Hartan combination strollers in comparison

Updated on: November 20, 2019

With the Hartan combi stroller go for a relaxed walk. Which mother and father don’t know: The child is in the stroller and yet you feel as if you were still carrying 10 kg of luggage with you. There is the diaper bag with all the accessories, changing clothes, food and drink for parents and children, the shopping that you also did on the side and somehow you have all that on one arm because someone is calling on the cell phone and you are absolutely must answer.

Dear parents, just make your everyday life easier, which is probably already stressful enough. There are combination strollers that can make your life easier, for example from the Hartan brand.

Hartan Racer combi stroller

What does the word "station wagon" actually mean here? Let’s take the Racer model. There are two variants of this model, namely the Racer GT and the Racer S. The special thing about both is that they grow with the child!

You can use this trolley from infancy to toddler age. Its accessories enable this use with a soft, combination or folding bag. The footrest is also adjustable and can therefore be adjusted to the size of the child. You can also choose, or rather your child can decide whether You one Want to adjust the sitting or lying position.

So it’s a combination of cars for different ages. You can convert the stroller into a sports car. But that’s not all. A large mesh basket between the wheels gives you storage space and prevents you from having to carry everything. Racer S is ideal for everyday use.

With its pack size of 87 × 55 cm, it fits well in the trunk. The weight of the child may be up to 14.4 kg. Racer GT is the sporty variant. Whoever enters terrain other than the sidewalk should do so Hartan combi stroller prefer. It is very agile with its lockable swivel wheels and has a high-quality aluminum chassis. Here the weight of the child can be up to 14.5 kg.

Hartan combi stroller Topline S

Another popular model is the Hartan Topline S stroller. This stroller is often bought due to its very light frame and small pack size. The hood with climate zone ensures optimal air exchange inside the child transport system.

The parking brake can be easily operated by hand. Another variant of the station wagon X variant is four large wheels that can also master mogul slopes. The frame is also very light and handy and, like the Topline S, is suitable for transporting children up to 15.4 kg.

If you are interested in other models or would like more information about the combi strollers presented here, please have a look at the company’s website, where you can also find accessories for the strollers: https://www.hartan.de

Hartan strollers

Like Quinny, Hartan is a well-known and popular brand because the products are designed, constructed and also manufactured in Germany. Accordingly, they are TÜV products certified and are manufactured in accordance with European regulations. As a family business, the quality of the products is particularly high, for example with regard to the UV protection of the material in the Hartan combi stroller .


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