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"Oh man learn to dance, otherwise the angels in heaven know nothing to do with you!"

As a qualified pedagogue and dance director, it is important to me to take a holistic approach to my lessons shape. We learn movement not only by seeing and realizing, but also by feeling and feeling, so I like to work with inner images and perception exercises that help to get to know your own body and facilitate the implementation of movement. Yoga asanas complement my classes in order to specifically increase muscle building and flexibility. Cross-dance technique and work on the expression round off my lessons. Appreciation of every student and their respective training level is a particular personal concern for me.

I offer regular courses for adults and children as well as workshops in cooperation with guest lecturers. One-to-one tuition is ongoing or for one limited period possible. I also offer online coaching, choreography work and individual tuition via video and Skype – just inquire and arrange a trial appointment!

Unless otherwise stated, my lessons take place in the dance room of the

Preetzer Str. 35

You can find directions to the dance room HERE

Lessons for adults


6:00 p.m. – 7:20 p.m.

Oriental Advanced

Smokehouse dance room


6:15 – 7:30 p.m.

Oriental Basics Plus

Smokehouse dance room


19: 45-21: 00h


Smokehouse dance room


9: 45-11: 00h

belly dance & yoga

DGH Blumenthal

Lessons for children and teenagers

Oriental dance for children

Without registration, with parents’ café!

Bollywood, fantasy, oriental dance

All groups are educational Offers and thus free.

Dance room in AWO community center smokehouse

Preetzer Str. 35

24143 Kiel

Thoughts on oriental dance:

"We don’t dance the sweet nice" Take- me-Dance ”, but the“ let the cat out of the bag ”dance, the“ live the magic of the moment dance ”. The "We-honor-the-moment-with-our-hands-and-feet-dance".

We don’t dance the “breast shake & Butt-wiggle dance ”, but the dance that drives sadness out of all bones, the dance that gives us back our dignity.

We do not dance the monkey dance with three steps to the right and three steps to the left and then straight ahead, but the dance that tears open graves and exposes all healed and unhealed wounds, the dance in which rhythm and heartbeat are one.

We don’t throw an inconspicuous standard dance on the floor. We do not dance the nice, inconspicuous, self-immersed pushing around, but a dance where our hair flies, our wings are spread, our cages break open and our claws sharpened, we dance our way back into the light of love.

We don’t dance to dance around a bit and just don’t get out of breath, we dance the cathedral of our body, we dance to spread our souls, to play, to fly and to pray in the temple of our skin . "

(Jewel Mathieson, translated from English by Gabriele Schroetter)

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