prohibited. It doesn’t matter whether you are entering the Maldives or if you are traveling in the Maldives and are being checked for some reason – possession of drugs has serious consequences in the Maldives. Tourists have also become lifelong here for possession of drugs imprisonment sentenced.

Visa Maldives

A visa is compulsory for entry, albeit easy to obtain. We’ll show you how to get it and what to do.

alcohol & Naked pictures do not belong in your luggage

But what also illegal is, is that Import of alcohol. Since the consumption of alcohol is largely prohibited in Islam, this legal regulation is not surprising. It is also not necessary to import alcohol as you usually have enough alcoholic beverages available at your resort. In this respect, nobody needs to expose themselves to any danger here. Another important point to note is the fact that revealing bodies in Islam very frowned upon is. Reason enough to avoid naked-body magazines when entering the Maldives, especially if you want to avoid customs problems.

Medicines: Maldives comply with entry requirements

A final important point that affects many travelers is the import of medication. There have been significant ones in the Maldives in recent decades issues with the import of counterfeit drugs. For this reason, the Maldives entry regulations placed great emphasis on preventing the import of such drugs. No wonder that the Maldives travel regulations provide that you Only then introduce prescription drugs allowed to, if You one carry a medical certificate, that you need these drugs.

It is important to note that this regulation also applies to medications that you may have to take due to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or the like. Prescription pain relievers such as higher-dose ibuprofen tablets, for example, which some travelers who have already received because of an injury or an accident, cannot simply be carried "for emergencies".

Everything solved? Then book a cheap Maldives deal now

Have you understood all the important Maldives travel regulations and do you know how to prepare yourself perfectly for your stay so that you don’t have any problems when entering the country? The Maldives passport has been applied for and your doctor is also informed about the medical certificates that you may need? So let it begin. If you are wondering where you are on the most sensible and affordable way to book your Maldives stay then we can only refer you to the travel calculator. Great offers from the ranges of the various tour operators and online travel portals are displayed here.

Maldives entry requirements are easy to understand

The travel regulations in the Maldives are easy to understand and understandable. Many regulations are strict, but therefore also unmistakable. This has the advantage that misunderstandings are often excluded from the outset. Whoever visits the Maldives when entering Entry requirements Maldives holds, becomes no difficulties get and can worry-free into a dream vacation rev up.


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