The best office chair underlay

Do I need an office chair pad?

In the past, I have often received requests from you – “Do I need an office chair pad?” “Do you use a floor mat?” – I would like to address this question today. To answer the second question first: Yes, I have an office chair mat / ground protection mat or whatever you like to call it. But why?

Why an office chair pad is good

Such floor mats are usually transparent, are placed in front of the desk on the floor and hardly noticeable.

There are two things that an office chair pad can do for us. The one practical service is carpeting, the other hard floors such as laminate, parquet, tiles, etc.

Benefit of a floor protection mat for hard floors

Take us as an example. I weigh about 80 kilograms. My chair weighs about 25 kilograms, so we bring together 105 kilograms on the scales. Now you have to imagine what it’s like for a laminate floor: From time to time, one or the other roll sometimes straightens or turns, if you take another direction. Sometimes the wheels do not turn immediately in the direction of running, but simply drag shortly. And on top of it are 105 kilograms. So you pull an object with a weight of 105kg over its delicate laminate floor. If you do that more often, over weeks, months and years, then you will definitely see the laminate soon.

In this case, an office chair pad is recommended. It spares your laminate. A suitable base can be found here: underlay for hard floors

Use of a floor mat for carpets

Can you probably think? Ever drove over a carpet with an office or gaming chair? Neither am I, but there is a problem with too fuzzy, fuzzy carpets: Firstly, you often can not roll it over properly because they do not turn the wheels properly. On the other hand, often lint and hair caught in the wheels, so they eventually pinch.

I recommend a desk chair pad for anyone who wants to put his gaming chair on a carpet. Find a suitable one here: Underlay for carpets

The 2 best documents at a glance:

For carpets

For hard floors

Each of these models has anti-slip properties and is tested by the TÜV Rheinland and the Blue Angel. There is nothing more to say about the office chair documents. If you want to protect your laminate or play on carpet, please.

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