Application in the Netherlands, emigrate to Holland

Application in the Netherlands, emigrate to Holland


In the Netherlands, applications look a little different than in Germany. The sending of application folders with training and employment certificates, as well as a photo is not common.
A short application, consisting of a cover letter and the CV is quite sufficient. You can send the application by mail, but in the meantime, the shipping has actually prevailed by email. Enclosures, such as the curriculum vitae, you should attach as a pdf document.


If you do not know Dutch yet, you should set up the application in English. This is especially true for the cover letter, the CV can also be left in German. You should definitely state that you are ready Dutch to learn or have already started. Incidentally, this also applies to a later job interview. Do not start in German immediately. Apologize that you do not speak Dutch and ask if you can speak in German or English.

Cover letter and CV

The Write to should be meaningful and not too long, as in Germany too. If you still live in Germany, it is also important to explain shortly why you want to go to the Netherlands and that you could implement the move in the short term.

Of the resume, the one in the Netherlands curriculum vitae or short cv is called, as in Germany, tabulated. As the education and training system in the Netherlands is different, you should give a short explanation or the Dutch equivalent. The professional experience should be presented in more detail, as the job titles in both countries are not always the same. The best way to describe your activities is to give the prospective employer an idea of ​​their knowledge and skills.
A template of a Dutch CV can be downloaded as a Word document by clicking on the image opposite.

As already mentioned, it is not common training and job references to be attached to the application. If available, you can specify a previous employer for reference. Also application Photos and the indication of religious affiliation are not common in the Netherlands.

job interview

Interviews in the Netherlands tend to be easier. At least one has the impression that one is often addressed only with the first name and ‘you’. Of course, this also applies the other way around.
Even if the ‘you’ in the Netherlands disappears more and more, that does not mean that there are no hierarchies. Also, the distribution of roles in the companies is not affected by the Duzen.

The conversations often take a little longer than in Germany, one to two hours are not rare, and even personal or very direct questions can be asked.

In the Netherlands, it is also common for several rounds of talks to take place. The first job interview is often not talking about the financial, this is often only in a second conversation to the language.

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