Education, study, child, written off – mom is looking for job

Education, study, international experience, child, written down!

From the life of an unemployed, willing and highly motivated mother – Dani tells us in today’s guest article of her job search, which is much harder since she has a child.

Rockstar Mama is looking for a job

Yeah, that’s how it is still today, a mother is not recognized for what she can or what she is .. “no no .. we do not need a mother, she misses too much, child ill … Nee”.

‘NEE’, that’s what I think about every time I look at my e-mail, every time I talk to a company directly or even think back to my almost 70 applications in the last few months. It can not be that a woman, as soon as she hatches a child, is NOT worth anything??

This is my story

After my studies in Event Management (BA) in England and a very exciting job as a roadie for various well-known bands, I quickly found a job in advertising PR and marketing as a project manager and secretary.

Everything was going great, I had just gotten used to the work and had already laid great future prospects with my boss – zack, boom .. my boss was in the hospital overnight in a coma, for a long time you wanted to wake him up, unfortunately without success. At the same time, I found out that I’m 8 weeks pregnant. And what do you do in such a situation? Exactly .. first of all nothing .. one hopes that the boss wakes up again and everything is good again. It’s just a dream anyway. But then unfortunately the life-sustaining devices were turned off.

Pregnant and unemployed

Unfortunately, since we were unable to provide any signatures, the company was dissolved by an insolvency administrator. I was released, then unemployed and of course tried my best to somehow get any job. Nope .. of course I have not found anything.
I got my sweet, healthy daughter, Marie (now 2 years old). I went half-time on parental leave because I was no longer working 6 months earlier. Out of necessity, I announced the whole thing for two years, so that I am with daughter after a year not exactly without health insurance. What you do not have to think of everything in advance?!

Mom and unemployed

And that’s the way it is. I get ALG1 out of bankruptcy until April, meanwhile I have been allowed to take courses in marketing and PR, thanks to a job agency as a sponsor, and in spite of my very strong efforts I can not find a decent job. I even went from 20 to 30 hours full-time home-office. I wrote almost 70 applications. Nothing helps. Meanwhile, I accept the rejections sarcastically, in the motto “was probably not the right company”.

At least I got a job offer. A 20 hour job at 850 €. Sounds good at least, social security, health insurance … Well, yes, but if you after taxes to about 670 euros net, you still have to take an additional 450 ¬ -Job to somehow pay off his student loan and student loans and other expenses must include then to a total of 33 hours without travel time to come, then you think about it a second time. The whole thing on 6 months for a limited time, of course, because you do not know if this is with the child at all.

With the risk after 6 months for any (not conclusive) reasons to be back on the street and to get no unemployment benefits, I unfortunately had to reject the still interesting job. It must also be said that I had only a few days left to decide. Some may say `yes take the job and get out if you find something else, the main thing is assured ‘, but I’m not that kind of person.

So the job search continues

In the meantime, the dear Lisa posted in a local group for job-seeking mothers a link to a newspaper article of the SZ. This acted from a job advertisement of a Freisinger Kreativagenturchefs, which explicitly looks for mothers. Take a look at the original job ad on facebook.

Of course, after I read that, I applied very quickly, because the job really came to me – the boss also seems to be ‘on the loose’ … I think that was the most creative application I ever wrote. However, he got hundreds of applications, which of course is understandable with such a great attitude.

After a few days, I got a nice e-mail back in which he thanked me for the application and wrote me a very long e-mail about what’s going on with him right now, that unfortunately he has to cancel because he was looking for someone who knows his way around Freising. Everything understandable! That was the greatest refusal I ever got in my life. We will continue to stay in touch and see what the future holds.

Rockstar Mama is looking for a job

So you have to set up your own thing, I thought to myself. So I wrote my own Facebook search ad à la Michael Kasper. That this is not quite as much media presence on itself was clear to me, because I commit so no offense and I probably do not hurt any other gender. But I still hope to draw at least some attention to the issue that women with children in the workplace are not accepted and many employers simply turn their backs on one another.

Here is my ad and the link (for you to share):

I can only say, dear mums, but above all also dear daddy’s grannies, grandpas, friends, acquaintances, dear world: Please make you strong for mothers. Talk to politicians on the topic, talk to each other about it. Only then will something positive happen.

How are you doing the job search? Have you already had similar experiences??
You are welcome to contact me, I would be very happy to receive your comments. Of course, I will do my best to answer you all!

Heads up! And .. psst .. please share my job search on Facebook

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